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  1. Mesh is only one sided in SL, you have to put another face duplicated with flipped normals there, or use solidify modifier, or make the dress tighter in that area. The other issue im not sure, seems like your normals are breaking up somehow. If you're having issues with many of them then you know its your workflow that is off, there's some step you're missing, or doing incorrectly.
  2. I love Torleys stuff! I have a bunch of textures he made back in the day, so much wild variety and they can be used for a lot of different effects n such. I found him over in Sansar is that the same Torley?
  3. 1000% Everything they said about Sketchup, just dont, you'll eat all your time to clean it up, or else bring in messy unoptomized mesh, both things suck. If you're just starting out learning, and its not super important what your building early on, try the new blender 2.8, its still complex, but its got a more user-friendly UI you would not have had in 2.7 without carefully chosen addons.
  4. Here's another one of my favorites, not a complex thing, and I didnt invent it or anything, but it was a blast making the signs, being flexiprim it can only be made with cardboard prims too! Some fellow tinies and I were gearing up for a bit of a heady revolution... It was going to be on fleeK! But Catwa was so nice when we asked the first time it seemed too mean, even for pixies, to squat at the Catwa SIM creating havoc until we had our demands met! LMAO!
  5. Oh, well... you know... Asking forgiveness is far better than permission with creative endeavors! After a while I tore it down and bought mainland parcels so I could have more prims to build with, got double prim lots in Horizons.
  6. Im actually talking about rendering, but yeah there are other features built out in there too, a lot of which would have no good being in a game lol. Realtime rendering Lighting/Physics/Particles/Tesselation/etc... is the point of my curiosity ... SL is already based on opensource code with upstreams, no new thing in that at all, even has some similar upstreams to Blender in OpenGL. Sl probably has many other opensource upstream bits too, especially in the server stuff, which i've yet to look at personally. SL already has a great in-world building with prims, that can iteself be expanded on in its own unique way. No need for meshing in world though IMO, if you want complex use blender, in 2.8 you can mimic the SL environment, so it feels like in world fairly easily. The only "creation" thing I would think neat to include is creating procedural materials, that could reduce bandwidth usage a lot, & inspire some unique creations. ...and then of course the existing SL creation tools would be all shiny fast and hq, lighting, texturing, physics, etcetera. Edit: Maybe not physics, but that is in blender too, though im not sure its proper for games vs other solid options. Last Edit lol: All this is only a curiosity, open source projects can go all sorts of directions over time. What got me intrigued was the real-time rendering in blender 2.8 thats so fast it can even be used in a full featured editing software. The thought is in a game perhaps it would fly even faster due to optimization and such, or totally not at all, I am agnostic to outcomes, especially when brainstorming.
  7. Here's another great compilation, does nobody know if the two licenses are compatible? Sure the blender stuff is not meant for a game per se, but its actually meant to handle a whole lot more and still be real-time effects, including physics, such tech in SL/OpenSIM would scream speed wise, because things are more optimized, hehh. If the licenses are compatible it would mean mega huge tech modernization is readily available, and by working with another awesome opensource community too, plus those same blender folk are already all over the SL/OpenSIM community. Imagine having micropolygon displacement! (Tessellation) It performs amazing already in the current blender, 2.8 screams by even faster, and there are tons of features like that that would make any game brilliant, im keen on procedural textures too, many things could be textured with zero image files to upload/download/serve.
  8. I adore your plants and things! It was one of the first things I found when coming back to SL after being away nearly 5 years. I had never seen plants so excellently done in SL, but Mesh wasnt much of a thing yet when I left, it was only a few clothing items back then. You do a fantastic job on LOD and everything, definitely some of my favorite SL objects of all time. I think I bought half the store my first visit lmao!
  9. Thanks for putting that up on github! Seems like it could be a great time saver on making lod textures. Yea automated things can be implemented and work great, they often come with required limitations for the given game engine though, which must always be worked around. I much prefer that we can always be allowed to create our own LOD, I would hate to see an automated system come in and force one way for all things. I would like to see more punishment/mitigation for objects with bad LOD somehow though, and a way to know in MP how the LOD is on an object looks. Perhaps if an LOD crosses a threashold for too many tri's for that level, the engine could create an imposter for it? Or the imposter system could be scaleable with a distance slider, or simply linked to lod setting. SL is too wild and varied to have a one size fits all thing, but there are a bunch of cool things that could be added in this area to boost performance for all types of users. Yes, this! Its all about that edge flow! so true! Ive been in marketing and biz development for many years, it is indeed the major area of focus once you've got enough product to get out there. But it doesnt have to be all that bad, and can itself be a fun part of the workflow and creative process.
  10. wow! Thats insane, really insane. Especially when you consider what can be done with so much less. Even after optimizing the high lod level by a massive margin, the other LOD levels can be reduced even further, down to nill for something so small on the ground. Im working on some grasses/groundcovers and experimenting with all the ways and means we have to get the most for the least impact. Seems to me that person didnt spend even one moment considering optimization. We need tri count on mesh objects in marketplace, that would be a great number to expose, along with texture count/size, and lod stats/view.
  11. I took one of the parcels in the EEP/Animesh testing zone and have been camping there lol, im bad sometimes I just leave SL running all day while im working on other things. Its nice there though since you can temporarily own the parcel and test all the things.
