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  1. I've not had a cash out go through since 12/25. I had to delete 3 regions so the billing on them this week wouldn't drain my checking account like it did last month,costing me $125 US in overdraft charges. I discovered that PayPal now has activated an "instant transfer" feature I cannot figure out how turn off. Instead of getting a notice I don't have enough funds like in the past, tier billing just goes for the throat. And with Cash Out being dead in the water with all our tier money sitting there, I spent two and a half days relocating residents off the sims with tier due, to vacancies on our other sims. Out of 7 residents on those regions slated for deletion, only 2 stayed in the land group. Unless Cash Out gets repaired or improved, I guess I'll have to force our tenants to pay rent with Paypal and watch our 6 year old land group and continent shrink to nothing practically overnight. -Cindy Bolero Aero Pines Park
  2. Its our 5th Annual HALLOWEEN TRAIL! October 1st thru November 5th. Over 30 interactive spooky displays and haunts across 10 regions. Several are one-of-a-kind original works you won't find in stores. Hike, bicycle, ride, fly, or TP along the autumn roads and trails of Aero Pines Park for spooky goofy fun and frolic. Visit our Halloween Supplies & Costumes Shop for decorating your house or sim. See our large selection of costumes and load up for all those parties in October. Join us weekly for our Harvest Time Concert Series featuring LIVE performances such as the FOLLOW and other artists TBA. Also experience our spectacular multimedia tribute shows near the corn maze and pumpkin patch. Our Park Rangers are working daily on the installations as we get close to OPENING DAY October 1st! The Halloween Trail is most fun if you come with friends or family. Most can't see it all in one day, which is why we host it for five weeks. So there's no excuse for missing out!
  3. Aero Pines Park does have a public rezz spot! The info for it is in the notecard brochure in the park signs or offered at landing points. But here's a shortcut- Paste these links into your chat bar inworld: secondlife:///app/group/31e062e0-b56b-8837-6328-1c22081496bb/about http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aero%20Pines%20Park/50/230/ The Aero Pines Park Membership Rezz Tag involves a one-time donation fee that goes to maintaining the park (such as its $1,500 US dollars per month tier bill for instance. Yes US dollars!). All workers on the sims either are either financially contributing sponsors or volunteers. Our concept is a public recreation area, and the people that paying for much of the overhead are proudly providing that for you. Plenty of vehicles and craft of many types are available in rezzers in the various landing spots. Although there is the occasional request by someone wanting to rezz their own bike or saddle system. The Aero Pines Park Rangers are also available for help with learning to operate any of the rezzer toys, or other assistance.
  4. Although Aero Pines Park does not have public rezz, it does have jeep, motorcycle, scooter, horse buggies, jetskis, canoe, helicopter, hot air balloon, and seaplane rezzors at various locations. Also free horses to ride, and the famous 8 region "Backwoods Bicycle Trail" is one of the best long range tours in SL. Aero Pines Park hosts a huge equestrian center, roadhouses, mermaid lagoon, full municipal airport, temples, caverns, miles of roads, canals, and 11 regions of open sky. The park landscaping and weather follows all four seasons of the north american hemisphere, with a popular 2 months of winter and winter activities and sports. One of the oldest longest running first responder training organizations resides and trains in Aero Pines Park daily. Visitors can observe these training sessions. A tfirefighter or rescue training session can involve anything from grass fires, forest fires, structure fires, vehicle accidents, flood response, plane crashes, water rescues, etc. Aero Pines Park welcomes noobs, furries, dragons, tinies, knights/dames, fae, mer, elven, families, andRL teens. We are gay tolerant, and all races welcome. We are NOT tolerant of bad manners, aggression, foul mouths, sexual advances, or mass friending/group invites towards other guests.
  5. I love the https://my.secondlife.com/myavatar web pages! But there's a text string limit on our web URL from our profiles. In my case, I'm an SLDEV and the URL is cut short, and links to some other SLDEV's page. :-( Off to file it in Jira. Other than that the new web-base profiles are awesome. And keep up the good work by reducing the learning curve for new avatars (Wink wink!). -Cindy http://slurl.com/secondlife/aero%20pines%20park/150/175/50/
  6. This year our Annual Sweethearts Rodeo will be a two day event! February 12th & 13th we'll be conducting the usual barrel racing, bull riding, and big concerts, but our big surprise is the live video debut of a talented guitarist/songwriter doing his first Secondlife performance. So grab your Sweetheart, get your boots, hat, and chaps on, ready your horses and hitch the trailer, because like all our annual rodeos, they get bigger and better! Aero Pines Park Rodeo Grounds http://slurl.com/secondlife/Equus/150/212/25 Aero Pines Park is a popular dating destination with its variety of activities for couples seeking romantic adventures http://slurl.com/secondlife/Equus/14/190/25
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