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  1. I tried that but did it again just now to be sure, I was able to log in with a different browser so perhaps its a latest release of Firefox issue, I am unable to log in to the main site with it. Strange!
  2. I cannot log in either, I was wondering if anyone reported it. I can log into everything else just not the main site where account info is, it just goes to a blank white page with a title of "OpenID transaction in progress" when clicking login and never does anything.
  3. For sure, I agree totally if I had any stress over them that would be most excellent advice indeed. TBH im not bothered enough to worry about it, though it was interesting enough to me to ask as i do love digging in to things and hearing others out. Besides, I can use them elsewhere already, and its yummy right now, no need for any stressing. Most definitely im not demanding anything, only asking questions and discussing.
  4. OMG the dark theme is fabulous! I wasn't expecting it anytime soon, what a nice surprise, i love it! My eyes and mitochondria thank you! Cheers Sweetie Darling! ❤️
  5. lol, far better to know thyself, then you can hear anything from anyone and it wont trigger you. I still have triggers though of course, we all do, for me its seeing people get bullied, or abused etc, I go into full on warrior mode and have to calm myself before interjecting, else I will put my own mess into the situation rather than diffuse it.
  6. Thanks Whirly, I left if off after what Rider said above, he didnt mention that but rather the caustics so I guessed he wasnt too concerned and only made one for that, but you're right its best to get all the things in there and easily referenced. Cheers! ❤️ I love Jira and keep poking Sansar peeps about how brilliant it is, I guess they must use it or something similar but its closed to public, which might be smart in these early stages, but still.. Jira is sweet!
  7. I made a pitch black windlight to test, and wow it sure deletes near everything around unless its a light or has a light on it. You could still add some clouds and tiny bit of light, but keep the moon and sun light output low or you'll light up the whole world around you. Here's a quick one min video I shot of the pitch black windlight in the EEP viewer. https://www.flickr.com/photos/macrocosm-sl/45745018731
  8. Ive seen escalators rip someones dress right off, and nearly kill them, it was quite frightening, had the dress not ripped at just the right moment it would have been bye bye. "smart"-phone user wondering mindlessly... Edit: great project you did and neat way to go about it, thanks for sharing! ❤️
  9. One of the nice things about being the first and/or biggest most successful of a thing (if you play your cards correctly), Is that no matter what competition may do it only pushes you higher, because you're ahead of them in the game and they cant really ever catch up, they're treading ground you've already thought through and designed way past, ex. Sansar which will rock it out when its full blown. Besides... competition is excellent for market development, and most especially for consumers. Years back the community decided they did not want new tech, they did not want c#, or unity, or any such thing. That is when Sansar started IMO, and its not as though SL people want less, its just that they want it in a different way, opensource based, community built, open development, quite different from Sansar, but both are awesome to me. I dont doubt SL can and will improve, seems the weather has changed around here, and things are in high gear. To your other point about the ease of one guy building out things, well whats the difference now from any other time in history? More is more, doesnt matter if less people can accomplish more than prior, because larger more experienced groups can do far more than that, always. They have all those tools too, and can afford the nextgen stuff those tiny teams cant touch until many years go by, if ever.
  10. Very nice! No wonder its so slick and smooth.❤️ wowza https://www.umbra3d.com/ ouch, so many draw calls here, its why I thought some proper use of texture atlases may help in some specific cases.
  11. That makes sense, and I like the SL idea too. One thing to note though, there were a ton of objects all over that scene that can be picked up and interacted with, and many moving things too.
  12. Yeah I cant load harvest at all 24gb! wow thats way overkill! My internet is too slow, however, that said, even with crappy net, I do not have to wait long for experiences to load, and I always have 100fps which ive capped it at. Plus, my PC is 6 years old, not exactly a beast of a machine by today's standards. I would have to say LOD must be in play, otherwise my system would just crap itself with all the millions and millions of prims in any given direction looking around a scene, there is also EXCELLENT occlusion built in too. You can see in my short one min video here with the Diagnostics enabled (upper left corner) how many prims are around, and not bothering performance one bit, FPS is just above & left of the prims # its called Rate # I see in that article many things but no mention of LOD, other than the sentiment its mysterious in some areas due to still being in beta. And I have to laugh at the concurrency guessing, there is NO way to know how many people are in Sansar, unless your on LL staff, those numbers are not published anywhere. Only numbers available are on who is in a publicly accessible experience, and none of the people in Edit mode, which is most still at this point.
