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  1. Haven't posted in over a year... but here is my newest picture.
  2. valerie Inshan wrote: This is a beautiful picture Serena. Lovely dress, lovely shoes, lovely everything! :smileyhappy: Thank you Valerie
  3. A picture I had taken for a contest about "Spring time"... so it fits perfectly with this thread.
  4. Venus Petrov wrote: When I discovered purple eyes I was like 'OMG..PURPLE?!?!?' however, on some avatars it looks great. Yours is one. Thank you Venus... I agree that some of the purple ones are just a bit much, it's why I like the violet ones a little better. :smileytongue:
  5. My eyes are Eye Candi - Reflections II in Violet. Purple is my favorite color... so I from day one I've had some sort of purple eyes.... but have settled on these for the past year or so. I only change my eye color when I change my complete avatar for an event or whatnot!
  6. Alright, just took this one to upload on the good ol' Vanity Thread >.< I had just purchased the gown and figured it would look splendid with my tiara!
  7. These are the current shoes that I am wearing. Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine in Red & Nude.
  8. I don't have a premium membership... I have thought about upgrading but really not sure the weekly stipend would be enough for me (the way I love to shop) LOL. I may, one day, decide to go that route... but for now I just purchase L$ when I need them and I have my own home already. Oh, and I do treat her to the best SL has to offer.... of course, I am always looking for more places to spend my L$. >.<
  9. My favorite hair, hands down... is Truth hair. Of course, I tend to shop for it through his blog/marketplace. Currently I am wearing Diana because it looks good with the Fedora I am wearing.
  10. The pictures are of my living room, the outside of my house... and me on my swing. I bought this house because it fit within my prim limit and it was fully furnished (except the swing LOL). It's just a little something to call home.
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