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  1. Please tell me the pencil skirt and stiletto heels are a requirement for male avatars, too. Because I saw a really cute little number on the marketplace the other day...
  2. Well that's a given. My time is precious, and if someone expects me to be on Second Life when it suits them - be it ten minutes a day or five days a week, they need to dig deep. As the old bumper sticker says: Ass, Gas, or Grass. Nobody rides for free.
  3. Let's see. My hourly rate in real life is $25/hour (I'm an inexpensive person, really). A half hour of my time would cost you $12.50. Fifteen minutes would be $7.25. So for fifteen minutes of work, you would need to pay me 1800L, minimum. That' would cost you about $7.23 to buy on the LindeX, so you're kind of getting a discount. If you want me longer than fifteen minutes per week, you'll have to do a lot better than 250L per week. I make more than that selling one outfit on the Marketplace. Your move, Buckaroo.
  4. Check out http://twistedhunt.com for information, rules, FAQ, and Application. The first Twisted Hunt was in March of 2009, the second was in September of the same year. Now the 12th Twisted Hunt is almost upon us! If you’re new to this whole Twisted Hunt business, we have some words of warning for you. And whether you’re new or not, it can’t hurt to peek in to the info for twisted hunters. ;) You’re too far down the rabbit hole now – there’s no going back… As you peer through the window, you can see a tunnel of light spiraling out from the singularity in the distance. This is where Time begins and ends – this… is where concepts are shattered, and rational thought gives way to a spiraling madness of clarity. An illusion of misdirection of truths, and a tapestry of spun truths clouded in lies. You drift closer to the event horizon. Time is slowing down, while all around you, everything is spinning out of control. You urge yourself forward…forward…always seeking the answer to a question long forgotten. Stop. Rewind. Replay. Pause. Shift. Fast Forward. Your slate’s been wiped clean. No carbon footprint. No trace. No story, no songs to tell. Haste is just an illusion crafted by the mind – you have all the Time in the world. As we march forward on this mortal coil, pulling against the fetters that bind us to this spinning rock, Time will make us all equal. Welcome to the beginning of a new Twisted Era. We’re rewinding the clock to show our true colors – all of them from the scarlet in our veins to the verdigris-painted skies. From the encroaching terror of darkness and the cold embrace of gunmetal from the depths of horror filled dungeons and rattling chains. Make history, and enjoy the hunt! Guys, this is your one and only chance to use all past Twisted Colors and all past Twisted themes as your palette. Have we gone mad…? The madness has only begun in the new era – welcome to the 12th bi-annual Twisted Hunt. Have fun!
  5. I'm getting this message when I try to rez anything from my inventory on land where I've rezzed a tip jar every Saturday for the last six years. I don't have any scripted items on me, and the item in question I want to rez is the same tip jar I've used for the last five years with no issue. I did try going somewhere else to rez the tip jar (my own land) and it rezzed fine. I picked it up and tried again at the other parcel, and still get the message.
  6. I make my clothing Modify/Copy because my customers like having a back-up if they accidentally mess something up. I don't have any issues giving people extra clothing bits if they mess something up, but you have to realize a lot of folks need instant gratification. I can't always be online to help someone if they need something right that very instant. If you see something in my store and you would prefer it to be transfer, all you'd have to do is contact me. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to my customers, and generally will change perms for folks. In fact, a Machinima guy asked me to make one of my no mod avatars mod so he could change the color. I was completely cool with that. The only thing I ask is to give me time. When I'm online, I'm usually building, but if I'm DJing, obviously I won't get to your special order right away. I have found most people are patient when I give them a quick "I'll get back to you in an hour" type messages. Of course, it's important to build the trust and actually contact the person within the time frame. . . I have a finite amount of space in my store, and a lot of products. Making room for two sets of perms on items would be near impossible. I can't even buy land around me, since it's all owned by someone else, so that isn't even an option if I wanted to do that.
  7. I was given a Meeroo. In the spirit of my own sense of twisted humor, I had the thing "neutered" and "feed" it a Meeroo head on toast that I got from the Twisted Hunt. It mostly doesn't do anything, so I don't mess with it. I figure if someone wants to cuddle the thing or shoot it, they're welcome to do so, although it might be a tad bit difficult to rez projectiles in a no-rez area.
  8. Well, when I think of things I'd like to see in the world of Second Life Male Fashion, I make it and sell it I tend toward non-black gothic clothing, and non-brown steampunk. I have a thing for color.
  9. The whole "don't make it mod so buyers won't make my creation look bad" argument is silly. I had a shoe creator get pissy at me in IM to the point where I had to mute her - all because I asked for a mod version of the shoe, since the 450L pair I purchased did not fit. She also didn't have the permissions listed on her vendors. That is a mistake I will never make again. Oh boy did I get the third degree from the person. As a result I not only will never buy from her again, but I will also actively let people know to avoid her store completely if they want shoes. All the clothes I sell are copy/modify (except for gacha things with are modify/transfer). So what if the person makes it look slightly different? They DID buy it. There is absolutely no reason not to make clothing items no modify. None. Okay, rant over.
