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  1. NO matter what action I try to implement, as soon as I get into edit and click to start editing, I crash straight to desktop. Does anyone know a work-around for this bug?
  2. I feel so dumb, asking this but.. that My Second Life page that we access from our Dashboards -- How the heck can I upload a snapshot to there? I see them there all the time, but can find no menu or command to put my snaps there! Thank you, both of you.. My problem was that I was not seeing 'feed' in the menu , it isn't readily apparent.. but clicking on my name caused it to show, and the snaps I'd sent to my profile feed were right there! Thanks!
  3. Circe Broom


    It wasn't our browsers, folks... It was Linden Lab not having the info available; some glitch in their software. It's back now. It was quite frustrating not to have that info from the dashboard; even Events didn't load. I'm glad they fixed it.
  4. I tried to set my view in Preferences but that doesn't work.. I've tried every setting there I can, and my view always defaults to TOO CLOSE and OVER my head, either behind or in front or side, whichever of those views I had, but always too close and always overhead. I want to see straight ahead and from behind my avatar.. and not so close. Please help!
  5. You'll probably hear this a million times over, but it is a valid fix: Clear your cache and relog. If you return in the same condition, use one of the MY OUTFITS complete outfits, try to put that on.. OR go to your library and use one of the newbie complete avatars - put it on. Once that is done, you can go get your chosen shape, skin and hair from inventory. (and your clothes as well
  6. Check this out: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_play_streaming_music_in_Second_Life
  7. Has anyone suggested that you clear your cache before logging in? It might be as simple as that. Go to preferences and clear the cache, shut the viewer, then bring it up again and login.
  8. Hello all.. I am usually a forum lurker, but wanted to try out this new setup. So far, it looks okay, maybe better than before.:smileyhappy:
  9. As someone profoundly interested in the arts, I find the addition of Rod Humble to our family to be a ray of hope for our future. Welcome to this universal community, Rod! The written word, the music, the graphic arts - and so much more; this is SL!
  10. I just went back to my dashboard, and it is using my display name! And my partner's display name is in my friends list - but they do not show inworld, on my sim, as they did earlier today.
  11. I got 2.3, added my display name, it looked great -- and then, this evening I was forced to download a newer version --- and display names and the means to add them are missing! What is that all about?
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