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  1. Anyone out there got a copy of the basic Readme notecard from the no longer supported VICE combat system? I think I've got everything else from the ver 1.2 pack, which I believe was the last release, but I'm trying to understand the unit/weapon abbreviations and features and that is apparently on the missing notecard. Thanks for any info that can be made available. Carbon
  2. The Land Impact figure is different from the Physics limit required for a vehicle. LI will not change - you just need to do as was advised and change enough of the 54 prims to No Physics so that the scripts will function.
  3. So the global variable gCapnsName doesn't change even though it's created using the variable captain changes depending on the value reported by llAvatarOnSitTarget? I thought that each iteration of the script which threw up a new value for 'captain' would feed through everything else defined from that value. I guess I haven't quite got the reasoning as to how global variables remain persistent even though they're created from changeable values. I don't quite understand scripting. Anyhow, it works a treat. Now on to the next glitch! Many thanks once again, Rolig. Carbon
  4. I'm not sure if the terminology in the title is correct for my problem. Hopefully, someone can help - I just can't see the solution, though there's bound to be one. As part of my vehicle controls, using the CHANGED LINK event, I have identified the avatar in control which allows me to report using llSay( 0, llKey2Name(captain) + " has taken command") in the vehicle set-up process. I want to make another llSay statement on the same lines that "...... has relinquished command" when the avatar stands up, but I can't see how to make the key of the avatar survive after standing
  5. /Me looks really sheepish. Many thanks, Rolig - not being totally comfortable with scripting of any sort, I have to admit to getting confused between == and =. Among other things, that is. I thought I'd tried both alternatives but obviously not. I'm actually quite amazed at having got as far as I did before asking for help! C.
  6. I'm hoping someone can help my continuing struggles with scripting. I'm attempting to put together a vehicle controls script which also includes variable user options. The objective is to have the owner of the vehicle able to set the user level - Owner, Group, List, or Anyone, via a "Access" dialog menu using a touch_start event, and then, once the permitted category of user is seated, have a different "Controls" dialog menu come up for them to manage the vehicle and camera controls. With my limited mastery of scripting and LSL, I've muddled through and got to a stage where
  7. An alternative to swapping RGB channels in a graphics prog would possibly be adjusting rotation of the sculpt object in Blender and making a new sculpt texture. Sculpties from scratch in Blender are way too hard - for me anyway - and if purchasing the current version Primstar/Blender solution is not possible for any reason, it is still possible to obtain the free version of JASS (pre-Primstar) which includes a legacy version of Blender (2.49) which it works with and which, once installed, you could use for simple remedial work such as you are looking to do. You can pick it up inworld at http:/
  8. Thx for suggestions. I've used them in the past when fixing a specific view. I'll try them but they relate to one-off camera settings rather than the params which allow you to change camera on the fly. According to the wiki - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetCameraParams - these particular settings do not appear. Hey ho, back to more experimenting!
  9. Hi again, scripting gurus. Is anyone an expert with the Dan Linden FollowCam settings and could help me? I've been trying all sorts of permutations with the variables for a while now and am beginning to think that what I want to achieve can't be done, but I'd be more than happy to be proved wrong. For a vehicle - ship - being driven, I can happily get any number of views tracking movement from behind, ranging from the worm view below to overhead, but I'm trying to get a sideview and also a rearview and haven't yet been able to achieve it, even with the rearview_cam parameters in the script fr
  10. Many thanks, Dora. Got it in one! I was continuing tests and set up another rig but did it the 'old fashioned way' using llMessageLinked and then used that to set the child's local rot. Maybe not the tidiest of script solutions but got that way to work! vector input;integer switch;default{ link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string msg, key id) { if(msg = "rotate") { switch = !switch; if (switch==TRUE) { input = <0, -PI/2, 0> ;} else if (switch==FALSE) { input = <0, PI/2, 0> ; } llSet
  11. I'm still trying to master rotations and thought I had it nailed but yet again find I'm missing something, and would appreciate assistance. I want to have a child prim emitting particles in the xy plane relative to a vehicle's root prim which has no variation in its z axis - boat and propeller wake - but need to have the option to rotate the wake emitter to face either directly forward or backwards. Hope that makes sense! I knocked up a test rig and put a toggle script in the child prim to check it out and it almost works. The emitter prim rotates forward/backward as required, whatever the roo
  12. Hi all. Need some advice on problem being experienced,please. I've constructed a mesh hull and am test texturing it on the Beta grid. On one side the texture is applied correctly and I've used the Bumpiness setting on Brightness to give some additional depth. The other side of the hullaccepts the texture no problem, but when I apply the Bumpiness setting I lose all the colour as following pics show. However, if I use Darkness rather tha Brightness, it displays the colour. Can anyone advise - is this standard behaviour because it's all one mesh even though it's different texture fa
  13. OK. Many thanks for help, Drongle. There's still a lot of edit options in Blender I haven't used before - that refinement to the delete function being one of them!
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