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  1. Yep! And... it looks to be fantastic! https://servo.org Its going to be a drop in replacement for CEF, so all the legacy stuff will be supported or only needing minor refactoring! But, it will come with a vast array of enhancements and features that could prove extremely useful for crafting all sorts of things.
  2. From what Whirly said it sounds like you just need to wait until youtube adds more encoded versions. Maybe they have a schedule you could find out how long on average?
  3. You can blame crApple, since they fubar'd flash, along with adobe. So what though? html5 video is far far better (& more secure) than flash anyway, and I used to be a flash developer, I loved it. HTML5 is a lot cleaner, and vastly more capable, and if coupled with other things (js) correctly is a lot better than the olde stuff. Perhaps our implimentation of webprim needs a refresh? I play youtube on MOP all the time it works great, but a few the vids will give the error of the OP here. Its not really apparent why, because they are all playing with html5 just fine, its only some videos that do it. Edit: I wonder if mozilla has a similar api to chromium? FF is sooo much faster and more secure than chrome at this point.
  4. Yea, its far too many tri's and not really the best topology for much, but it can be fixed quickly, or just left there in blender as a guide for making fresh clean mesh. I did take a look at mesh studio, but by the time I found it I already had a good working knowledge of Blender, so for me Id rather be responsible for all the vertices and not have to clean things up which can often take more time than building things from scratch.
  5. Well, turned out the seller really was having a rough time at present, plus there was a language barrier, between me and Linden staff, we could not get a hold of her again to confirm the sale which there were a couple details missing still in her Ticket. So I took it as divine guidance to wait until ive constructed most of the mesh for my SIM to launch this fall/winter, and to just buy a SIM directly from LL, it would have cost the same either way, but I was really stressing over the accelerated timeline lol, my plan was for nov/dec maybe even later depending on how long certain things take to construct. So yea, on the one hand im sad she disappeared and I really hope she's ok, but I know how much better things will be given I have the time to focus and not stress over it too much now, so I can really do right by quality and optimization. No way im giving up on getting a SIM now, ive really got the appetite for it, that was the closest I've gotten yet lol!
  6. I should have known Id end up here searching some wild stuff about Blender! I just learned how to stop using kludgy UV spheres and instead use icosahedral spheres, and bake to an icosahedral map that has the most amazing wrap around the globe, and can then be hand painted in blender too. You start with just 20face icosa and unwrap it just right to form this shape, load your premade base texture and set the texture to generated/sphere. Throw on a subdivision and enable the texture and wow its damn near perfect! Note: you have to be in render mode to see the effect before baking your uv and switching from texture being generated/sphere to using the UV, then it will be visible in material/texture/painting modes to tinker with. The only thing that was eating me up was the empty wasted black space after baking the UV as seen here. Theres a good 13 tri's worth of wasted texture space there. 20/13 is the ratio there I think just quickly guessing. Granted some of that goes away with margins, but still! At first I thought I could just stack sets of these up near each other, or fill little things in there to use the space, but then I thought what if I split them more so those tilted quads rotated? Then they could be packed in and use all the available texture space, still allowing for islands as needed. Im not sure if pining is the right way to do that? or just split the islands and rotate? The uv would need to be rotated from that angle, say you'd want to animate the texture horizontally which is common on planets, the uv needs that angle just right to do the fractal it would do to seem horizonally moving. I have to test just to find out! It was buckminster fullers dimaxian maps that had me searching google, for making globes that do not severely distort the texture with glitches like UV spheres do.
  7. yeah, it can be difficult, first to understand LOD then how SL does it, theres a lot of info here in the forums, and in the SL wiki too.
  8. I find the prospects of converting prims to mesh nearly useless, wont that be high li and iffy lod comparatively? The prims cull vertices and lod and all the things really well. So if you can make it from prims & it looks great may as well leave it prims IMO. Aside from prototyping of course, but all you need for that is firestorm or other viewers that let you download the prims as objects for 3d party apps. I also use an old sculpty/prim robot trick, (that now can output mesh instead) for scanning terrain to clone a base to build on in blender.
  9. Good luck, nothing can replace getting in there and breaking it a ton of times, try using the Beta Aditi grid if you're not, its free to upload mesh and everything there for testing.
  10. oops, I edited the other post and it made a double post somehow? Anyway I just wanted to hightlight the fact that F.Lux is full system whole OS control, all the screens, its great unless you need to do graphics design or something along those lines.
