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  1. Club Synful is a new club located on a beach on Coral Zeta! Tonight at 6 p.m. SLT we will be hosting our first ever opening! The grand opening will go until 10 p.m. SLT, but could go on longer! Our sim is beautifully landscaped with multiped levels for all to enjoy, but we will be hosting this opening on the beach! We are 100% Furry and newcomer friendly and invite you all to join us! Our DJ specializes in Rock and Country, but will take any and all requests you may have! There is no dress code, wear anything you want(nudity allowed, adult sim)! Sorry, due to this being an adult sim, we
  2. Hi there, I am looking for this hair and skin found in the following picutre: https://d27fcql9yjk2c0.cloudfront.net/assets/8492700/lightbox/DRBC_AdPosters_-_Classic_Hardcore_Harleyquinn.jpg?1380494828 Before anyone says to contact the creator of the outfit, I have. I am still waiting on a reply. I am hoping that if they don't get back to me, then maybe someone here can help. Found. Hair was by ploom if anyone was wondering.
  3. That actually depends on the situation. If you are able to set your property up to where it is under a group you have made, then you can invite those people to the group and allow them to set home. Otherwise, if it is set up with just the landowner having a main group, you would have to get permission from the landowner.
  4. I didn't say I didn't want no combat and I did not say I hate guns and violence. What I said was it was all I was finding and I wanted roleplay outside of the guns and excessive violence. I enjoy the conbat side of CCS and I have also searched for sims that use CCS. I have exhausted my options and I am looking for sim suggestions. I am ok with violent or dark roleplay but I am bored with the same exact stories on every sim played out in the exact same way just by different people. That is fine, if that is what brings the people more power to them but I want a sim that is not using that fo
  5. Hello everyone. I am looking for a roleplay. Before anyone suggests joining groups I want you to know that I have. I have also used the search function to look for sims dedicated to roleplay. I admit there are a lot but I can not find a good one that I am happy with. What I am asking for is not where to search for a rp but I am asking you to suggest a Sim that I can check out. All I am finding are rp's that deal with Guns and Violence. I understand it is part of roleplay but that is all I ever see and that does not fit what I want. I also do not want a medieval based sim. What I am
  6. Hello! I am the owner of Zombie Bloodbath. Zombie sims are amazing and I had so much fun creating mine! When you land on my sim you end up in a safe landing point away from all zombies. You then click the teleport pad and pick "Zombie Zone" and it will take you to ground level. On ground level you land in the church which is also a safe zone. Much like Grimly's sim you grab your hud and headbar. Both must be worn at all times. The rules are posted by the exit. If you need any help you can contact me or my friendly staff. They will be the ones running around with the title Zombie Offi
  7. Thanks. I actually had someone offer to make me the script how I needed it so now I have it. Thank you everyone!
  8. hmm, might give that a try though I would still like to try to find a gift giver. I have seen it on a sim before, it doesn't exactly follow you it is just one of those things that are rezzed on the ground and if you walk pass it then it goes invisible and gives you the gift. I just can't recall where I saw it. P.S. Almost like a treasure hunt item thing if that makes any sense? ~Mystree~
  9. I am looking for a gift giver that can do the following. Something that I can rez multiple items or or that will rez multiple items over my entire sim. Something that I can control how many of those items are rezzed. Something where I can put multiple gifts in that can be given out. Something that when you walk in to it then a message will be sent that can be customized (optional). One that will send out a gift when walked through and then either disappear or go invisible for the next person. Does anyone know if there is something out there like that I can buy? Thanks in advance!
  10. aahh, ok. So it's not just me. Thank you!
  11. I am having this problem.  Everytime I try to gift my friend I get an error saying that his name can not be found.  I have tried at a bunch of different places that have the item gift ability.  I have tried on the SL marketplace.  I was able to gift my other friends from there just not him.  Any Idea why?  His account is 2 weeks old.  Could that be the reason?
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