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  1. Is there suppose to be a security orb in the content box thing that u get with your house i just got a new Victorian house and cant find the security orb unless its all different now?
  2. Is there suppose to be a security orb in the content box i dont see one?
  3. https://gyazo.com/77ff2ade8002c074c70119a501b61721 i think i got a good spot on a corner river 2 sides no neighbours at either side like i got a little island all to myself i have at last found my dream home lol
  4. all that clicking paid off i just got a victorian on Beauregard woo hoo
  5. yeah i getting the same even thought they are appearing as a option to get
  6. i get vic on every scan but when i accept says unknown error try again ????
  7. ok thank you all i will sure to be spending a lot of time on the forums, for now i will keep my premium home i already have Merry Christmas to all and all the best for the New Year and good luck to all the LL home hunters out there 😻
  8. i hope so, so where is the best place to keep watching for a notice?
  9. oh ok i dont know what to start refreshing for a Victorian i really really want one guess i will just have to be patient and hope i get one when they are eventually released
  10. should i abandon and keep trying to get now or ??? lol
  11. When will the new Victorian houses be available?
  12. that was back in april thats old news now
  13. i was not even arguing with u i was just saying someone went flying across i did not even refer it to being anyone in particular, no need to be hostile
  14. we just seen someone go all the way across the new houseboats lol from that sim
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