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  1. so when your SL usage went through the roof you did what? This is a very narrow minded view. This is a problem which affects a large number of people. I'm quite sure the majority don't check daily, but they do check monthly - by which time they will suddenly be faced with a huge bill which they've never received before - simply because LL didn't check something again. Blaming users for programmer mistakes is all too common. How about giving users a break too - they will check, and they most certainly should not be given a bill for £200 because somehting they've used with no problems for years and months has suddenly gone through the roof
  2. Cincia - I'm sorry but that really isn't an acceptable comment. Why on earth would people who have been in world for 3, 4, 5 years or more suddenly have to check their banwidth usage where they never have before? My bf happened to check his hte other day to find he'd used his monthly allowance in just 3 days. How is he to take any blame for that? Lindens have yet to make an official statement and this and it could cost them dear. If it's not resolved then those affected will have one option - and to leave and take their membership and tier payments elsewhere.
  3. Thank you for improving lag. LL promised to do this and so far my lag experience has had a lot more lag. Thank you for making sure I have to log my alt on to check I'm dressed whenever I attempt to get changed in SL. Thanky ou for killing off land sales, not just with high tiers but by putting abandoned land up for 1l per sq m it makes it virtually impossible for anyone else to sell their land now. Thank you for making me crash more. It gives my laptop a chance to cool down. Thank you for spending vast resources linking to Facebook when second life users ARE IN SL! Thank you for killing of in world shopping by making land tiers so high people can no longer afford to own / rent land for stores and allowing marketplace to continue to show items by people whohave closed their accounts. Thank you for integrating the teen grid so now you have to be ultra careful when talking to people because ther'es no way of knowing how old they are. And of course thank you for driving on with getting new players in to the game while totally and utterly ignoring those you have been loyal for a few years now.
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