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  1. I cant hide my name tag so greifing would not be anonymous anyway. I was planning on wearing a small object connected to my avatar center and just hide my avatar. If you can still see my human shaped shadow then it defeats the purpose and ruins the effect. So I am forced to give up. Thanks everyone
  2. Thanks for the video, but The whole idea of having an invisible avatar will never work because I cant control other peoples settings.
  3. Well if there is no way to ensure that people wont see the shadow then I might as well give up because it will ruin the whole effect. Thanks everyone
  4. I'm using Firestorm. I have re-worn the alpha layer and the shadow is still there. I'm stumped.
  5. Turning off shadows wont stop other people with shadows enabled from seeing the shadow though.
  6. So I have a full alpha layer hiding my avatar but there is still a shadow being cast on the floor showing a human outline. Am I able to hide the shadow somehow without using an animation to stuff my transparent carcass under ground? I don't really want to use an animation because its not really stopping the shadow being cast when I fly or jump.
  7. BlueVioletVixen Lorefield wrote: I thought when you squared a number, it was that number times itself Correct! Length x Width = Area What you are quoting is the Area x Area. The size shown in About Land is the total area, and is not the length and width of the parcel. I noticed you also have a listing for a 1024 x 1024. This would actually be the area of 16 whole regions. If your 1024 m² parcel is square then it should really be 32 x 32. (32 x 32 = 1024 m²) A whole region is 256 meters long by 256 meters wide. (256 x 256 = 65536 m²) Common parcel sizes are: 16 x 32 = 512 m² 32 x
  8. How can your parcel be 4096 x 4096? That would make it bigger than a whole region! I assume you mean its 4096 m² thus making it 64 x 64 meters. Please correct me if I'm wrong
  9. So after trawling around the map recently I noticed an outcrop of mainland that looks to have once been bigger? (I circled it in red on the right)  Upon zooming in I noticed that it looked similar to another much bigger part of the mainland on the other side of the map. (circled in red on the left in the first picture) Spot the difference Interestingly even though the terrain has be terraformed and built on by their respective owners you can tell they were almost identical before the residents got their hands on the land.   Just a more zoomed out comparison of the two locations  So my
  10. I cant believe the performance of the viewer is still total garbage. Struggling to get a decent frame rate in built up areas with very decent spec's. My cpu usage is under 15% and my graphics card is only being used 30-50%. Still no SLI support for multiple graphics cards either. This really is a joke considering how long SL has been running. I would have expected a decent improvement over the years, not just a bunch of tiny UI changes. SL has such potential, but frankly I remain disappointed. Also whats with charging $1000 dollars to set up a region? Its a rip off. It only takes one person 5
  11. Hi all, I just installed the newest LL v2 Second Life 2.8.0 (236429) Jul 21 2011 13:12:25 (Second Life Release) and every time I click on anything in my inventory the whole viewer locks up for a few seconds. Expanding folders, right clicking, dragging items from my inventory onto the ground or my avi or to an objects inventory, if I try and wear an outfit the whole viewer stops responding! I have manually cleared my cache and settings from the app data folders (local & roaming) what's causing this? It was fine on the older version. Could it be something to do with LL making magic boxes r
  12. Well in the older version I had Lighting and shadows ticked in the develop menu so I could see my projected lights and I was getting 40+ fps in my club. I didn't have shadows on aswell, just the projected lights. After the update these options were added to the graphics tab in the prefs window (like kirstens viewer has had for ages). I ticked lighting and shadows and sure enough the light projectors rendered, but the fps was horrid regardless if I had them on or off. I was wondering if it has anything to do with the mesh code that's been added? If so then I DO NOT WANT MESH!!! I have no intere
  13. well my settings are identical in every way shape and form as the version before, yet my fps has taken a big hit. Even if i set my graphics to low (shudders) my fps still isnt as high as the last version was when my setting were on high! Is there an archive for the older versions of the viewer? i cant seem to see any in the downloads section.
  14. My FPS has halved with this update, the version before I would get about 35-40 fps stood at my home location, now I'm getting 16-20 fps with the same graphics settings. Has anybody else noticed this? Why is this and how do I get my much higher fps back without loosing any of the quality thay I am used to? Second Life 2.7.1 (232828) Jun 13 2011 17:32:54 (Second Life Release) Release Notes You are at 263,873.0, 233,551.0, 81.5 in Goryeo located at sim9063.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC BlueSteel Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @
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