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  1. As someone who plays SL on my atari (it had better FPS than my toaster), I too am deeply upset by this. I'll de-render everything I see that isnt a non "mesh" avatar circa 2010. It might not effect my performance, but it's the point of it! Finding enjoyment in things on a video game is not what I log in for. /s In all seriousness, when I got into the early stages of bento, when it was just a handful of people, I'd been invited to make use of it for pets. But quickly, I saw thats not what it was meant for, and while possible, it couldn't be done without a lot of um, adjustments. This is what I'd brought up though, and what I really pushed for, so I am so happy that some lindens were out there thinking the same thing. I don't love that its using the SL skeleton, thats just more complication than is necessary, but it's a step int he right direction, assuming they fix the mess of LI. As it is, people will stick to the old way or risk sales. This is coming from talking to other top pet creators, while we don't speak for everyone, I do think its good to put opinions out there so its known that established people are thinking this way.
  2. Hi Ebbe and your fellow Lindens! So two questions, I spoke with fellow creators and a few others with invested interest in sl like me! We were working out ideas (think of it like fantasy football with out all the sportsing) for things that might be beneficial to boost the amount of land purchased in SL. I know our current system is hugely flawed, and its probably hard to change it because it's been so ingrained now for 12 years. But would the lindens consider ever offering a fourth type of sim? one that was considerably cheaper and could be purchased as both mainland and private? The idea was a social sim, the same prims as a regular sim, with the caveat that no business, gaming, or residential could be on it. It would be a sim purely for emmersive roleplay, parks, art, and other social settings. While privately owned and ran (think of how current rp sims are managed), they would have to stay totally open to the general public. I know the idea is kind of simplified, for lower cost, in addition to business, skill gaming, and residential sims, we could see a lot more fun sims to add to the experience. As it is now, a lot of these sims are short lived, or they have to be attached to a business. My other question was about project sansar, first let me say I love the idea of a tax, and lower land for residents and new users. I want new users to have a more affordable experience that will keep them around longer. But I was told a lot of quotes from reddit ar actually wrong about the 5% tax. I was curious if you guys know the number yet? I'll admit I'm alittle afraid of Sansar going the route of IMVU and gauging too high for it to be profitable for both creators and LL. Thank you for reading Tyr Rozenblum ADDED: 1. I was curious also about the possiblity about morphs and head sliders. With the growing popularity of mesh bodies and heads, I was wondering if we would ever get to use the head morphs/sliders in the future? It would probably benefit head creators, as well as those wishing to have a little more HD experience. 2. Animated mesh: I know that I have helped contribute to many users fall im frame rate (sorry guys you know ILU), doing mesh creatures with my partner Nina. The problem is saving frame for frame and over lapping mesh using alpha is just, not a responsible way to do things. Yes we still do it, but its the only way to have any kind of animated pets and animals via mesh. Is there plans in the future to add ACTUAL ways to do animated creatures? You know without killing your friends and loved one's frame rate.
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