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  1. Heya. I'm coming back to SL and pretty sure everyone I knew is gone. I'll send you an IM in world.🐼
  2. Beautiful estate with 8 parceled homes on a lake view sim expertly landscaped by Roscko Cobalt. Visit our community, tour a unit, chill out at the Tiki Bar. All homes are 2000+sm, fully furnished AND allot 500 prims. View photos on Marketplace and receive a notecard and LM or visit us directly. This beautiful lakeside paradise has so many features that you just have to come to see it for yourself, guaranteed to take your breath away. Also known as Ruca Tease Rentals or Grand Haven Lakeview Community.
  3. The frustrating thing is that before web profiles, I could see anyone's profile. Now if they block it on the web, even if I am in SL, I can't see it at all.
  4. I don't know if this could be related but I am getting duplicate emails of IMs
  5. By the way, just because I leave a comment here does not mean that I want to receive emails of comments afterwards. Apparently that is the default setting because I did not choose it. Another example of LL making defaults that fit their needs as opposed to the users. I am starting to be convinced that LL has no respect for their current users.
  6. Dear LL, I do not like this at all. I agree with others: 1) It takes too long to load the profile. 2) The window opens with my friend's URL but then switches to my URL and loads my profile. #DEFECT! 3) I feel like I was forced to upgrade since I did not know about the "automatic upgrade" option. In addition: 4) When I relogged for the first time the default for automatic streaming music is on. I just don't understand why the defuault is on. It causes lag and crashing for me. 5) This is yet one more example of what I perceive as the incompetence of LL developers. Clearly you do not do any usability studies - if you do, clearly you pay no attention. Is there some overly ambitious executive on staff that is pushing this through before it is ready? 6) To others who defend LL and ridicule people's complaints - back off. Four seconds may be nothing to you but to those of us who are trying to multi-task and get things done in SL, it is a nuisance not worth any perceived benefit. 7) I find it hilarious that everytime LL releases a new feature it is in this voice of excitement - "like yay this is so great." Because we have been asking for it? NOT Hopefully Rod Humble reads this thread too.
  7. Personally, I do not reguard this as a valid demo of SL. This person is a spaz and should know alot more about what he is doing than what he showed here. He looks like some1 that never used a pc before. Some of his complaints are valid, but he does nothing at all to help himself. He claims all kinds of techie knowledge, yet he never went to the preferences. Actually this is why I think it is a valid demo of a potential new resident in SL. Most people probably wouldn't know where preferences are and some may not realize that would be an option. Most "potentials" will be familiar with video games either box or online. They won't understand that an elevator is not part of the world and should know not to close on him. I'm experienced and I don't like getting in elevators here LOL. Tricky little devils. I find the music blasting on at each arrival quite funny - assuming that is the default. Awful music at that (no offense to those who liked it). I also find it funny that he complains a lot about performance which is what I've seen many complain about in forums. Compare SL to WOW and well... you can't compare performance. We really need to look at the new user/potential user experience and answer the question - why would they WANT to remain in SL? I do not think we have yet succeeded in explaining that to new residents. Why would they WANT to be a premium member? Getting land and/or a house means little to them initially. There has got to be a better reason. Anyway, I'm overdue on my 2 cents.
  8. Hi Rod. Glad to see you are still reading. Do the developers at LL do focus groups to see the newbie experience? This is a great video that comments on SL from this ' outsiders' perspective. His issues are - "what's the point?" and "bad performance/graphics"
  9. Welcome Rod! I'm very encouraged to see your pics of experience in world. We're rooting for you!
  10. So for the sake of arguement, it would be safe to say your really not a stakeholder in the common good. You can come and enjoy everything but you don't really contribute to the going concern? First of all, can we just agree that we disagree? You think 'unpayers' are slackers and irrelevent and I don't. But in short, no, for the sake of argument it would not be safe to say what you do. For Rod's sake I will respond to your accusations. As an 'unpayer' I don't "contribute to the going concern;" (LOL) I contribute to the SL economy by paying tier on my parcel, holding a job, purchasing items including clothes, building materials, and household items as well as tipping djs, instructors, and other services. I care about the success of the 'common good'. I want this community I have grown to love (despite the idiots that inevitably exist here) to succeed. I would like to help retain new residents and grow the population and therefore the economy. I want my premium brothers and sisters to have their issues resolved. I want griefing, copybotting, and disruptive negative forces ridden from the grid just like you do. What I don't need or want to do is justify why I am not paying for a premium account. It's irrelevant. I hope that LL gets *accurate* statistics and demographics of Basic account members as well as track new residents for a period of time to see if they become premium members. I have several ideas about how to retain membership - I used to do this for a living. The first 30 - 60 days (at least in my industry) are critical and from what I've observed there are a heck of a lot of new residents just hanging around not knowing where to go. Who would want to pay for that? My apologies to everyone else for having to suffer this idiotic debate.
  11. Nope!. Basic members. 80% of that population are alts for accounts that already exist as paying or unpaying members. The fasted and esiest way to get rid of them is to not allow a basic member to have retained inventory or rez an object anywhere but an SL sanbox. No inventory, lower storage demand on the servers. No ability to rez anywhere and there is less debris scattered all across the grid and malicious scripted objects that take down sims drop by 90%. The simple truth is, and SL can verify this, if you are not a paying account with 30 days of coming here, you never will be. I guess that is something for you to look in to Rod! LOL Speaking as an 'unpaying member,' please don't get rid of Basic accounts or limit us to this kind of ridiculous restriction. (New residents would definitely not stay if that were the case and I think there are other ways to reduce the problems Galileo speaks of) I would think carefully about any solution dubbed 'fastest and easiest'.
  12. I don't know what the actual statistics are for Basic memberships but I doubt that 80% of them "are already members that use the accounts to circumvent rules." Perhaps you are referring to unverified accounts? Most new residents are going to sign on as a basic member - they are not necessarily going to pay at first. It would not be wise to get rid of free accounts.
  13. Welcome Rod! Your CV looks great. Do: spend lots of time in-world as an unidentifiable alt purchase land (under alt) and rent space to experience the challenges of premium account users compare alternate viewers ask hard questions DO NOT: listen to the propaganda allow your 'cabinet' (whomever that may be) to dull your instincts, enthusiasm, or innovation much like a certain president has done.
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