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  1. Last Friday, a live concert I ran was griefed by particle bombs. I have discovered that the griefing HUD used is over 2 years old & is on open sale on Marketplace from at least three different sellers. There is even a promo video on Youtube. Informed suggestions are welcome. Thanks! PS In response to answers below, this particular HUD has no possible use or purpose other than as a griefing tool and it's not even thinly veiled ...... one seller's description in Marketplace says "12 VIDEOcrashers!!!attack,crash,spam Just choose the target" for example. There's no inworld store, it's just available via several different sellers on MP. The actual griefer we had who used this HUD I'm not interested in in this instance, he's had multiple AR's filed against him, it's getting this griefing tool removed from Marketplace and the inventory database.
  2. On the weekend of February 8-10 I ran a number of events for the relaunch of our Poppyport airport, marina & harbour, which is located on the Sansara mainland - see www.poppyport.com. At one of these events, but only one of them, we suffered the Sudden Massive Lag (SML) problem where the sim seemed to freeze for about 15-20 minutes. This happened on the Saturday night when Russell Eponym was about to perform at our marina arena. Russell is a very popular performer in SL, and his events can attract about as many as a sim can hold. On this occasion, however, we only had about 16 at the event - which I am inclined to put down to people not being able to get into the sim either initially or after relogging or being thrown out. This was also fewer than the closing party we had the following day, which nearly 30 attended. The event on the Saturday when Russell was due to perform was widely publicised through SL's Events Calendar, a number of groups, and on the internet thro our own website, both our Google Calendar & Russell's, and his fan club on Facebook. My conclusion is that SML was triggered on this occasion by everybody trying to tp into the same spot simultaneously, which the sim server could not handle. It is interesting also that the event on the Saturday night when SML happened differed from that on the Sunday night, since the Sunday night party actually had a significantly larger number of people who attended but fewer arrived by tp'ing at the same time - as many arrived by boat or plane at the end of a cruise and arrival times were more staggered. We have another performance by Russell Eponym planned at our marina arena for March 9th, and the question is, what can we do to prevent the same thing happening and the sim being hit by SML? All I can think of at the moment, is that we should try to stagger how and when people arrive, for example by giving out slightly different start times and also perhaps getting some people to tp into the next sim and then cross over by e.g. boat. Any suggestions would be welcome! The only other thing which crosses my mind is that, if it were possible to get LL to increase a sim's capacity for large events, that might be a useful thing and one people might be prepared to pay for.
  3. I run Poppyport Aiport in Sansara and would be interested in talking to you, Martijn. Sylvie Etoile
  4. This policy change has been badly thought out as to its ramifications and it is likely to affect all kinds of things - I find it extremely useful for perfectly legitimate reasons for example to know when somebody comes onlinje such as my partner or somebody I've bought something from I have a problem with. Will it also kill radar in SL? What about being able to see people via the Map?
  5. A Netgear wireless N150 ADSL router DGN1000 (as supplied by e.g. Orange in the UK) can be used to connect to Second Life if you change the multiplexing method in ADSL Settings under Setup in the router from VC-Based to LLC-Based. I tore my hair out for hours thinking it was a viewer or graphics card problem as I had just changed from Phoenix to the new official Firestorm release and was crashing all the time and being disconnected within a short period of logging on, before I realised that the problem was the router - which I had changed at about the same time - since I still had the same problem on going back to Phoenix or, indeed for that matter, trying to use an old portable version of Viewer 1.23! I then started googling and found the answer which, as far as I can tell, has solved the problem completely with no discernible negative side-effects. Update 030312: Since writing the above some time ago, I can confirm that this fix is continuing to work as stated.
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