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  1. For sale, a fully pledged grandfathered Homestead: - 5000 prims - current tier is USD95 per month) - tier is payable on the 21st of each month. Please contact me in-world, with an offer. Remember, the transfer price to keep the current tier low is $300, which I will pay, of course.
  2. For sale, as a whole: - 1 homestead, 5,000 prims, GRANDFATHERED (so tier of $95 per month, on the 21st). - 1 full sim, 20,000 prims NOT GRANDFATHERED (tier of $295 per month, on the 22nd). Asking price around $800 (transfer fees total of $400 included) but hit me in-world with an offer. Would be happy to rent back the homestead after the sale.
  3. Thanks for pointing that up, Pam - have only a few scripted vendors (most use the straightforward "buy" function) and had a couple of non deliveries recently - never happen before thought. Initially thought that the customer was either to get another copy for free, or that he didn't wait enough for the delivery... until I had the case about 3 or 4 times.
  4. Depends on what you want to do, Crias - as per the answers above, there are a few other programs available. I do lots of couple animations, and find Poser rather easy to use (although the adjustments when uploading in-world can take hours, if not days to set up correctly). I probably should say that I've never tried Blender to create animations - and never heard SLaT that Meduhe mentions above (but definitely will try... haha!) Good luck! :smileywink:
  5. Hi Brooke - thanks for that. Actually, the guidelines are clearer than before, that really helps too (might be some loopholes and grey areas, but that's one step ahead). Question for you: I've looked at my items, which are mostly "adult". However, it seems that anything I have listed recently (i.e. since some time between mid-December and the beginning of January) has not been automatically changed. Were you using a copy of the Marketplace taken some time ago, by any chance? And if so, could we be informed of the date - that would help us checking the latest items for their maturity. That su
  6. hm... well, alternatively, you could stop selling a freebie which has enough keywords to be considered spam... just an idea - lots of merchants are abusing the keywords, and that simply cripple the current Marketplace (the search puts too much emphasis on the keywords in my opinion) Don't take it the wrong way, nothing personal
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