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  1. I hope you take into consideration what is written here in this replies... Im not english or american so be patient with my wrote.. btw im in sl since march 2007, long time passed since that period of beautiful discovering, my peculiarity was art in sl and what is concerned to art and culture. Nowadays sl is a desolate land in comparison to what i found there since 2 years ago.. Culture has gone, all the hope has gone, and people interested on tech, art and culture has gone massively. what is good is that some OS worlds have given the possibility of choosing, and a lot of thematic worlds are happening to grow up facing all the tech difficluties and solving them day by day.So no return the way have been designed and you have to face it, becouse the future is coming very quickly and the os organisation is makig good progress day by day. Im sorry ,who has gone is very disappointed with LL becouse what is very clear is that there was not even a sip of interest about this in the LL Company. The disorganisation LL faced was supported by residents that had to afford the absurd encreasing of prices, and the educational were forced to go away. This is a real shame. Another point is the gap between the newbee and the active residents, you know what i mean, is very boring try to learn for a newbee and very boring trying to teach them, so there must be a LL lack in this... third point is the inventory, OS and the Stargates allow you to travel in other worlds with your inventory and buy something there also... Sl is a total jail.- So dear mr Ceo good luck, for now you have lost a lot of good people. Luce
  2. Welcome then please have a look into the no profit situation you are loosing all the artistic sims Second Life will be covered by Opensims running this way. I wish you can understand. Have a good stay ciao Luce Laval
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