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  1. Sorry this is late it took a while for mine to be delivered My MacBook Pro M1 arrived today at my home I am achieving around 60fps on my home sim which has small avatar numbers and around 28-3- fps in a busy club, the cooling fan has yet to turn on and I MacBook does not feel excessively hot to the touch. This is much better than my pervious intel macBook that ran very hot in Second Life and family members PC Laptops with that have extreme fan usage when second life is running very early days days but so far so good and this is all with the viewer running through Roseta2 and on not very uptodate version of open gl as apple no longer develops it. an optimised viewer would boost performance significantly. But the thermal performance is very impressive and if this translates in to my professional workflows as well as I think it will further testing required, this Mac will prove to be a very good option. If you have any questions feel free to reply :)
  2. I have a MacBook Pro on order so i will let you know
  3. You could take a frame hosting and install firestorm that is literally all that bright canopy is, frame is just cloud hosting of any application. there also ways to connect back to your own pc over the internet using say an iPad, basically turning the PC in to a bright canopy like server. nothing as convent or easy but a few possible options.
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