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    Being Ruthed

    thanks you!!! that actually helped completely!!!
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    Being Ruthed

    Hi everyone:) About a week ago I signed onto sl and noticed that I was a cloud, not for a few moments but for atleast a half an hour.  I was also having problems with my inventory but that was resolved.  Anways, I went under advanced>debug setting>so on and son and that worked but I had the funny brown hair which I have recently found out is called "Ruth Hair."  I was told to clear my caches (which I did), I also cleared the caches on my computer and my inventory went back to normal and now when I long on as long as I press control, alt, and r a few times I am a normal, happy avatar.  BUT, I recently discovered that when i got to my wearing column on my inventory i am wearing a "Ruth Base" which I never wore before and never even saw on my inventory.  Not sure if that's the reason Im a cloud when I first log in or what but I cant take it off. Can anyone help me understand why this is happening, how it happened, and how I can make it go away??? Thanks!!
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