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  1. thanks Sonia for starting this topic and thanks to your friend!!!! champagne. (bien sur apres ma siesta...) j'ai un peu la trouille de log off... hahaha je vais laisser sparka sur un joli sim (il parait que ca enerve les lindens qu'on dise "sim" ils disent "region" bien fait!! je dis sim sim sim rien que pour les embeter un peu!) pour qu'elle profite des joies de sl toute seule.. comme une grande hahaha maybe...
  2. update.... just tried again to log in and this time..... it worked!!!!! (without any Vpn use) website , dashboard ,and market place are back to "normal". (for me at least..) good luck to those who still can not log in. There is hope. i would like to know what happened.... but i think i will need a third life to understand all the bugs etc of secondlife, and the mysteries of the internet... courage les frenchies, l'espoir fait vivre qu'ils disent.... mais vu que depuis 6h je galère à me logger, ben je crois vais faire tite sieste...
  3. i even try to log, without any firewall or anti virus... flush my dns etc.....and much more Nothing works, can't log in , period! going to have lunch, lunch time here yum yum good luck all!
  4. lol Alwin, please stop now, there is a real issue there... and of course i have contacted my internet provider.... no problem their way..... so.....wait and see....
  5. yes i was able to check status using this link https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ that's the FIRST thing i did,Alwin, ....... it's says all ok (again lucky that it was working...) But IT IS NOT working in the place i live. no fantasy involved.... if its working for you great (enjoy!)but does not prove that is NOT WORKING for others. have a nice day Alwin....
  6. the only way i have found to contact linden lab , is to make a phone call to the headquaters, but office is closed until monday..... that's the message i got so crossing fingers, there is someone at least at linden lab....during the week end .....
  7. same im from france, and experiencing the same, can't log in sl , nor the website, i can only see market place, but can't log in in market place, only browse "despite all our efforts...... and of course "we" can not contact any support as we can't log in anywhere , except here apparently so there is a real issue with europe loggins, hope they will solve that soon. good luck.
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