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  1. Thanks for breaking that cable, now I have no excuse to not deal with groceries. And, now I have an excuse to not be helping people in sl. 🙂
  2. No, actually, with dui I mean to have the ability to drag certain parts of the user interface outside of the second life window. Like drag the chat outside of the window ...
  3. When will you start to work on DUI (Detachable User Interface)? It is something I am certain many users would appreciate.
  4. I use Linux, (yes it's an ubuntu system because I'm lazy) but for me using the éèàêîôûâäëüïö signs is not a problem, is there a way for you to send us your firestorm.log after crashing? That way we can see what goes wrong. Well, the people smarter then I can see it.
  5. but I need coffee, I woke up because I need coffee, coffee!!! Coffee, coffee, coffee!! heheheh
  6. Deadly and Deadly drama have been down for about 2 hours now, so has Orwell, any idea when these sims will be back up? Should I just go to sleep or what?
  7. I just upgraded to lion and appear to not have any of the problems you all spoke off.
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