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  1. Changing any slider will not change the surface opacity, at least not in this dev viewer, I tweaked every section to the fullest possible. There will not be a loss, i read jira's pertaining to support legacy presets, and the firestorm numbers too, a lot of work has gone into this, it will be in all viewers when the time comes. I am curious about the surface transparency'ish effect since so far I couldn't get it to work yet. I cant imagine its going away, especially if they mean to support legacy presets.
  2. Yeah I hear ya, thats perfectly true, but are you aware this is the EEP forum section? FYI, in case you've not tested the dev-viewer, you cannot change the water like the old viewers, its a new thing being worked on. You can change the normal, and there are a bunch of sliders too, its getting updated in EEP.
  3. That was one of my favorite discoveries too. I was random map jumping wandering everywhere like I sometimes do, but this place really stood out when I found it. Thanks for sharing the back story about it.
  4. Haha! I bet there are a huge amount of things RLA can do, the functions and abilities are really very interesting. I spent some time trying to decide if it was too soon to mess with it yet, and if LSL could get me most if not all of the way to what I wanted. Since one lovely British pookiepie snooglekins has such a vast and roaming imagination, I will share my actual idea below, as succinctly as is possible. Its a game... not some RP spanky time, or torture of any variety, or griefing. Its a game of mostly puzzles, tricks, and traps. The section I am curious about in this topic is for when you fail, as a second chance to go back and continue playing without paying again you can try to make it through a mini obstacle course, but you are shrunken, and the area you're trying to make it out of is cheeky and displayed prominently as a source of entertainment for others to watch. Of course they can just walk out or leave, but they wont get free re-entry to try again a 2nd chance. Theres more I could say but that should suffice that I am not trying to torture people. ...and besides, even if I were, some people like the spanky spanky time. ?
  5. I looked thru the whole EEP Jira (tons of good stuff, & so many accepted too!) I also searched on the topic and couldn't find a thing. The water is not transparent from above anymore, it is from below. There seems to be a new water setup? I'm sure you're already aware of the transparency thing, but Im curious if its in the works, or its going away? I didnt want to file a jira if this is a known thing. I cant imagine what parts of the water system you've got your hands on, but please do any and all things you can comfortably do if at all possible or allowed. How about a slight edge effect on the surface materials wherever water meets land? ...fading out the Normal/Spec close to the edge. Based on the LL water (im guessing) this would fit right in with the depth/camera-angle numbers already being calculated for the existing water effects.* I cant imagine this would be too heavy an effect for the huge benefit though right? if any performance hit at all? The other thing is underwater caustics light effect. Currently it can only be nearly approximated using animated projector lights, and is very heavy to render comparatively to something integrated, that could also be disabled when shutting off advanced lighting setting perhaps.* *Not making demands, just to be clear, since some folks are touchy around here at the mere whiff of open discussion and questions, not most people of course.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks again! Not only does it work in blender, but its a very useful time saver. ❤️
  7. Oh I see, makes more sense now, you're not actually reading what I am saying, or commenting on the real context of the conversation. Its all about the stories in your head. There is a brilliant technique by one of the most lovely humans on Earth. It really works, and I think would do wonders for you, as anyone else of course, not singling you out, its an easy mental trap to fall into, especially if you're unaware its even happening. I am NOT being cheeky or disingenuous with this either, she is literally one of the most lovely people on Earth, and the whole thing is free on her website too. Enjoy The Work of Byron Katie ❤️ www.thework.com
  8. Thanks!! Thats pretty damn neat! ❤️ I real wish loading in avatars stayed in cloud mode until their mesh loaded its attachment points lol.
  9. Since when is someone playing a game a "victim", what the hell? You really are coming way out of right field with some bizarre poppycock today! lmao! Ahh, yea there are spelling differences for sure, there really wasn't much else that could be said to your wild comment, I did giggle a lot though! ? Oh nice, I was not aware guns were even possible, ive not played any games that were shooting types here, mostly hunting for objects, or puzzles, maybe some zombie whacking etc. Im not really looking to make a shooter game, but its cool to know that's possible. See? You really do share a lot of useful info, even if it sometimes slathered with condemnation and embittered rhetoric, that can veer strangely out of context to the actual convo. ?
  10. Wow, that makes so much more sense now! I was really wondering what tf I did to get that there... lol Im pretty lost in the Default viewer, i must have hit that combo trying to hide the UI or something.
  11. Thanks so much I was just going into jira now and searching, im new to jira so of course I had not found them. Thanks for posting those thats very kind of you! ❤️
  12. I guess im not old enough to need to know what to expect when I go see a new thing. I love the great games and things people make on here, its always been a lot of fun, and I have never once been bothered by any creator who takes time to make fun for us. Its true I was away for several years, and I never had to go thru that time when griefers where all the rage around here, as ive heard. In fact I have never once even seen griefing take place. The only annoying thing ive seen is beggars squating on others sims asking others for lindens. I would never forbid them from leaving, thats just rude, what if they have to take a crap or something? Besides, couldnt they just log off too if they had too? I've never been trapped by RLV so I do not know lol. RLV was not really my gotoo for this project anyhow, but it seems it could add some nice extra flair, even if only using a small subset of its functionalities. AND I appreciate that it was refereed to me by others above, knowing all the tools available is useful. Again, people play games in SL, they click yes if they want to, the ones that dont are irrelevant, and cannot access anything so they will leave most likely. Its not arrogance, its simple math, I can count the tri's in the mesh, so I will know whats in the scene. The object would be optimized for the small space its in, yes. Again, you're reading a whole lot into what must be a fairly basic thing, optimization is optimization. Optimization* Maybe you hate games in SL? You never play games at all? Thats fine of course, people get up to all sorts of things in SL. Even a casual glance at the API proves many are not like you though, indeed, even the developers of the game itself have included all sorts of tools and code for making games, and experiences. And there is more coming.
