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  1. I can no longer find the option to sell Linden Dollars on the Exchange/Marketplace, I see only the option to buy. I have seen no notice that the ability to sell was being taken away. Is this permanent, or temporary? If this is permanent, then my incentive for building, scripting, or doing anything, in second life, is no longer valid. What a sad end to what was such a great idea... a virtual world in which people could create virtual goods to sell for real profit in the real world. Mean people at Linden Lab took away the casinos, then the music, then the jobs... now there is no money, except for the very high priced 'virtual' money that has no value except what Linden Lab says, and it can change to suit them without notice. Now Second Life is just a high priced virtual world with no games, and no people.
  2. Answer: This question plagued me for 6 months, and could not be answered by support: While Second Life passwords may use special characters, the Contact Information web page does not recognize special characters. If you need to change your contact info email address, and you use special characters in your password: change your password to remove/replace the special characters with normal letters FIRST. Then change your email address. After you have changed your email address, you can then go back and change your password back to your more secure password. Enjoy your Second Life :)
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