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  1. Feel free to come by and check it out. But if we were truly underage kids engaging in age play would I have posted about it on here. We have nothing to hide and our rules are clearly posted on the walls and we monitor the dungeon several times a day to make sure nobody is there who isn't suppose to be there and ban them immediately if they are.
  2. I am a part owner of a adult male dungeon. Recently an underage male came into the dungeon wanting to age play there. I banned him from the dungeon but now he is spreading the word around that I and the other owners are underage and allow age play at our dungeon. We are all adult avatars and don't even allow underage avatars in our dungeon, banning them as soon as they are seen. He has even gone as far as doctoring IMs suggesting age play at the dungeon. We were not even online when he said these age play accounts supposedly happened. One of the owners was in the hospital when they said one of the accounts happened. I have filed an AR against him but meanwhile damage is being done to our dungeon's reputation and our own reputation.
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