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  1. A friend has given me map rights for certain. On the dashboard, his name shows in green and I can see where he is in world and be able to go there. Occasionally, his name will be black and there is no location information. I then check what the viewer says. On his profile, I select find on map. The map will say “Unknown Region.” Why is this issue happening?
  2. Thank you for pointing me to the script. I still couldn't figure out why the problem was happening, so I put the new script in instead and it worked great. I have informed the creator of the hair of the issue.
  3. (I did use the all prims option when resizing, not the this prim option - maybe they got mixed around somehow.) Thanks y'all. I will try out the suggestions. I will also inform the creator what is happening. Edited to add: Actually, there were no options for "all prims" or "this prim" in the resizer. I was remembering wrong and thus was incorrect in what I posted. Tried suggestions but still confused on it. I did put the new script in it and it worked, excellently.
  4. I purchased hair from *insert company name here*. I tried out the demo, resizer worked so great, I purchased the full version. Sadly on some of the hair color variations included in the box, the resizer did what is pictured in the image attachment above. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone else know what might cause such an issue where some of the prims balloon out larger than the other prims when using resizer? It is a mystery to me why one color variation hair with resizer would work great, but another color variation hair with resizer included would not work the same. I love a good mystery but this one I cannot solve. Could the script become corrupted if like used in too many objects or something?
  5. :matte-motes-nerdy: Thank you; they are perfect!
  6. I have tried to modify/resize/reposition female high heels for one of my male-shaped avatars without success. I am looking for either sculpt or mesh high heels in the color red that are made while using the male shape rather than the female shape so the shoes will fit male feet size zero.
  7. Furnication at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furnication/202/183/2000 It is an everyone-welcome club (I really only go to furry-and-human friendly clubs) that is a dance club that has a wide-array of music depending on the DJ at the time; some specialize in electronic (trance) but I have been there where DJ plays popular music and one in particular that specializes in comedy music. Nudity is very much allowed as is elaborate costumes. Don't let the name trick you. It is not a complete sex place; it is allowed there and they have escorts, but I have never seen anybody doing public sex role-play since it opened last year. There is a mixture of dancing people and stand-arounds; it also has cuddle couches and the like. There is a spinning disc there that one can dance upon. I go there a lot and have never received any flack for being whatever I choose to be at the time. There is also Club Body Shots, another place that has never given me any flack for being furry, elf, human, demon, whatevers. They are quite friendly and a bit on the humor side. It is mostly active (not "popular" but we have our regulars), but that being at night, with a bit of contests. The slogan is: Here at Club Body Shots, where every/any thing goes, even the clothes. Club Body Shots at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Moon/83/62/12
  8. Okay. Thanks for the information and the warning.
  9. I am looking for two particular dances. A friend of mine said he got them from some friends of his, but he changed avatars and lost the dances. The two dances are "Too Much Fun" and "Happy Feet." If anyone knows who might have them, that would be great. I am also looking for the gesture that goes, "Let's get naked and pretend we're in a video game."
  10. Ah, thanks, ya'll. I wasn't sure. I'll get one of the collars, then.
  11. I have already checked Marketplace and OpenCollar locations in the game, and I cannot find a leash. I found a leash "holder" but I need an actual leash. One sees them around on other avatars all the time but I cannot find one for sale. I've already been directed to a few places but they don't have leashes - only collars. If anyone knows of a place that for sure has leashes, that would be great.
  12. Thanks, ya'll for the help. Looks like my club is saved and will still be around. However, I shall check out the places and landmarks that I've been given. It's always nice to go to and discover new places. I have many avatars of all kinds and a good lot of them are human so that's why I was seeking furry-and-human-friendly. I also like to be nude on Saturday nights; it's like a tradition! Also, RL booze. It's not Saturday night without those two things. ^^ People ask, "Where did you put Raimi?" when those two things are absent.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew of a club or hangout that is Furry-AND-Human-friendly and Maybe also allows nudity. (Nudity is Not a requirement but it would sure be nice.) A club that fit the bill is going away in July so I have no where else to go, currently. Any help in finding a new club where "everyone is allowed" would be appreciated.
  14. I have tried clearing the cache, but it didn't fix the following problem: I was going through my list of clothing, when I noticed some of the icons changed from clothing icons to an icon that appears to be a short and a tall person standing side by side. *shape icon* When I try to wear the article of clothing, NOTHING happens. The article of clothing simply doesn't show on my avatar, at all. I'm assuming it's because of the change in icon, they have corrupted into a shape. Why have my clothing turned into shapes, where they don't act like clothing anymore? Is there any remedy other than clearing the cache? I am using the latest Viewer 2. Thanks for reading this.
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