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  1. How big do you think the industry is? lol Blender has more users by a massive margin, because its not just for "the industry". The main Wiki is the best place to start, and when you have questions or troubles ask here, there are so many brilliant helpful folks here! Reading posts will often give great insights too. The wiki may have a few out of date places, but those would have been discussed here often if important. A lot of things are in development at the moment, so its probably not a priority to update the wiki until the new stuff and its kinks are worked out. Here's the wiki - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Main_Page Main Mesh wiki - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh Knowledge Base - https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/ Good luck! Dont hesitate to ask questions in the forums. One other thing you should know about SL, its heavily Open Source based, and intended as mainly User generated content, if you find a missing link by all means fill it, build the bridge to those few "legal" users of Max, help with the viewer code for uploading assets, anything you're good at and enjoy will most often be welcomed & greatly appreciated!
  2. Looking above I saw mention of Zbrush in the workflow, if you're already using Blender which is wonderful, consider the Blender Sensei addons, The free Format plugin, and the Zbrush which is really cheap for as awesome as it is. No need for Zbrush anymore, and you'll find it reduces a ton of photoshop work too.
  3. Best to get out your pioneer attitude, read the tea leaves, avoid the dangerous woogies, max has like almost no users so you wont find much on it for much of anything, but that you should be used to already right? The wiki has most things to get you going, the forum has a ton of things that will help, including many tutorials.
  4. thanks, that helps lol somehow I didnt see it there when looking but I was already predetermined to be frustrated probably! lol I like how black dragon makes them show for a short time or if you hover them but then fades away. and firestorm has the toggle right in that awesome quicklauncher chingus. So much cool stuff comes from the TPV community, its a really unique and powerful aspect to SL. Edit: Oooh it has the show briefly option too, its just not enabled by default. Nice :D
  5. There was no problem whatsoever, nobody bothered me about it even once for all the time it was there for many many months, and there are others putting things on their roof and such, its common, though mine was more elaborate lol. I used the ll-houses roof-top deck which had a door to the inside to build my elevator shaft and connect in the two additional floors and rooftop deck. So long as you stay in your prim limit and boundaries, and dont break Adult/Moderate rules, you can do anything you want to the linden home. I needed more space and moved on eventually, but it was a nice starting point for me having been gone so many years. I actually found a copy thats not distorted, I cant find any of the furnished pics, i guess they're gone.
  6. Here is a quick video I shot last night in the EEP testing SIM, its my Pitchblack Preset, but I could swear they did something to the shadows in EEP? They seem vastly improved, I will have to test that, but this vid has no Reshade or anything extra, just the dev viewer on ultra. I could not figure out how to hide the nametage in the LL viewer tho lol I want all my firestorm goodies! Link to flikr page with video- in case the one below doesnt work.
  7. Thats true, I have a beefy rig, and SL on Ultra never uses more than like 34% max of my GPU or CPU and barely any of my RAM at all, just a tiny fraction. I do get lag, but its usually my Net speeddropped packets thats the cause, software limitations, and poorly constructed scenes too of course, thats a biggie! The game was optimized for older paradigm of rigs. That said, there are things in the works to increase performance and such, so its only a matter of time before those things start to come out and land.
  8. Yes indeed, so much good stuff on the way, exciting times! ❤️ Long Live SL!
  9. Great video, I love how he shows the quotes from the naysayers, bahh! Do they even realize who gets the last laugh for eternity? lol
  10. Great idea man, I am considering writing a plugin to automate my icosahedron globe unwrapping workflow too, thanks for the inspiration, and for what appears to be a great time saving tool. Im excited to see how you develop it further, will it be on github? Hopefully you're not as cute as your avatar. ?
  11. What a massive and complicated list of bug fixes, you all are really kicking ass, and with everything else going on too, quite impressive. Are the EEP and Animesh viewers going to be merged eventually? I see they're testing on the same SIMs, also what I am making right now needs both. I dont want to rush it of course, but I am curious. Edit: To answer my own question, seems to me that if animesh gets released first then its code will be in the rig EEP is basing off of, or vis versa. So it will happen when it happens lol. I could have sworn someone mentioned merging them potentially but that seems unlikely now that Animesh will be out soon.
  12. I think I misread that the first time. The answer I believe is Yes, since the projector light limitation is a passively forced thing by the system, the SUN/Moon take two off right out the gate, so if those are gone any two other projector lights in the scene should automatically be then in use. I will have to test! Edit: Of course those wont be as powerfull, Sun/Moon seems to fill the whole sim.