  13. Yea, we need to be sure it attaches right? Else it drops on the ground and they could then take it into their inventory? Which defeats a main benefit of llAttachToAvatarTemp, so it must kill itself if it doesn't successfully attach, instead of going to the ground. Or did you mean something else that must be considered? lmao, yea, see? Thats the joy of asking questions. I love that answer! hahaaa! Im mostly curious what is possible, I dont have years of making this stuff for SL to know all the in's and outs, so questions, and reading tons of docs are important. I am certainly not going to be doing every single thing I think up, thats not how i work. Dare I ask... What is an art-griefing weapon? I sort of already agree'd with your overall point though, it seemed to me using RLV would reduce the potential people who'd be able to do it by a fair amount. My intention is not a weapon at all, but actually part of a mini-game, usually in a game people will be expecting such things, and they have to give permission up front to even enter for a chance at the prize, if they want they prize, they gotta play to win baby! Im not sure what you get up to on SL? I like games, and exploring, griefing has never once been a thing that interests me. If its a small area, and there are several avatars in there, having them all be tons of tri's would surely drag more than if they all had a very low complexity score right? This means that little area would probably perform better for more people. I'm not talking about making SL perform better, only that in this situation the objects in the scene would indeed perform better. Seems rather basic, I think you read way too much into that statement! lmao ?
  14. Yeah the temp mesh would need an equal or greater offset upwards to compensate for the avatar being moved below right? I will look more into RLV, I see firestorm supports a type of it too, so it is fairly commonplace, and it does have a lot of tools for sure. Thanks for the suggestions and info. You are both correct that replacing them with the tempmesh, and keeping their nametag in place etc would be a whole lot nicer, it would certainly give more freedom of potentials as to what I put them thru down in the pits, and it would be better performing too lol, poof! bye bye polys!
  15. Thanks so much Wulfie, knowing the limitations is some of the most excellent info to have. Something using RLV im sure would compel someone to install a viewer for it for those features im sure. Id love to keep it simple since its only a minor part of the experience, I bet hiding them below ground (i already have the code to do it too) will be enough to get the effect to come off great, many lols will be had. Should be a good challenge for me to figure all the code, and camera controls etc, ive seen LSL has some of that too, which I hope will be of good use in a lot of things, controlling the camera can even control performance quite a lot.
  16. That makes perfect sense, they're coming in as they are, I bet how you're describing it can be very useful for certain things too, thats actually awesome, I can imagine all sorts of interesting use cases for that!
  17. I suspected RLV would give more powers, I have read through some of the docs, its very interesting, especially the camera controls! But I was worried not all viewers, even the main SL viewer do not support RLV That, and LSL alone does do a lot of things even without RLV. So, no way to hide them without detaching their stuff then, hmm... I was wondering if there was a simple visible/invisible toggle either for the whole avi or parts, or... what about making them render as a the default cloud + my mesh, could that be forced via script? I have seen the trick you describe of putting them down below ground, that actually could work in this particular thing, because they will not be able to move but in specific area during the effect even being active. But they could cam down underground and see all the floating avatars lol XD Well I suppose I can control their camera as well, so long as they gave experience perms... hmmm this might be a good way to do it. Thanks so much for the info Wulfie
  18. I am interested in temporarily hiding a whole avatar, including its mesh body, except the eyes (if possible), so i can put them in a temporary mesh that will cover/replace the player. ...this would really put an extra added twist on something im making. lol Im not sure I'll say what, but it is its crazy ? I can see llAttachToAvatarTemp will do great to get my temp mesh on them. But, would experience system give me enough power to hide the players whole avi, or parts of it? Or do I need to calculate their size and make my temp mesh somehow be sure to surround them? The least complicated way would be the best of course, if its even possible at all. Which is my main question really, can we temp hide avatar via script? Edit: Even if its not possible the effect will still be great, but I think being able to hide the avatar would make the whole thing simpler potentially.
  19. it does? lol I will have to try, and check the wiki, thats cool. Google does it too right in the search bar.
  20. I've been thinking about this myself, perhaps its much better to use javascript, and webprims, though webprims may not be ideal in their current form, you can do quite a lot already. With javascript could even synthesize the sounds in real time, and play multi-instrument midi sheet music with little to no audio files at all. YMMV ?
  21. Its amazing all the things you find in the mix, thats one of the fringe benefits of being a more matured platform, there's been so many countless thousands of hours that's gone into everything. And more yet to come.
  22. I was able to get the viewer and tinker ? I can see many many hours going into creating all sorts of these, and the transitions are great too! The whole new UI is fabulous too! The only weird thing I noticed was the Moon texture seems to have a different thing going on in how the texture is handled. It doesn't like alpha blends, clouds make it disappear, and it also allows the stars to shine through it, probably just needs a touch more brightness to overcome most of that though. Im sure its been reported, ill have to read in jira all the stuff ive missed with EEP. Does anyone elses EEP viewer say Hippos ! in white floating text on the lower right of the screen? I cant figure what its coming from, you can see it in all my snapshots. ?
  23. Yeah, usually I will start with the photoshop hieghtmap feature to get a specular going, they really upgraded the normal/heighmap generators in the recent photoshop versions. Doesnt do as much as this cool app though of course.
  24. Yes, especially since they can just use other techniques to do something similar that has little if any performance hit, a throttle seems smart on that, im surprised its possible even.
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