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  1. This is also useful for finding spots that are active at the time you log in http://aditi.coreqa.net/gridtool.php
  2. I have to agree with that sentiment! I was lost when I decided to get into SL mesh stuffs, it wasn't until I found this forum that I was able to find bits to spur me on... and it is the Mesh that brought me back to SL after a long hiatus. I really appreciate your mastered ability to create low-lag optimized mesh builds, to me that is paramount, its not form vs function, its a combined paradigm... without optimal function, the form quickly gives way to lod/lag/hardware obscurity. I don't know if I will attempt to sell things or not, but I am obsessing over creating mesh and having a blast, so who knows? Maybe I will lol, it would be great to have my own sims or whole regions, and for this to at least partially fund that expanded creative/sharing space. For now I own some mainland double-prim lots in LL's newest lands, to test & push my skills, lol baby steps! I've built it up and ripped it down several times already before diving in to learn Blender better & create my own custom bits, im even taking some blender coursework, I want so much for it to be a good balance of quality, and low-lag/prim.
  3. Could it be that actually you have used it at least once in the distant past? I was away from SL for like 5 years, when I came back I couldn't remember my password and thus changed it, a bit later I went to try the beta grid and got the error. I sent in a support ticket, while I was waiting for a response I decided to try and remember my old password, and luckily did. Once I logged in that one time, it was then automatically set to use my new password. It might be worth it to try and remember your old SL password if at all possible, might be quicker than support can respond. They were super nice and helpful though, even helped me a bit later by syncing my inventory since all that loaded was my head lol, I was just a disembodied head testing mesh for a week or so waiting for it to sync. Good luck! I know as much of a perfectionist that I am there's no way using the main grid would work for me, Id blow countless thousands of lindens just testing every permutation I can contemplate.
  4. Does that mean you're not using the Beta grid to test mesh uploads for free? Just checking, in case you missed that bit somehow.
  5. lol, but Sansar is not too much like SL right? At least not anytime soon, or maybe ever, it wont have but a tiny fraction of the abilities and features, SL is mature, and will more likely benefit from back-porting some of the Sansar development than be replaced by it. To the OP, I would recommend the Zimberlab kits too, makes mesh mostly an in-world paradigm, and its all full perms. I have most of them but actually prefer using blender for constructing builds myself, I will mix in some zimberlab stuff here and there tho, love their doors, stairs, and the convenience of the wall kits for making interior floorplans and such. I built a bunch of different things with it before deciding to go 99% blender. Blenders toolset is awesome, you can squeeze out prim usage and have amazing control over details, baking normals for added detail, creating your custom LOD, and so much more. Good luck on your blender studies!
  6. Old password is what I had to do, then after using the old one once, the next time my new password was all that would work. You could also make an alt and use that too, which ive heard other folks do. After waiting over a week for support to respond I decided to try again and remember my old password and got lucky lol.
  7. There's another one I just love, you made me think of it because the "T" shelf is hugely improved among many other things. I've only recently started to play with it but got it last year sometime. Its actually awesome... the main component is free & supper useful, "Sensei Format with Zero brush lite", but his Zero Brush expansion is well worth the super cheap price & to support him in further developments. Hes got a new one called Alchemy ive not tried yet, it looks excellent too. Its definitely worth checking out if you've not seen it yet. Im so used to it now i never want to go back to vanilla Blender lol, in the new extremely powerful Blender 2.8 coming soon this will be even better im sure. " Sensei Format is a free addon loaded with hundreds of tweaks to simplify and enhance Blender" " Zero Brush transforms Blender into a powerhouse production studio taking all the grunt work out of painting, sculpting, material baking, normal map creation and more for both Blender Render and Cycles." https://blendersensei.com https://blendersensei.com/what-is-sensei-format/ https://blendersensei.com/zero-brush-1-5-cycles-bake-painting-is-here/ No, im not connected to him, nor do I make any money off him, I just love it lol.
  8. I saw a free script recently somewhere, maybe it came with some textures I bought or was looking at, it would align tile-able textures across multiple faces & objects (including the diffuse/normal/specular), it was more for walls and such, but regardless, it seems there's a scripting remedy; you just drop the script in and run, then remove the script as its not needed any longer. That said, their suggestions above seem far more prudent for your situation, but I wanted to add this in since I saw it recently and it may prove useful.
  9. Wow im so glad I found your series, thanks for sharing! Im getting back into blender lately and want to build some mesh buildings and such for SL, there's a million things to learn lol, its extremely helpful to find visual tutorials like yours relating to blender + SL Cheers!
  10. Oh I see you've figured it wasnt that, I was going to say ive had the Creator update for months since im on the insider preview program, I have not had any crashes in blender or elsewhere. If it keeps acting up I would suspect perhaps what Christhiana said about drivers, or worst case, hardware failure of the graphics card
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