  10. This is what I wore to the Halloween party last night at Kennet's Truck Stop.
  11. As a designer, I try hard to make sure that what you see is what you get. The vendor pictures show both front and back and, in some cases, different ways of wearing the item. All pictures list everything that is included in plain helvetica font, permissions in larger helvetica font, and the name of the item. The items pictured go through very little post-processing. Basically, I photograph everything against a green or blue chroma background with a special well-lit windlight setting. I clip the chroma background out of the image and use a vendor template that is white with a bit of dusty color at the bottom so it makes the outfit easy to see. My biggest pet peeve is goth stores that photograph their black clothing and put the items on a black background. It makes things so hard to see!
  12. Maybe this is true in your experience, but I have a store that caters mostly to men and it does pretty well. I also don't sell the typical jeans/leather/muscle man type clothing. It would appear that a lot of guys like vintage, classical goth, and steampunk clothing, since that is what I sell the most of in my store. The "normal" clothes I have don't sell nearly as well. I have also noticed more men asking for stuff that isn't black/red. It's nice to see guys wearing more color these days. My biggest peeve with menswear is the prevalence of teeshirts, jeans, and tattoos. But to each their own. It's not my style, and I generally don't create that stuff, but whatever makes your kilt fly up
  13. I have a FAQ linked to my profile, but not a lot of people bother to read profiles. That said, I try to have as much information about me and my store in my picks as I can. http://srednieel.blogspot.com/2011/02/avatar-bizarre-faq.html I cannot stand when I need to contact a merchant, and they have zero information about their store/products in their profile. My biggest pet peeve are merchants who have a lot of "I really hate people, and don't bother me" stuff in their profiles. Really? You really want people to think you're an antisocial douche? For the love of Glod, why? Okay, enough ranting.
  14. Menswear is a vastly untapped market but, to be honest, teeshirts are everywhere, and often you get them free. As others have said, you need to offer things that a million other people are already making. Heck, there's even a teeshirt template offered by the Lindens that allows people to upload a simple texture and apply it to the shirt layer. I make menswear, and tend to steer clear of the teeshirt and jeans thing, because I don't wear them anyway, and it's always best to make things *you* like. It's just a bonus when other people like what you're making enough to pay for the stuff. I have noticed people tend not to buy clothes that don't have prim attachments. They give a more finished look to clothing layers. As for the listings you do have, you really should buckle down and take pictures of all the different colors. When I make an outfit in several colors, I just sit on a pose stand and cycle through the outfits as I take pictures, then just add the text and price in photoshop. It really doesn't take all that much time, and it will show your variety a whole lot more.
  15. Twice a year, the evil comes out of the woodwork to bring you the most challenging and most fun hunt on the grid. 150 designers pull together to create some fantastic gifts, some of which are exclusive to the hunt, never to be seen or sold after the hunt. You can join the group at http://world.secondlife.com/group/73770da7-7d71-a54e-6e86-60a3e9281e07 to get hints, make friends, chat about pie, or whatever strikes your fancy. There is no blog of hints, but there is a blog for slurls for each store at http://www.twistedhunt.com. This next hunt's theme will be Unseelie, aka Dark Fae. You'll be looking for a little blue Lemarchand's Puzzle Box. The hunt starts at DV8, and the end game is not to be missed. Stops along the way will include mini-hunts, extra gifts, and sublime torture. Hope to see some of you on the hunt! Starts September 1 and ends on the 30th.
  16. I would recommend joining the Twisted Hunt Group. It's pretty chatty, particulary when the Twisted Hunt's about to start, and people are all friendly. The chat can be about anything, and will meander quite a bit from one minute to the next. I've made a lot of friends in this group, and during the hunt. http://world.secondlife.com/group/73770da7-7d71-a54e-6e86-60a3e9281e07
  17. Hey you, don't watch that. . . Watch this! This is the heavy heavy monster sound The nuttiest sound around So if you've come in off the street And you're beginning to feel the heat Well listen buster You better start to move your feet To the rockinest, rock-steady beat Of DJ Sredni's Madness One step beyond!Sunday, June 26 from 6-8pm:smileyvery-happy: I'll be spinning the 80s new wave, upbeat fun awesomesauce tunes, and perky goth at the Second Life 8th Birthday Celebration! Put on your day-glo and don't forget Sam's Panties as proof you were there. Your DeLorian is attached. Take a ride to the ultimate radical past and dance to the likes of Altered Images, The Cult, Love & Rockets, and more! Plus I'm taking your requests. http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL8B%20Incredible/6/6/22
  18. Time for an eerie guy's outfit.
  19. I make a variety of different things, but here's one suit I'm especially happy with:
  20. Word. I love that Cthulhu button. It amuses me. Apart from SLU I like hanging out in my store (Avatar Bizarre) for a bit of socializing. I love talking to my customers. I also hop on the Twisted Hunt group chat for hours of entertainment and socializing, particularly when people are cursing my name for hiding the box too well
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