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  1. Hi everyone-I hope someone can help me out with this. I bought a full perm mesh blouse and I built a HUD to change the textures. I have done this before with many other creations so I am not a total noob. However I am stumped on this particular issue. This blouse is belted and has 5 faces in total. One of which happens to be the buckle of the belt. I have followed my script to the letter and every other button on my HUD works-except for the buckles. The buckle face is number 5 yet it gets picked up by the cloth faces which are 1, 2 and 4. So every time I click on that hud button to change the cloth faces only, the face for the buckle changes as well. But it doesn't work if I push the actual buckle hud button. Anyone know why this is happening? Is this a question for the creator of the mesh item that will require them to fix? I have tripple, quadrupple checked my script-had someone else look at it too. It's all written correctly and the faces on the mesh item are also identified-at first I thought the buckle might also be included in the cloth faces but every time I use a face number script on the mesh object it tells me the buckle is on a different face (5). I'm at a loss here! Any help, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Not sure where questions regarding the marketplace go but this could be a technical error so going with that. I am in the process of updating my SLM store and have encoutered this message when I try to list some items : Product state not changed It won't list them no matter what I change or not change from the listing. All required fields are filled in and pictures uploaded etc. I saw an old thread with this same issue from back in May-it is now in archives so I couldnt post to it. If anyone has any updates on this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Obviously it looks like it still hasn't been fixed but if anyone knows anything that can help please share. Thanks! -Ange
  3. I think that's La Perla Old Italy. you can find it in the showcase under photogenic spots.
  4. thanks guys for your input, however the information on the sl wiki for the sn for linux is outdated. HAL isnt used anymore far as I know and I am also not using drivers from the manufacturer. The issue isn't the driver as it works fine outside of SL. I can use it on blender without any issues and it is recognized immediately as what it is when opening any of the sl viewers. (turns on blue light) The problem is that even after it is detected and enabled in preferences it still doesn't work. So I am at a loss here. I have been googling this all over the place but so far no answers. Will keep looking..thanks again! -Ange
  5. Fluffy Sharkfin wrote: Apologies if this is just stating the obvious, but have you made sure you're in flycam mode? There's some information pertaining to the space navigator on the flycam wiki page, it may be worth checking that too if you haven't already. thanks Fluffy, but actually doesnt work in flycam mode either. I know it works in blender and it even lights up blue as soon as I open any of the viewers, but after that it just wont budge. I have enabled it, set the default sn settings, did the same thing on multiple viewers and nothing happens. Doesnt move an inch.
  6. Hi everyone, I am hoping someone out here has the answer to my problem. I am trying to get my space navigator to work in second life but for the life of me I am stuck and cant figure it out. I am running Linux Mint 11 Katya. I got the SN to work on blender so I know the proper drivers are installed and working. I can also get as far as the SL viewer detecting it, however after that-nothing. I can't get it to move a thing. I have tried it with the official sl viewer, phoenix and firestorm. Only get to that detection point and then nothing. If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed from this point or possibly a solution to this it would be awesome. Thanks very much! -Ange
  7. thanks Suella! sure wish I had found this post before i spent some time tinkering on my own cropping and resizing though..lol should have this info directly in the community help area..thats where I went for help..really should of known better..lol
  8. would of been so nice to have them list the proper sizes so we wouldnt be fiddling so much with resizing and cropping -looked around for that and no where to be found. Just had to experiment and see what worked..in the end I noticed every single image I brought up and saw on the 'preview' for the badge had actually uploaded and was in my images page..lol I deleted all my trials and errors..hehe
  9. as far as security goes to protect your goods I am not entirely sure anything truly works-people who are bent on stealing and clever enough will find a way I believe. I just have to accept that, take the proper care with the controls I am given for my land and trust that my customers are honest until they prove not to be. I can understand the need for a security device in your personal home-keep off intruders and the likes and there are many out there that do a proper job without taking names and keeping a cross reference list off world. Using a system that passes itself off as security and not informing your customers and taking your information is plain wrong. I think they know this-surely anyone with a security system would scream it loud and proud to scare off the griefers. A lot of stores have lost my business over this whole issue. I dont have anything to hide, but it certainly doesnt mean I will give up my privacy to anyone. Just last night, my partner and I went shopping (he is a big spender here..well was) and still finding these systems in place has caused him to stop putting money into SL. When a business that normally sells items above the 3K range turn off their customers with these devices I have to say they are definitely loosing some business.
  10. for me it varies-it can be anywhere from a few hours per week when I don't have events or new releases to over 40 hours per week on top of my rl job. Very little is spent with customer interaction-mostly in creation and building. I can be a bit of a workaholic I've been told..but I love doing this! That said I can easily be a slacker too and fall into a rut..just depends how inspired I am to create and I also have a pile of laundry calling my name.. *sighs*..
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