  13. Thanks Wulfie, I can see there is a lot we can do, but I read in the caveats " There are no LSL functions that allow you to set projector values (texture, FOV, focus, and ambiance). " its ok really as I suspected this might need to be an actual prim-type to be best performing, and give LL ways to put rules/restrictions on it more easily. Plus the prim-type could have widgets on it to rotate, scale, slide, for all the effects lights can do, and to toggle between area/projector as well, with their own set of option levels and adjustments. I suppose there isnt an intense need to set the texture from a diolog, when it can be easily done in the prim edit pop-up, but controlling the FOV, Focus, Ambiance, etc, is the main thing id like from the object instead of pop-up. I will tinker and make whats possible with LSL then when I start compiling my own viewer to test making unique prim types ill have all that in mind from testing whats possible now. When you think about it what im planing is super simple, all the functionalities are already coded, im simply making a prim with widgets on it to alter those settings in the Prim-Edit screen already, but real-time in world tinkering instead. This is so much easier than my idea for Occlusion Prims, so I will probably do this first before that to get my feet wet in the viewer code lol! Im sure its a beast of complexity and brilliance in there! Thanks for the pointers, I had not found changed_scale or even changed_anything yet, and indeed it appears it will work without a timer, which is cool!
  14. It may have been something odd I ran into, seems its working fine if I only have one radio on the land in one parcel, and set the other parcels audio with a different method, script or by hand, then there is a clean separation of audio per parcel. But if I put a radio on each parcel then they somehow become synced and changing the station on one changes it on the other in the other parcel.
  15. Perhaps the sim (and thus the script) is treating the two parcels owned by me next to each other as one entity? Just want to say thanks again for the script, is a beautiful example of menu driven controls, and so many cool features of LSL, its a very generous thing for you to share.
  16. I love this script! Thanks for sharing it, its so well written and great comments in it as well. Cheers! I do have one question, I am about to jump in and tinker with the code, what Im interested in doing is have it not cross parcel lines, as it is if I have two parcels next to each other, the same radio will work across property lines somehow. I am in the Aditi beta grid in a beta viewer so it could be thats causing the weird glitch? Or is this the intended effect? i want a separate radio and station per parcel basically. I dont see any logic in the script to cross parcel lines so im a bit stumped how thats happening? I've got to test soon in another viewer to see if its this beta viewer.
  17. I have an idea for a lighting project, not really for something to sell, but rather (potentially) for something to be included in the viewer as an additional prim type. I figure its best to make it first before requesting. The inspiration is Sansars lights, they're freaking awesome! So, when I do lighting, I often use specific shapes/colors so I know what im looking at whilst they're still visible and in adjustment mode. I can even have the script change the prim to the color of the light cast, or direction its pointing etc. What I would like to do is detect when they've changed shape, when the user stretches a cone longer or wider. What Im keen to do is have script detect that and adjust the values of the light accordingly. So stretch long and change focus for example. Below are the questions/points that seem relevant. I'm in no rush for this as ill just make it for myself at first. Later I may compile my own viewer so I can test having these actually be additional tools added to the viewer called "Light Prims", I think its best to just have one that can change its form/type/color/behavior via scripted menu. I am going to be in the same area when I test making Occlusion Prims too, so, why not Light Prims also lol? How many of the light features can we access and tweak via scripts? Can this be done without timers? Something fast and super efficient would be best, this is why im thinking it should be an actual viewer feature and not just a regular object. I do not intend that any of the previous lighting functionality goes away, so anything can be made a light etc, but rather to add an additional prim type, would be nice if the accounting and other features of it could be unique to the type as well. I just wanted to share another wild idea and create the space for feedback, and where I will share my findings and hopefully what ive created. >8)
  18. Yes I have made an indoor preset, moon/sky/stars are totally black, zero light is output, then I used projector lights to mimic sun coming thru the entrance or windows, based on the sun/moon time of whats outside in the external parcel, that has another full windlight setting. This is why im keen to have the instant transition, and ability to time transitions, just as you are.
  19. If you look in Jira there is a topic on having instant transitions, as well as being able to set the time of a transition, which is awesome! I can hardly wait for that feature since it could mean so much.
  20. OMG love! Lol Eeeps going to be so awesome!! I hope someday we can use animated .png and .gifs for the sun/moon Or even simply be able to animate it via script, maybe slight rotation in place with pulsing light or something. it looks like one of my cats when he was a kitten, RIP. Innan ❤️
  21. There are several example vids and links of caustics/water effects listed on the jira I linked above but here's an additional example for those who dont want to read the jira. This is blender and glsl, there are many other examples in the jira and elsewhere online. A good way to explain the most basic caustics lighting, I imagine the Sim's existing Water Quad is now as a giant projector-light pointing downward who's intensity and angle could be dictated by Sun/Moon position, or even any light-source above the waters surface. Of course there are many other things in a water shader along with the caustics that pull it all together. The LL water already has a lot of those great qualities, but more is good right? Isnt this water yummy? and he said he wasnt nearly done with it yet, I wonder how much more he's progressed it since then?
  22. Sure thing Marianne, here's the link. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225728
  23. Have you seen this? https://www.collabora.com/news-and-blog/blog/2018/10/31/introducing-zink-opengl-implementation-vulkan/ Its an interesting read, something like that could create a gateway into another setup over time, as opposed to a hard switch all at once. It will be interesting to see how good it gets and if others jump in.
  24. I actually love the Jira interface and the whole feel of it, im a crazy artist and my stuff is spread around the universe, its nice to have a system keeping things somewhat manageable & freeing up time to create more.
  25. Maybe its a cached version you're getting served, for various reasons that could be the case.
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