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  1. The sim has been sold.. Thank you everyone for your inquiries
  2. I have a full private region for sale. Current tier is $295 and renewal is on March 20th. Sim has been cleared and is ready to transfer now, $400 USD inc transfer fee. Region: Nautilus Beach (119,151,22)
  3. I am looking to purchase a full sim/private island. Send me a note card with your best offer. This is purchase and not rent.
  4. From what I can tell, the sims I live on must be constantly losing cpu cycles and never get them back. It's the only explanation I have for the horrid lag, failure to rez issues and failed inventory calls for changing avatars and copying items in my inventory. They need to better fine tune this soon because it is getting out oif hand how BAD SL is right now.
  5. And this is most definately NOT a connection issue. My friend is on the exact same trunk as the Linden Labs servers are on in Dallas on a fiber optic line and is having the same issue. Conclusion: Not a connection issue. There are also zero reports of any outages or slow downs within the internet at this time. I have noticed that my inventory is constanting saying "Loading..." even though it seems as if all of my inventory items are available to me. Not to mention once after a crash where I was unable to fully change AVs and received the same error message, I LOST an inventory item upon logg
  6. I am getting the same error on two different sims and it is driving me nuts. I dont crash but I DID rage quit after I was unable to change AVs after a dozen attempts. So I am now forced to walk around naked. Thanks devs! Good job! If anyone has any solutions or work-arounds I'd be very grateful.
  7. Actually, getting any kind of feed back is very valuable to any software developement team. And to any company which produces anything or performs any service. This kind of feedback is just par for the course and it's up to Linden Labs to determine which feedback they consider to be valuable and what is just a lot of over blown whining. Thats why I gave a suggestion for the next banner compaign. Being a Software Quality Assurance Engineer myself, I can see lots of valuable feedback in these posts. From emotional responses to compliments to suggestions on improvements. This here forum is a go
  8. Masquerade? Why not something relevent like "The Great Out Doors" or "Picnics" Or "Beaches" since it is summer now? LL seems to stick with the northern Hemisphere seasons so I'd like to suggest something of that nature for July
  9. I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention as I was off doing other things. Could you please repeeat that?
  10. I think this has to do with the web crawler they are using for thier listings. Since you changed things which the crawler uses to determine it's relvancy, it takes a while for it to move back in the list. Thats why I rarely change a listing once I post it
  11. I'll typically take a screen shot and skype it to my friends hehe It's free entertainment
  12. Personally I feel it can not be over stated enough to the adults online. All it takes is one off hand comment to someone and the full force of the law swings into action. In this day of over political correctness and knee jerk reactions, it is best to protect yourself at all times from these kids who basically don't belong in an adult, over 18, virtual world.
  13. AR him and get him banned from Sl immediately for the protection of others. I ahve encountered a 15 year old an a 16 year old in adult clubs and was pretty upset. Both were engaging in sexual talk with me. All it takes is for thier parents to see what they have done, check the chat logs on his computer and you WILL be arrested as a sex offender. The incident will also be splashed all over the newspapers and TVs that you have seduced a child and are now charged with a crime. This is serious stuff. If this ever happens to you, any employer you have in the future can just Google your name, see t
  14. Hehe well, there is a limit to the spam people want. Now I receive a daily email from NewEgg that lists thier discounted products of the day. I tend to look at it most of the time in case I can snag a good deal. However the constant spam from Nordic Track and Yankee Candle can be annoying...So the way to please both types of people is to have one group thats for just questions and new product announcements and one for the daily/weekly deals/new product announcements
  15. If your inventory of products is large enough and you have a group for your product line, you can do your very own "Deal of the Day" and reach all of the people who like your products.....all for free. So this dash deal is a waste of time and money for most merchants
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