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  1. In addition to looking at the sample scripts at Sirena, I'd strongly suggest visiting The Particle Lab at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Teal/180/74/21 There (in the sandbox area downstairs) you'll find free OS sample templates for a wide variety of effects and triggers.
  2. Blondin Linden wrote: I think that's a VERY important feature and one I hope that people recognize. I remember how excited everyone was when Phoenix launched theirs but some were upset and felt a bit violated that other could see that in such a way. Its a great step forward. On the other hand, given the anatomical excesses some people already perpetrate with injudicious use of the sliders, I'm not sure how visually appealing the results of their experiments with wobbly bits body physics are going to be when applied to the body shapes they presumably think are attractive.
  3. Is there a way of making the synchronisation exact between two or more linksets? I agree that animated textures are the best way to do it, for all sorts of reasons, but even if you try to start them all at the same time, with llRegionSay, I think the sim still turns them on one at a time, and there almost always seems -- at least when I try -- to be a slight but noticable delay. Other methods suffer from exactly the same problem, of course.
  4. Since Adult Content policy made paid adverts very ineffective for Vesta and me, we've been forced over the last year or so to come up with alternative marketing methods, which work pretty well for us, and I'll need a bit of persuading these targetted ads should make much of a difference to how we're now doing things. On a related note, I've noticed that the Marketplace, by default, now shows me items from all maturity levels when I visit it, and has done for the last few weeks. Is that because it's at last remembering my settings from the last search, or is it using my in-world settings, or what?
  5. Oh, I see. I think. As is so often the case, these things seem a lot simpler after you explain them, Void. Am I right in thinking, then, that, at its simplest, the "target" rotation llRotLookAt wants, if I want to point the prim's positive x axis towards a position on the sim, is something like llRotBetween(<1,0,0>,llVecNorm(targetPosition - llGetPos()));
  6. There was this famous in-world prosecution, of course: http://honour-mcmillan.blogspot.com/2010/08/rough-justice-in-second-life-emerald.html ETA -- I've just seen your comment about your friend -- SL "litigation" is meaningless, I'm afraid. No decision is enforceable by anyone.
  7. I've got a sculpted prim, a heart, which has the heart's flat faces on the Y axis. If I'm making a physical follower with it, that floats over my target's head, how do I get a flat face pointing the same way my avatar is looking? I get very confused by llRotLookAt, I'm afraid .. I don't really understand what the wiki's explanation that it causes the "object to point its forward axis towards target" means when target is a rotation, let alone what rotation I need to be calculating in this context. The position at which I want to point my prim's x axis, I think, is a point at <targetPos.x, (targetPos.y +1.0),myPos.z>*targetRot. But, assuming that's right, I'm really not sure how I do that with physics movements.
  8. You don't need -- assuming you're scripting the whole thing -- to use a separate script just to reset all the other scripts in the linkset. Just have, in your menu options, something like else if ("Reset Scripts"==msg){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,"",msg,""); llResetScript(); } and in all the other scripts, link_message(integer sender, integer num, string str, key id){ if("Reset Scripts"==str){ llResetScript(); }}
  9. You could do it with just one timer, I think. Have the monitoring unit acquire the target's uuid by using a sensor or a listen when you initially set the system up, and then have the monitor periodically check llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(target,[OBJECT_POS]),0) No need for the object whose position we're tracking to do anything after the monitor's grabbed its uuid, I think.
  10. Thanks so much for dropping a copy on me, Dora. That's clarified a lot of things for me, and I hadn't thought things through properly. Of course, when I want to swim upwards, I'm going to have to hit PgUp, which will start me flying if I'm not flying already. Silly me!
  11. leliel Mirihi wrote: I posted that here yesterday. I guess most people have me muted. ETA -- Oops.. I see what you mean. I saw the news over at SLU, which I look at far more frequently than I do these forums, and updated my thread without bothering to see if it had been posted elsewhere. Sorry. ........................................ How odd. It's not showing for me, and neither did it come through on the rss feed I have for this thread. All I can see is your original reply, of March 23, to my post and this one.
  12. Oh, my! According to Hitomi Tiponi, who generally knows what's what in the V2 development world, we can expect "Bouncing Breasts, Belly and Butt arriving in Viewer 2 soon" She writes, The latest Snowstorm development downloads have these avatar physics settings in them. Expect an exodus to Viewer 2 and Viewer2-based TPVs to really start now!
  13. What I've been asked to make, though, is an attachment, so the person wearing it will start swimming automatically as soon as he or she is in Linden water. So rezzing an object and sitting on it, while a good solution in general, won't meet the requirements in this case. I have pointed out that it would be far simpler to use an AO that knows to play a swimming, rather than flying, animation when you're "flying" underwater, but apparently that's very much second-best as far as one particular RP community is concerned.
