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  1. I am selling my DeadDog Homestead region for 150 usd. It is a Buy Down region. Tier date is on the 19th of the month. I will pay 100 usd transfer fee. The Sim has to be moved and renamed. IM me for more details if needed.
  2. It’s that time of the year again. I am updating my radio and need links to your stream. If you have a music stream that is running 24 / 7 and you want your stream added to the coming version of the radio, send me a NC with the name of your stream and the url. Here is a link to the radio listing on MarketPlace: Free Radio
  3. I am looking to buy 2 Regions / 15000 prim Estates. If you are willing to sell them for 500 USD and pay transfer/rename fee, IM me with details, such as Tier Date, and then we can get the ticket started.
  4. Hi, I am interested and will send you a NC In World.
  5. Hi, I am intersted in buying your full region. Please contact In World with the details.
  6. Thank you very much! That worked just great and I only got goose bumps after it was all done and dusted! Again, thanks!!!
  7. Thanks Handarido...this looks like just what I need, short and simple. How does the prim know it receives an email? Then I believe the llGetNextEmail function is for the receiving prim?
  8. Where can I find good information and examples on how to communicate between 2 prims not on the same Sim and not on adjacant sims?
  9. Need to know the minimum amount of meters I know to hold 25 avatars at one time?
  10. Are you sure you rezzed the correct box from your inventory? Check the contents to make sure.
  11. In the SL Viewer you can force a refresh to your $ Lindens by clicking on the Buy button. When the Buy window appears close it. With a second or two your correct Linden dollar amount will appear. Works for me everytime. Another way is to pay someone 1 Linden; that will also force a refresh.
  12. I have some rental property on the Mainland I want to post to the Marketplace. How do you go about doing that? It's not like uploading an object (clothes) into the Magic Box and adding a texture to it, is it? Also, is it possible to open a 2nd store on the Marketplace so I can keep the land store apart from my other store, or do I need to open the 2nd store under another avatar?
  13. I don't understand why they consistently release faulty software. They go two steps forward and one step back. I am also having problems viewing objects -- they are all black one dimensional things. I thought they had a new vice-president of something that would take care of all these things???
  14. I've had this happen more than enough times on my land. Where little animlas get under a building and cannot get out. Wouldn't hurt to check under and behind larger objects for sure.
  15. Maybe LL will push Second Life as a way to follow what's happening in SL? Would that make any sense?
  16. My Facebook avatar AND business got nuked last night. So what, who cares? Now I say good bye to my 2000 some FB friends...you all can always find me in SL...but just don't all of you come over to my grid at the same time. Might as well delete my RL FB setting for them and save Mark and his boys the time.
  17. Is anybody really happy with LL? Now that I got that out of my system... Have you tried contacting the vendor/merchant? That should be your first step. If the item you purchased is No-Transfer it should be no problem to give you a replacement. And they usually respong faster than any Lindens.
  18. So it is a bug then? I thought it was a new feature. Glad to see they returned to highlighting objects returned to inventory.
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