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  1. everytime i try to bid on a LL home i get this message can anyone tell me what is going on first i had a problem with my premium took LL nearly 7 days to correct and it was a error on their side now i can't get a damn house it's one thing after another i am so close to cancelling my premium and demanding my money back this is getting frustrating and annoying. It would not be so bad if they didn't take forever to answer a ticket, its gonna be another 7 days before i can get any premium benefits they best give me another week free coz i am getting really fed up now.
  2. i just got booted from someone who has there orb set at 0 how do i report it?
  3. my card is a visa debit card and it registered no problems
  4. Is there suppose to be a security orb in the content box thing that u get with your house i just got a new Victorian house and cant find the security orb unless its all different now?
  5. Is there suppose to be a security orb in the content box i dont see one?
  6. https://gyazo.com/77ff2ade8002c074c70119a501b61721 i think i got a good spot on a corner river 2 sides no neighbours at either side like i got a little island all to myself i have at last found my dream home lol
  7. all that clicking paid off i just got a victorian on Beauregard woo hoo
  8. yeah i getting the same even thought they are appearing as a option to get
  9. i get vic on every scan but when i accept says unknown error try again ????
  10. ok thank you all i will sure to be spending a lot of time on the forums, for now i will keep my premium home i already have Merry Christmas to all and all the best for the New Year and good luck to all the LL home hunters out there 😻
  11. i hope so, so where is the best place to keep watching for a notice?
  12. oh ok i dont know what to start refreshing for a Victorian i really really want one guess i will just have to be patient and hope i get one when they are eventually released
  13. should i abandon and keep trying to get now or ??? lol
  14. When will the new Victorian houses be available?
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