  11. Heads: Catwa Daniel and Skell Bodies: Signature Gianni Belleza Jake Adam Male Yabusaka Petite Bento Male ND/MD Nano Male I've got various creatures and whisps too, and now also I can wear the bake-fail cloud thanks to Whirrly Fizzle, she put up the bugged brow shape on MP for free, love it!
  12. I literally had to make a personal rule about sticky notes! Im not allowed to buy them anymore. It got crazy lol >.> Ok I will file a report on the caustics, I already found some cool openGL bits related to it, though im sure you're a million times more aware and capable in that regard! lol
  13. I did run a few tries with the experience_permissions(key av){} below the touch_start{}. I cant recall exacty the issue but I believe it was the else/if logic would not work in there. And. that is precisely because I did not make the face stuff a global variable! Wow... I knew I was doing something stupid... lol Good thing I cannot embarrass easily and am not scared to ask questions. Thank you so much for that nudge in the right direction! ❤️
  14. So true! To get a sense of space from first person perspective can be infinitely useful! Im waiting for Blender 2.8 to try it, but, I think there are some ways we can approximate the SL environment from within Blender and the real time rendering EVEE stuff. That way using fly/walk navigation could prove to be even more useful, and it would feel like meshing in world.
  15. This has sentimental value to me, I was working myself like a mule in our biz startup and was gone from SL for many years, when I came back last year I got a premium account because I was so impressed with all the new additions, mesh, bento, etc. So those premium homes are boring tho right? lol... Nothing some prims and textures cant spruce up! I wish I had saved more pics, it was a lot of fun to build.
  16. I have made these many times with prims, and its fairly straight forward, but after making my own xyzzytext mesh & setup for another thing, I was inspired to make a teleporter with multiple buttons using the up to 8 faces. I was able to get the face click detection working, but when I tried to add in the experience perms stuff I started getting syntax errors, and ive yet to figure out why, im sure learning why will be useful lol, its got to be something dumb im doing with the formatting. I was hoping to reduce the amount of scripts in a control panel to one only. Below is a little of my attempts. In the end I just switched to single plane mesh's for the teleporter buttons, and will use the multi face mesh for other buttons on the control panel. BUT, it really bothers me that I didnt figure out where I f'd up yet, so I will not let myself skate by so easily. Any help is much appreciated, I will post back when I figure out more too Code below, I have tried many ways to integrate the teleporter code into this and failed every time with syntax errors. The face detection does work though with this first item below. default{ touch_start(integer num_detected) { integer link = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); integer face = llDetectedTouchFace(0); if (face == TOUCH_INVALID_FACE) llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "Sorry, your viewer doesn't support touched faces"); else if (face == 0) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); } else if (face == 1) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); } else if (face == 2) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); } else if (face == 3) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); } else if (face == 4) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); } else if (face == 5){ llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); } else { llOwnerSay("thats a missed one, but how? " + (string) face); } } } Teleporter script using experience perms & landmark in objects inventory, its a per button/object script, which I was trying to avoid, works great though. default { touch_start(integer n) { llRequestExperiencePermissions(llDetectedKey(0), ""); } experience_permissions(key av) { llTeleportAgent(av, "Landmark", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_VECTOR); } } One Example Combo, I've tried many so far, some like this where its in the touch start, and others where its in a separate section below, neither have worked yet because im still missing an important aspect of the syntax. Which is a nice way of saying NOOB! lol default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { llRequestExperiencePermissions(llDetectedKey(0), ""); integer link = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); integer face = llDetectedTouchFace(0); if (face == TOUCH_INVALID_FACE) llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "Sorry, your viewer doesn't support touched faces."); else if (face == 0) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); experience_permissions(key av){ llTeleportAgent(av, "Level-1", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_VECTOR); //llTeleportAgent(av, "", <101,250,23>,ZERO_VECTOR); } } else if (face == 1) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); experience_permissions(key av){ llTeleportAgent(av, "Level-2", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_VECTOR); //llTeleportAgent(av, "", <101,250,201>,ZERO_VECTOR); } } else if (face == 2) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); experience_permissions(key av){ llTeleportAgent(av, "Level-3", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_VECTOR); //llTeleportAgent(av, "", <101,250,321>,ZERO_VECTOR); } } else if (face == 3) { llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); experience_permissions(key av){ llTeleportAgent(av, "Level-4", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_VECTOR); //llTeleportAgent(av, "", <101,250,1011>,ZERO_VECTOR); } } else if (face == 4) { llSay(0, "Nope, Nothing there yet"); //experience_permissions(key av){ //llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); //llTeleportAgent(av, "Level-5", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_VECTOR); //} } else if (face == 5){ llSay(0, "Nope, Nothing there yet"); //llOwnerSay("You touched face number " + (string) face); //experience_permissions(key av){ //llTeleportAgent(av, "Level-6", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_VECTOR); //} } else { llOwnerSay("thats a missed one, but how? " + (string) face); } } }
