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  1. that was back in april thats old news now
  2. i was not even arguing with u i was just saying someone went flying across i did not even refer it to being anyone in particular, no need to be hostile
  3. we just seen someone go all the way across the new houseboats lol from that sim
  4. we sat in the sim next sim Dorma and its fine i see a few people on Graff
  5. Me and abi still patiently waiting lol
  6. i think this happened about 8 or 9 years ago and it lasted 11 days if i recall but i cant see it lasting that long this time coz i am sure there was a rite outrage about it coz a lot of people lost there land coz they couldnt get online to pay the tier
  7. I spoke direct to LL support and they told me they dont have a date i asked if was june they just said they don't have any date or timing information to release at the moment.
  8. He is pretty good at pics one of my favs as well xx
  9. We have a stalker ...... is that Airwolf?
  10. The sinking of the Razztanic lol x
  11. Top Row - Abi & Peach Bottom Row - Razz & Nare We can see pub from up here lol
  12. Razz, Nare & Abi found the cafe on our travels and we sat and ate all the cupcakes and drank all the coffee 😜 lol
  13. Me and abi flying around eyeing the scenery lol
  14. Me and abi cruising on our little boats
  15. It looks like they are testing they are moving about on the south side where the load of boats are
  16. yeah me and nare both got sent home with no warning i was like whoah where am i never even gave us time to fly away from it like the others lol
  17. It might of been the same orb i was sent home by abi lol
  18. some people are using their own orbs one booted me straight away yesterday when i flew over or lagged into it
  19. Hi thank you for your reply the items was in a box already or do u mean put that whole folder into another box?
  20. I am new to the marketplace listings for a store i created on Marketplace and i am baffled about the items. All my items are from gacha machines that i have a few of and some come with more than one item in the folder such as for example a dress and hud or hair and hud and style hud, I am not sure if there is something i need to do so anyone who buys it will get all the items such as dress and hud or hair, hud and style hud and not just one of the items. I have noticed on my marketplace listings inworld it says stock 2 but i know there is only 1 hair in that folder along with the dye hud so i am worried the customer is not going to get both items together so is there something i have done wrong or not done rite i have read how to do it and watch video tutorials but i am finding it hard to understand
  21. I just purchased a homestead terraformed it to how i wanted it rezzed a expensive sim surround out and a building and after 30 mins i got a message saying the sim was gonna restart for maintenence i came back 20 mins later to find my homestead back up for sale and terraforming back to the original and no items left and my expensive sim surround gone luckily i got the land back but no sim surround and i contacted LL to be called a liar several times they say me or any estate managers restarted the sim i told them nobody but me and a friend was on the sim and we did not have EM rights so LL don't help you at all but instead call you a liar would i be at support if i restarted the sim i don't think so. PLus it was on a monday and in my experience rollbacks dont happen on a monday but LL are not facing up to the fact that someone rollbacked my sim and they are not willing to find out what has happened but instead call me a liar. LL only do rollbacks by request if absolutely neccessary.
  22. i have this same problem i tried rezzing at a full sim sandbox but sitll wont let me rez a rubic cube that has 549 prims in it and some of the stuff inside it are expensive no copy stuff and i cant rez it anywhere no matter what i try it just keeps going back into my inventory
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