  14. My problem is, though, Darkie -- or at least I think it is -- that if I simply replace the walk anim with the swim anim when I'm under water, I don't see how I can swim down towards the seabed or back up towards the surface. Won't I just carry on at the same depth until I encounter an obstacle? My ZHAO switches to swimming anims if I'm flying and under water, and I can see how it does that, but what I've been asked to make is something that obviates the need to switch to flying when you find yourself submerged.
  15. Someone's asked me to make a device that has them automagically swimming when they're under water, and as far as I know -- I would be delighted to be told I'm mistaken -- there's no way with either the standard viewer or RLV for a script to turn on flying. So, I can find out if I'm under water or not, using llWater. If I am, I can over-ride the standard walk animation with a swimming one (and "stand" with treading water, I guess). But I'm a bit at a loss how best to make myself float or swim. My initial thought is that I'd do something with llSetForce to make myself weightless (that seems more straightforward in a hud than trying to use llSetBuoyancy, though I may be mistaken), and then use control events to "swim" in the appropriate direction (or up or down, of course, by altering the force parameters. Is this a sensible way to proceed or am I off-beam?
  16. The first example under "Useful Snippets" in the wiki section to which Rolig directed you," Generic Multi Notecard reader by Brangus Weir," does, it seems to me, exactly what you asked about -- reads a list of names from a card called "One" into a list called "gOneCard", and then finds a card called "Two" and reads the list of names from that into "gTwoCard", and then finds a card called "Three" and reads that into "gThreeCard". All you need to do, to my mind, with that script, is alter the bit of the user function there, initialize (string _action), to do what you want when the script has finished reading the three cards. That's the bit, else if ( _action == "finish"){ // read out all the lists to prove it works } Change it to something like else if ( _action == "finish"){ llOwnerSay("Right, read the cards; let's boogie"); state running; } and then open your listens and so on in state_entry of state running. I'm a bit confused by the title of your post; you can't, unfortunately, have a listener that listens listen to all uuids on a list and to no one else. You have to set up a listener on the lines of list my_list;default{ state_entry(){ llListen(99,"","",""); //listen to anyone on channel 99 } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){ if(~llListFindList(my_list,[id])){//if the uuid of the person we heard from is to be found in my_list //then do stuff } else{ llInstantMessage(id,"Sorry, "+name+",but you aren't on my list so I'm not listening to you"); } }}
  17. If it's legal to gamble anywhere in Holland, I think attempts to stop Dutch residents gambling with online gambling places licenced and owned elsewhere in the EU would very rapidly be challenged in the European Court under the competition policy.
  18. I see. But legal gambling sites -- people like Betfair or Paddy Powers or Richard Branson's Virgin Casino -- are OK?
  19. Madeliefste Oh wrote: It has not much to do with SL, Vick. Fred Teeven want to earn more money for the government by allowing 'controlled gambling'. Now he needs some measures to get rid of the competition from sites abroad. 'But the aim is to allow playing Poker in 'sportkantines' and such. See also: NRC_TeevenPoker But that would be completely against EU competition law, wouldn't it? And I find it difficult to believe anyone is going to get away with blacklisting -- or even try to -- most major European banks.
  20. Try https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/L$_Marketplace
  21. The new payment system has been in operation since late last year -- November, I think -- so if people with bank accounts in The Netherlands haven't had problems so far, I don't think they're likely to start now. The only problem I (in the UK) have had is not being able to use PayPal for new alt accounts -- I've had to use my Visa debit card -- though my existing payment arrangements have been unaffected. See the Local Payments FAQ for more details. Note that Dragonfish, the payment processors, aren't a gambling website. They are owned, though, by 888.com, who are. But Dragonfish themselves are just payment processors. So it would seem to me that any ban imposed by the Dutch government would catch payment arrangements set up through Dragonfish with particular sites rather all payment arrangements Dragonfish make. After all, I could set up payment arrangements through Dragonfish with Paddy Powers if I wanted, but those would be completely separate from my payment arrangements with LL.
  22. What are the vectors involved? Since you mention distances over 4km, I'm wondering if you're going up to somewhere near the altitude limit and if that might be an issue. I'm using posJump to get around my sim, though only up to 2,500 metres or so, and haven't noticed any unusual issues recently.
  23. Thanks, Blondin. But what I would like to do, if it's possible, is to follow threads in which I've not participated, watch for new threads and so on. There are RSS feeds -- or appear to be -- for this forum that would apparently let me do that, but they none of them seem to work. I have, though, managed to subscribe to threads elsewhere in Forums this way -- in fact, I prefer that way of keeping up to having stuff end up in my email. ETA -- the relevant option seems to be lacking on this board, though, even though it shows up on the address bar in my browser:
  24. I agree. Whatever the grievances, real or imagined, that have caused the person to keep on coming back with alts to harass people, the fact that he or she has now engaged in this sustained campaign of harassment presumably means that the OP now wants nothing more to do with the harasser. I certainly wouldn't.
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