  12. Thats something LL could allow creators to offer, its only some extra object properties to account for stretching, I've asked some similar questions about that in regard to slice scaling, so we can set the scaling points of objects to keep certain parts from deforming, then having tileing ability in the inner non scaling areas. This would be basically a new object type or additional properties that could be created in an object. Doesn't make sense for all objects to do so but its neat that game does that, they can I suppose because its a limited asset base. WooT!
  13. Another good little point is to make your textures a bit less vibrant/saturated as the windlights most often tend to increase the saturation. Also think in terms of LOD for texture density, the highest LOD is ok to have more, but it could reduce quite a lot in low lod levels, lowest level having the tiny low-fi texture it deserves. This may not be important for all objects not meant to be seen from afar; but.... otherwise speaking, LOD is another area texture concerns play an important role. I use Blender addon Zerobrush to instabake down highpoly sculpting and the hand painting its other features bring to the table, I will put in a bit of shadow where it makes sense too, but not light, since lights are not limited in SL at all. You can have as many as you want, the only limit is how many projectors actually cast shadows at a given time around the players view, and that is a general tech limitation, not necessarily an SL thing. Edit: There is one case painting in light is awesome, but its using the Alpha Emissive Mask, so you can make part of a texture full bright and glow without the rest of the texture having the same effect, its quite neat, and can be animated too!
  14. Nice! Damn, I should have came in the EEP viewer, I didnt realize it would work on the main grid XD I did notice the default (u aint go no eep) creepy sky tho.
  15. I was reading up on Blender history, and the format of license it has, it seems parts or all of the code can be used in other apps, so long as said app is also free and Open Source. Does the SL Viewer have a compatible license for that scenario? Like we could bring in EEVEE, PBR, Fluid Dynamics, Particles, Lighting, Hair/Fabric, Physics, Procedural Textures, Matcap, or any (few or many/simple or complex) other aspects useful to enhance the viewers abilities? Blender 2.8 has so many amazing features, yet they've removed the game engine, it could be great for SL/OpenSIM to fill some of that void, which will be large considering the legitimate hype around blender 2.8. Creators will want a nice clean way to get their stuff into the realms they're building for, slick blender to realm pipelines could be built on the stack with local development that looks like "in world" for the given realm, basically a custom workspace for each game/realm. This is speaking in a future hypothetical sense where the stars align of course lol. For now, Im much more curious about the earlier point on using some of the blender rendering tech in the LL/OpenSim viewer. I would wager the more of the blender rendering tech in use, the more likely those using blender would consider popping a build into new cloud SIM offerings of various types, for the various LL realms, or other grids. That and wow how much dev time would that save to modernize some things in the viewer? Sure would still be a huge task, but a lot of good is done and opensource already.
  16. That makes sense I suppose, its always sad to see good tech languish behind a dinosaur business model. After all... I would bet Blender is making more money now too, and employing more developers, and that will certainly increase exponentially when 2.8 lands, MAX has nothing to compare as far as features and abilities to Blender 2.8, nor does any other app.
  17. lol, dont get offended, I am not concerned with what others choose, good for them, I am genuinely happy they choose what they want. I was speaking to the fact that there are not so many things catering to them, because there are so few of them. Not because they're inferior, or anything else you may have imagined, simply that there is not so much content and tutorials for them as there are for other more widely used apps.
  18. So more than lights tweakability? There are many prim properties already accessible via script, with few exceptions, notably around lighting, but UI stuff doesnt require in-world scripting so its potentially easier on everything. ?Ahhh... I see what you're saying, oooh that is interesting! More than just scale widgets on a prim, you could tweak the textures, etc. A lot could be done in the prim properties dialogue itself to improve things, but that alone would still not be as cool as more design-time widgets! I must add another vault to my mental imagineering temple of computation and consideration. Im sure ill have a minor multi-week freak out once I get the viewer code to read and compile lmao.... im still keeping myself away from that rabbit hole for a little while longer while I collect all the relevant info and finish some other things.
  19. Yeah, there couldn't possibly be many official users, its only a tiny group of people that manage MAX because its such a small userbase, its an edge case app, sure then theres the masses of thieves, but they don't count, and MAX doesnt have to support them. Which is why they probably stick with all the paid tutorial creators, teachers, institutions that will nudge their product into use, and discourage online freebie stuff that only encourages the thieves guild.
  20. Once you try that manually a few times, then watch an Avastar video... lol, you will want avastar, it will save you tons of time, and time is extremely valuable, and you get Avastar for the price of one good dinner.
  21. I think I scared him away saying he better not be both smart and cute. >.> Smart is attractive, smart and cute is dangerous. lmao some dont like a backhanded compliment I suppose, I tend to forget that because im usually in such a good mood.
  22. OMG! I wasnt expecting so many LSL goodies, and so soon! The things we can do with that are exciting, let the imagineering begin!
  23. Maybe Imposter is the wrong word here? Seems to me Mr Lovelycakes addon will help to generate the LOD models/texture right? But you two are discussing another awesome thing, an auto generated on upload imposter system? Or do you mean something else like those parts should be broken up more and not a whole house?
  24. I wasnt speaking to the standards of one particular group, only to the tiny size of it, and then consider contracts, and NDA's, that is why you will not often find much content geared towards those people, or them sharing what they're working on, or discussing aspects of a project etc. Its why there will always be more content for Blender, because there are not only vastly more users, even Industry people too, but there are more users free to share and collaborate, and they do.
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