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  1. So isn't everyone's avatar a work in progress... it's something to spend the rest of your life perfecting. Always it strikes me the differences in avatars over real life bodies. You can spend the rest of your real life perfecting an avatar when in real life your judgement and bodies both are forever changing, and neither last for as long as you might expect. We have ultimate control over our avatars and can spend hours and hours tweaking them to perfection. Like a mechanic tinkering with an engine to achieve the most optimised performance, until at some point realising that they will never be satisfied. How many times have you created your avatar and decked out all of your outfits with your new appearance to make it quick and easy to jump in and out of costumes with your most recent body-shape, hair and accessories. Only to change something and have to update the outfits once again. We wouldn't do this if we didn't love the availability of the opportunity. So for now - I've got my look - but for how long...
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