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  1. The link you provided leads to a empty plot that is for sale. None of t he neighbors seem to be much help either, you sure this is legit?
  2. Not sure if you are offering a job or asking to get one. Could you please make this clear?
  3. a,b,c. Believe what you want, unfortunately not everyone is known with the laws. I didn't say they were responsible for my RL situation, that is something you make of things. I however do say that it would be a lot more helpful for customers, that includes a lot of other people, to have more options. Not everyone is able to use a credit card or bank card for various reasons. This also cuts in LL's profits as they gain less income from people that actually want to buy L$ but can't. And for the Pay Pal argument, please spare the effort. You need to fill in your bank information to even open a Pay Pal account, this makes it still impossible for many people. For my handler, he actually gave me permission to use Paysafe cards. I used them with the 3rd party vendors to get my L$, but with those taken out of the picture it's down to having nothing at all. It's degrading enough to have limitations while you have the money, but it's a further slap in the face if you are excluded from even something as basic as a video game. The problem is not about not wanting to pay, problem is not being able to due to limitations on their side. Aside from that, it isn't ranting to state the truth, regardless of how you wish to see it.
  4. I have a feeling it would be both So a company that doesn't need to give a reason for their policy to their customers? In the US this may be no problem, but in pretty much the rest of the world this is against customer policies So yes, they do need to give a official statement regarding paysafe cards and why they are not allowed as legal way of buying FAKE money. Got the same feeling, wondering why I even bother to stick around, even if I am playing this game since 1998 (Linden World) and did a insane amount of volunteering to get this thing on the road (many things done over that time). Not even as much as a thank you, all you get is getting ignored. Due to my autism I forced myself to take up a company to handle my financial stuff, this however does mean I can not use anything else then paysafe cards if I want anything online. Yet Linden Lab completely blocked me off now and thus I am wandering around being degraded to hunting gold bars and flowers just to get at least something. It takes up so much time that I can't even get anything else done, it makes the whole point of SL useless and rather insulting to what I have been doing since the first time I came in.
  5. Yet you don't give any good reasoning why only paypal or skrill, which not everyone can use for various reasons. Also it isn't a rant, it's coming with clear valid points, but I guess that went right past you as you already planned to ignore the clear facts and only listen to your own ideas. Not very social of you.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, but it is actually a valid reasoning for people outside the US. Not every country has need for credit cards nor would it be handy for people who do not have much in RL to start with. A pre-paid card would be a option, but for some reason Linden Lab refuses to even look in to that (likely because of greed on their side). Third party sites to buy your Lindens from by using pre-paid cards is already blocked as well. Which leaves a lot of people dashing for scraps given by what ever way they still can grab it yet are forced to go trough a insane grind to get their lindens to at least some level of useful proportions. Most things that show up as decent items will be 500 L$ plus, which gives many people no other option then to save up and grind that insane amount to even get 1 item they want. This while people that can pay by using bank cards or credit cards not having anything similar to this problem, which creates a problem as they keep shouting there is no problem and that people need to get a credit card etc. It's just plain misinformation and completely missing the point. Even rather hateful towards the people who don't have the same opportunities as the people who can afford a credit card. Even a paypal account needs bank information which some people simply can not do due to not being allowed. I am not talking about under aged kids using their parents credit cards, I mean people who have for example help to get their finances in order. Yes, these people need to worry about that first. However if there are no objections from the company that helps them out, or it is out of free will to counter possible problems as some people do have disabilities that may end up causing financial trouble. These people are also excluded because no one seems to give a damn because of credit card blah blah blah while completely ignore any other reason someone brings to the table. I don't think it should be accepted to block out people who did nothing wrong aside from not having a credit card or having another way to pay aside from a pre-paid card (like paysafe cards). It is rather excluding people who do have money, but can not use it because of some stupid rules that were clearly not thought trough. It is causing potential customers to leave for other games with their money. I rather see Second Life flourish then seeing these people leave for other games and use their money there. It would be foolish to ignore customers only because of the credit card politics.
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