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  1. Raimi after Ted Raimi after he played Joxer the Mighty on Xena: Warrior Princess, and I became intrigued with the actor (try to see every movie he's been in.) He usually plays characters that are clumsy, mean well in their deeds, and are different from 'regular' people in some way. Like me in real life. Syaka (from the list when it existed) because I wanted my avatar to be perceived as from Japanese animation, which I like to watch on rare occasion.
  2. Yes. It is set in the parcel. And they still cannot terraform. (Also, from my understanding now, the entire region also has to be set along with the parcel? I'd rather they not be able to change my region, only the parcel but it looks like I will have to set both?)
  3. Last I checked, in May 2016 setting land to group owned and giving the group members edit terrain permissions with the proper role was working. Fast forward to today, my group member cannot terraform the parcel even when they are in the group, under the role allowing editing of terrain, and is listed as owner of the parcel with the group set up for the parcel. No matter what I do, they cannot terraform their parcel (but they can terraform my entire island??) Has this group ability been disabled?
  4. "[...] lamenting how impossible it is to find a guy who doesn't look ridiculous, and looking for the "EJECT" button if he starts trying to chat them up." Tellaq avatars in particular scare the tar out of me. They look too thick, and greasy, and ridiculous. I love me a tall, slender, lanky-limbed guy instead with skin that doesn't look like it has been doused in cooking oil.
  5. Yes, check trash can. Calling cards end in there from removal.
  6. I see that you have found the forums! :smileyhappy:
  7. Thank ye, Ren, for answering and sharing your insight with me. Mine evolved, too. I never went around advertising freely my Asperger's, but recent events made me realize I needed some kind of disclaimer, so I added a new pick about it.
  8. That's an awesome blog post and got giggles out of me. I had to show my RL boyfriend and he giggled, too. I read your profile, too. I really like it.
  9. Aye, I feel my profile works for me in some ways. I hadn't really thought about it before as a way to weed out the 'wrong' sorts of people; it makes total sense, though. I learned my lesson recently that near-total compatibility is preferred to some-what compatibility. Many years ago, I simply had "Technical Difficulties" in my profile and got a few friends requests, regardless. I thought that was weird. So yeah, it does depend on the person reading the profile as to how they respond or not. /me grins. "Thanks for sharing your advice. I enjoyed reading that."
  10. So, I was thinking about profiles tonight and how I would compose this forum post. I re-did my profile after much thought - put emphasis on certain words and added new information. I think I got it to where I am happy with it. However, I wondered what information do people look for in profiles? What information makes you wanna even bother talking to in local chat or IM that person? What are some suggestions to making a friendly profile, yet, keeping it slanted to avoiding misunderstandings? I saw in another profile "I clean my list of people every [insert] number of weeks here that don't Keep In Touch." Is that a turn-off that would keep someone from not even bothering to chat with or IM with in the first place? Are Do's and Dont's lists a no-no/turn-off? (I would think people would appreciate Role-play information and limits, though?) Would "you can only contact me *if*" be counterproductive? Or should there be boundaries set in the profiles? Or, should that be spoken out about over the course in real time? Is that why some people can't be bothered to read profiles, because they don't care about all that and only go after the avatar? I tend to prefer it if there are criteria in profiles that would lean me toward wanting to contact and would lean me toward not wanting to contact. Some things simply do need to be spelled out - such as with what I experienced myself recently, which is why I updated my profile and added what I feel necessary information. I'm not trying to be a “cantankerous person,” I just need to basically protect myself, but I want people to still feel comfortable contacting me. I had no trouble before with friend requests but I did add more information and fear it would taper off. Am I shooting myself in the foot by warning people about my preferences for contact ahead of time before possible conflicts begin? Apparently My profile has been labeled moderate, so only those that have those settings can see it, I think; is that how it works? ((I am rapidly losing focus, as exhaustion finally hits me so I won't be able to promptly respond to any suggestions and advise and such, but I will read them! and ponder responses when I am more Alert!))
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