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  1. For the other half of TUFF: Product Searches Views Sales Price 1 9 8 1 3 Home & Garden 2 24 6 1 1 Vehicle 3 20 6 1 1 Home & Garden 4 15 8 1 4 Home & Garden 5 44 9 1 5 Vehicle
  2. The only thing that is bothering me is Chrome crashes when replying in a thread, having to use firefox instead.
  3. The filter fails again, would have thought it would pick up on 'erotic' and marked it something higher than general. I only search under general and have no wish to see images like this floating around.
  4. I found that any changes I made to my nVidia card, I had to relog sl in order for the changes to take effect. Was much easier in 2.1 when you could allow the prg to control it. I did try relogging after any change in the driver, I'm using an ATI/AMD card though, latest generation.
  5. I'm disappointed that instead of fixing the antialiasing problem, it was just greyed out. I can't even get AA to work, enabling it in the viewer makes my HUD and name tags disappear, and enabling it in the driver doesn't do anything at all. Otherwise it's a nice viewer
  6. Seems random, my partner just tried it and nothing. And he said it was unlisting other listings too.
  7. I think the only way to remove the item from the new marketplace is to first unlist the item and then delete it from the magic box, then a delete button should appear.
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