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  1. Anfield Wardell wrote: Funny how those that say looks dont matter are the ones posting their best looking pics, depending on the topic posted every few days, evening dress, leather, etc lol Looks matter in rl and sl, no one ever dated or slept with anyone they didnt find attractive, well unless you were drunk, but that night doesnt count right? :-P You be surprised actually. Some people dont' have the choice on who they sleep or date with in RL due to the very same reason. Some people do get desepate when they rarely get the opportunity to do either. Anyway, I was mostly talking abou
  2. Looks don't matter to me in SL, as long as you not a jerk. I get along with you whether you're a furry, newb, or some freaking cow/human hyrbid. And trust me, most of the jerks I met were the usually pretty avatars. This is why I like helping the new people instead of dealing with some of the veterans. Although I do have a special perference with people who have original avatars instead of being in the usual human avatar. A vivid imagination of SL is what I like about it. For example, if a short fat guy and a generic blond female avatar with slutwear were standing next to each other, I w
  3. Marx Dudek wrote: "they stopped excepting pre paid cards? that is retarded!" It's not. Credit card on file is used as a means to presume that someone is an adult (and able to access Zindra and Adult-rated continents). As a pre-paid Visa debit card can be used by anyone of any age, continuing to accept them puts LL (and you, if you access adult regions) at risk. And pre-paid debit cards likely use a particular series of numbers. Just like a 4xxx number indicates a Visa, 5xxx indicates Mastercard ... one set of numbers (or more) in the sequence is reserved for pre-paids. Then couldn't t
  4. I personally can't stand the place. The place lags for me a lot even my monster computer. And don't get me started on sim crossing. Nevertheless, this isn't really a troll post; it has to be great since a lot of you people like it so much. Can you give me some reasons why? ^^
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