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  1. For sale, a fully pledged grandfathered Homestead: - 5000 prims - current tier is USD95 per month) - tier is payable on the 21st of each month. Please contact me in-world, with an offer. Remember, the transfer price to keep the current tier low is $300, which I will pay, of course.
  2. For sale, as a whole: - 1 homestead, 5,000 prims, GRANDFATHERED (so tier of $95 per month, on the 21st). - 1 full sim, 20,000 prims NOT GRANDFATHERED (tier of $295 per month, on the 22nd). Asking price around $800 (transfer fees total of $400 included) but hit me in-world with an offer. Would be happy to rent back the homestead after the sale.
  3. Hi Brooke - thanks for that. Actually, the guidelines are clearer than before, that really helps too (might be some loopholes and grey areas, but that's one step ahead). Question for you: I've looked at my items, which are mostly "adult". However, it seems that anything I have listed recently (i.e. since some time between mid-December and the beginning of January) has not been automatically changed. Were you using a copy of the Marketplace taken some time ago, by any chance? And if so, could we be informed of the date - that would help us checking the latest items for their maturity. That su
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