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  1. I posted on another thread about this same thing but I am glad several ppl have put screenshots to demonstrate. As result I have added ADblock to my browser (thanks to those who suggested it in both threads) but prior to that I did notice that the ads do not always show up!! The site does however have the placeholder spaces at the top and right side no matter what and that is a nuisance as well. My main concern (as mentioned by others as well), is that it is only advertising within the dashboard (logged in area) of the SL website and not the public areas. Just raised an alarm to me and I tho
  2. I couldn't agree more with what Madeliefeste said! I use the marketplace as a catalog to view and discover stores without the added hassle of the in world search, grid travel and the issues therein from day to day. But once I find something on MP I go visit the store itself to purchase. I also prefer to give the store 100% of its well deserved revenue. But in my opinion the MP is much more convenient, typically faster than rezzing an entire store (and walking it) and for the most part it is less difficult to find things via MP search than in world search. If the store does not have an i
  3. I agree - it slides my whole dashboard down about an inch and I don't like it. Not only that but I do not see it until I login to the website... this concerns me. If LL wants to plaster their public website with baloney ads then that is their business but from what I can tell they are not allowing these ads on their public website...just within the login area like the dashboard. I do not like this and I would like to be able to OPT OUT. While these ads may bring LL more change to juggle in their pockets I do not appreciate being marketed to while logged in to my dashboard. And as one person
  4. Ok thanks for the info - I had never seen an obj file in its 'raw' format so I wasn't sure how it worked. I figured all those coordinates represented vertices but I was not sure how to use that (never occurred to me to right click and save it which what I usually do anyhow). As for the mtl files, I was simply pointing out that they looked the same - I have no need for mtl files. I stated before, I am looking for the improved objs but the mtls are listed in the same place as well and I thought worth mentioning since the OP brought it up. But the link there "Improved Second Life avatar meshes
  5. Hello all, I know this is a late reply but I just went to the wiki ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clothing_Tutorials ) to download those cleaned up versions of the OBJ avatar models from Chosen Few and the link listed (Improved Second Life avatar meshes for 3D texture painting ) only sends me to a 'search' with no files there to DL. I then tried clicking on the links below which are also on the wiki: avatarSLMale.mtl avatarSLFemale.mtl avatarSLFemale.obj avatarSLMale.obj These are just lists of coordinates/numbers and I have no idea how I am to use these as obj or mtl files! Would someo
  6. Here is the info I got when I reported this same inaccuracy a few weeks ago (on this subject and some of the other filters). "Thank you for contacting Customer Support regarding an issue on the Second Life Marketplace. Search and sorting issues are known problems on the Second Life Marketplace web site. For additional information, please see the Second Life Jira Tickets, located here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3883 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4506 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3140 You may add your comments to those existing Jira Tickets. You may al
  7. In short the review I believe you are referring to violates TOS. By reviewing the following Second Life documents (as show below), I believe you can flag that negative review as it is libelous by throwing a slanderous accusation at you with zero proof. And I would definately add to your comment on the review as well - quite simply it violates TOS and is harrassing, misleading, libelous and defamatory without proof (if there had been proof then it should be been addressed appropriately through the proper channels and not in a marketplace review). BTW, I went ahead and added my comments to the
  8. *bump* cause everyone really needs to see this to get their issues reported! Thanks everyone for keeping this page up!!
  9. Darrius, I think many people agree that DD is an ambitious project - and if DD worked (or will eventually work) as it was reportedly designed it would be far superior to magic boxes. There is no doubt that it will solve many problems that have existed for some time. But the reality of DD right now is a serious marketplace problem far worse than what was happening prior to this date with magic boxes. It appears untested and rushed (even though we all know it was beta tested). And now merchants are faced with even more nightmarish headaches rather than a functioning system with some bugs (so
  10. I am with Josh on this one - not surprised by this massive implementation failure. Look at the LL track record on implementation and it speaks for itself. They must have the absolute poorest testing environment then allow changes on the fly without testing approvals or checks THEN all this crap manages to slip through beta?! Seriously piss poor testing. Tends to point towards them not actually testing anything they implement - it is like beta testing is a workshop for what works then they implement that along with a crap-load more code that is untested. IMO Second Life IS the test envirome
  11. Thanks Tatiana for the JIRA link - it is strange though that my relevance seemed to be pertinent until recently (at least when I looked at my own store - I can't say for the rest of marketplace except that is never seemed to fucntion correctly and I had heard that it was wrong but I had no way to compare results without knowing other merchants sales data). There is still remains filtering inaccuracies with the other filters that I had not seen happen before - and I had used these filters before with correct results particularly the pricing (on all kinds of marketplace searches) and alphabetiz
  12. Hi Zanara, If what you say is true now then default relevance in my store is STILL inaccurate as the items that are showing up first are definitely NOT the ones I sold today or yesterday or even the days before or during last week. According to LL this is relevance: "We keep our search relevancy formula private to prevent people from gaming the system. However, we can tell you that the formula includes: Average rating Past sales over a chosen time period Sales rank Search term matching" True or not that is what they say about it in the knowledge base (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Eng
  13. Mine is not reporting other people's items but if you see my recent thread - my filtering is mnot reporting anything accurately either.
  14. Hello, I have noticed in past week that search filters have gone crazy and are not reporting things accurately! Is anyone else noticing what I describe below: When I look at my store with the default relevance even that is not correct as my highest reviewed items and best sellers are placed randomly in the list. When I sort my own store by best selling it is showing my best sellers on the last pages! Try price sorting - I have price numbers jumping from 75 to 55 to 65 to 55 to 45 to 55 to 40.... highly illogical number sorting and the same holds true if you reverse the sort. I tried this with
  15. Thank you for the info, replies and links! I followed those links to the wiki (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Dash_Deal_Test_Program) which is what told me that the application program closed March 28th anyhow. Gee they can send us fashion show event junk mail, advertising for DashDeals but not email us to let us know that something has been flagged and de-listed, or reviewed or any number of important things. I read this as well: "We will be considering various factors when selecting the items to feature, including popularity of the product and brand on Marketplace and the potential to a
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