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  1. How does one renew their account in advance to take advantage of the grandfathered rates. Also, how come the rates are not grandmothered. That would be much better.
  2. Sredni Eel wrote: Please tell me the pencil skirt and stiletto heels are a requirement for male avatars, too. Because I saw a really cute little number on the marketplace the other day... I am only considering applications from males, but as previously mentioned you do not have to be voice verified. Now tell me more about this skirt, would it happen to be silk? How does it feel next to your skin? Do not leave out ANY details. Also, do you wear glasses, because that would be so sexy.
  3. Do not listen to all this negativity. These people would complain about not enough free samples at an all you can eat chocolate shop. This sounds like a great gig. I want a piece of this action but believe in Adam Smith's principles of the market! I am willing to pay 300 whole Lindens for one week for the same thing. I do not need the voice part, and I am not so concerned about following the TOS. Logging in everyday is not a priority. Actually, I just need someone to fix my mistakes which, by the way, may require you to log in every day for 10-12 hours a day, but those are just details. Also, you need to wear a pencil skirt, stiletto heels, carry a pen and note pad at all times, and look good. My clients are very particular. Finally, no gum chewing/snapping. Please send a resume, large glossy photos, examples of playful, subtle banter with hints of sexual innuendo, and fabric swatches to me in world. (I am fond of higher thread counts.)
  4. I personally think that the SL physics engine is relatively good. In this case what matters is the percent change in the moment of inertia. Even if it is a small object a change in the position can result in a relatively large change in the moment. If you want to calculate your own moment of inertia you have two options. In either case you need to first calculate the center of mass. You will have to calculate a moment about each priniciple axis which you apply a torque or angular impulse. Then you loop through each prim and add its contribution to the moment of inertia around the respective axis. The more accurate way is to use the parallel axis theorem. This is made more difficult when you consider that the rotation of the prim needs to be considered when calculating its moment of inertia around a given axis. The other, less accurate way is to just treat each prim as a point mass. The second method is much easier to do. I have done it with small objects, and it works okay but not great.
  5. When you add prims to the build you change the moment of inertia. A high moment of inertia requires a larger torque to turn the object. The issue is that the moment of inertia is additive. You can find the total moment of inertia around a given axis by adding up the moments for each small mass. The moment of inertia for a small mass is proportional to the square of the distance around the pivot. So when you move a small prim away from the center of the build it can have a big impact on the moment of inertia of the object around one of the axes.
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