  17. I love prims for quick prototyping, and as many have mentioned here, there are use cases for them where they're the best possible choice, no doubt. But... once you learn Blender (or other such apps), you will find that the time saved is desirable, and... the immensely powerful (infinitely modable) toolset cannot be done without. You can even make your own plugins to create custom workflows and efficiencies exact to your need. And, there are thousands of such plugins already in the community, some of which are huge feature additions in and of themselves. Like Sensi Format, Avastar, & Zero-Brush etc. Once you get used to the workflow its actually really fast to rapidly protoype from blender to SL. LOD is not hard to do if you begin your creation thinking of the LOD first, most artists do this anyway, rough out the design in low poly stuff that looks good if you squint from a distance lol, save copies of all that. Then when the time comes, get into the mesh and add more loops etc, to get the features you want up close, choose carefully, spare not a single vertice! Along the way you can save iterations of it that may be of use for LOD, you could also just wait to the end for LOD though, if you added detail correctly, it will be easy for you to jump in and decimate vertices, loops, edges, etc. Sometimes you'll have to go a few rounds until its just right, but the more you do it the more proficient you'll become. AND the more you will appreciate the quality mesh that people do bring in world. Im amazed at some of the things people build with prims, its got a lot of shapes to work with. But, it can really take a lot more time to do certain things, and some things are impossible. We will get updates to both Prims, and the Mesh handling eventually, look in Jira you can see SL is constantly evolving.
  18. OMG really? I never knew we could apply a sculpt to megaprims! Doesnt the size reset if you try and change it too much? Wow, thats cool tho, thanks for the info. Thats something to tinker with someday, ill put it on my giant list!
  19. I guess it depends on how opacity is calculated, I generally prefer as few as is possible on alpha blends, however i didnt get any of the performance hit when the surfaces were low-poly, the exact same size (a joined copy), and zero space separating them, diffuse in the back, alpha the child layer. It seemed as though the renderer did one pass on that and didnt have to calculate it again because there was no angle change between the two layers. There must be a way to know, but I bet it would take reading the code of alpha rendering, which its probably huge mindnumbing code lol! I will make some more versions to test, and see what of the dev widgets in the viewer might give some clues, and if there is any performance benefit at all or its just an illusion because it looks so much better, everything seems better lol.
  20. Its rare when you can see so much, i wasnt fully aware of how much is on the Jira. Seeing what can be done and is in the works is priceless. I am coming from server-linux, drupal, and many other opensource projects where its great to see and engage the development and open issues solving etcetera. Geeky excitement lol!
  21. Im preparing for the scripting things coming, and other stuff to test. Reading the Jira made me 1000% more excited!
  22. Ahh another list? I found your great compilation of small bits in that one jira that may become full issues. Ok I will file a jira issue on this if we dont hear soon that its not needed, im sure they must know the issue is happening too. I am so excited they're getting their hands on the LL water!! Any good evolutions are very much welcome in the mix, EEP is already turning out to be really lovely.
  23. This is actually my favorite, it has all the bells and whistles for full system control, even based on time of day, performs great, and does a lot of things most of these apps do not. Even a great Dark-Room all red option. if im not heavy in graphics work I usually leave it running, otherwise I have to go browser level, and app level addons. F.Lux its the best of the best IMO. Free too! https://justgetflux.com/
  24. I dont see it, although it does seem a little less white all of the sudden or im just imagining it lol.
  25. If you look up the forum stuff for Invision Community I could have sworn I saw some things about multiple themes allowed, with user choice as to which to toggle on. That said I certainly do not expect LL to do it if its not fitting right now, it wouldnt make sense to tweak them now for a lot of different reasons im sure. I always use the app in the browser, but its situational, usually the dark theme is only needed at night for me, since I get plenty of sunlight in my office usually. I do tend to prefer websites that use black/white sparingly, theres so much in between thats a lot more pleasing. I use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/invert-colors/ But there are many others too, thanks everyone for sharing some others to check out! And thanks Lindens for considering the addition! Maybe when the time is right some day it could be a thing.
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