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  2. That's a great image Caitlin. My little bit for today: Sunrise in front of the church.
  4. If you're a furry, search for a place named Luskwood, and ask around there for assorted community resources.
  5. Something not as pretty. In a crowd of 68 avatars on the London City sim, topping 20 fps on Viewer 3. 30 fps when I turn off the effects used for this image. Poor person behind me using Phoenix was complaining they couldn't wear their clothes or even move... Gotta love the official viewer, and feel sorry for folks on old stuff. Incongruent Truths lighting effect, shadows and ambient occlusion, and running around on a FULL sim. This place seems to have a higher limit than the usual 40.
  7. Having a LOT of fun with the new avatar. This alt has been neglected for a LONG time, so I had to a lot of shopping once it finally had an avatar I liked... And here's another image. Morning in muy house boat: No postwork other than a resizing / cropping the far left end. Love what you can do with windlight settings and shadows. It traced my window blinds onto the floor in a very nice way. I really like the Bear you have above. It and the bunny one - but the bear in particular has a certain glossy look to it that really evokes seeming to come not out of a "video game" but a 3D rende
  8. Put two shots in the vanity thread over in avatars. This is, IMO, the better of the two: Did something with the lighting, but not sure what... After YEARS of looking somebody finally put out another Bunny avatar. This one a mesh, from DSD, and very much to my tastes. Without the light effects, a mess of random prims in the background looks kind of bad from this angle (its actually somebody's neat shop that is a joke about such things). But the lighting made it look really cool.
  9. Got a lot of new light presets off of the SL wiki. Bunny av from Kinzart - I've tried to find others I would like, and have been unable. Dreads from Jonah Dread. Shorts and tanktop from JANE.
  10. I've cancelled and re-entered my billing info maybe 10 times now and I still can't process payments. My account says I owe LL's $24.95 USD... and the darn thing won't accept my payment... Starting to get worried they'll shut it off and delete my stuff before sorting it out...
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