  13. How has Sansar solved this? I recently realized we do not have to upload LOD there, so its automatic, and absolutely imperceptible in game too everything looks perfect no matter how far away.
  14. Its one reasons I can really love conservatives, its like an automatic weather-vein map tool thingy, simply progress gayly forward in the opposing direction! ..usually... on occasion they can spot a real stinker early on. lol
  15. In the previous example I gave for that 3rd party Skyrim app, DynDoLOD, it generates and logically groups various LOD textures into excellent very performant Texture Atlases. Skyrim looks 1000% better because all the disparate mods added tend to have messy LOD and perform badly too, my game has almost 600 mods installed by many different people. Without DynDoLOD it looks a hot mess and has low fps. Texture atlases in this specific case were the perfect choice for LOD, more generally speaking they can do nice things in a lot of situations.
  16. Yes I agree, there has to be a good reason the textures are together, being related to one object, or group of objects that are all in view is a good instance I believe. They're not the most important tool in the chest, but can be of benefit to performance if used right, and even then, its not always worth it to bother for all situations.
  17. Yeah I am talking about object level atlases for the most part, they would require their own size limit rules, but it could be kept the same as now, so no quadrant can be more than 1024 size. there are a few other places atlases can be used, but its not a one size fits all thing for sure. To you other point, I am completely immune to other peoples judgments, for one its utterly useless, unless it pleases or uplifts you, or even challenges you in some constructive way. I am aware that harsh judgments coming from someone has psychological meaning for that person, its all about them, and how they perceive themselves, projected externally. I absolutely adore and love myself utterly, and thus this is how I see everyone else, I actually do love everyone, even if I might toss them up a bit from time to time heheh, but I do that to me too! Nobodys perfect... thats why humans are amazing and always evolving. I think Klytyna is fabulous! I have nearly pissed myself laughing at some of her remarks here and there, I can see through the toughness into the brilliance that she possesses, and I love it, I dont need her to be perfect, or to even like me either, thats not required for my enjoyment.
  18. I can hardly wait to start seeing all of these in the wild, it makes me want to go on hunts and explore, and its really inspiring my planned builds too.
  19. PNG is quite nice, but it will not bring over the alpha like the tga, you loose that channel if you save as png, which may not matter with all images of course. I use flaming pear too, its free and theres a bunch of nice effects in there, if you're doing an alpha mask and had not added margins in your UV bake, then it can save the day in one click to eradicate the white halo, and wont mess up the alpha channel either. Rolig is right Photoshop CC has great tga support, the only annoying thing about tga is there is no folder preview thumbnails in windows explorer natively, unless you use adobe bridge, which is a waste unless you really need such an app.
  20. Its got to be something in the weights, you could always look in the dae text file for something off , its basically simple structure to it. Else start another mesh and see if the same thing happens.
  21. damn, thats so strange, ive not imported avatars yet, I only just got Avastar a few days ago, have you tried Avastar? It has a LOT of features to ease this very situation built in, and its really cheap addon too for what it does.
  22. In the collada export in blender, you have to choose an Operator Preset, Every time you export, and you must choose the correct one, for this you're working on means you need to use the first one SL+OpenSIM Rigged. That could be the problem, hopefully because thats an easy fix!
  23. yeah that can be frustrating I know, im sorry it seemed like one of the troubles you were expressing was that one image where there was a gap between the body. Are you using the right export settings from Blender? There are two choices there, and it depends on your model which SL export choice to use. Also to apply rotation and scale before export too is important.
  24. My mesh body signature used to do that too a long time ago, but as they've done more and more optimizing over the last year plus, its stopped happening all together. You may need more properly optimized avatar.
  25. Very nice addon! I had to scratch using animated textures with my icosaspheres, thats the one limitation of them, ill have to rotate the sphere to animate it, because the uv. But its worth it to have a superior visual IMO, especially since we have animesh now to animate things much more smoothly.
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