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  1. Hi All, I seem to be having a problem today and do not know if it is me, my install of the viewer, or something deeper and darker ;-) I am using the Singularity Viewer (v1.8.0) and have been for sometime,Today I was trying to upload some textures I was working on, and wanted to take them up as temp first, but every time I try I get a message 'Unable to upload Asset' ... a regular upload does work though. So ... any ideas?
  2. Hi Dorian, Definitely would be interested in worjking with you on your project. Have some solid experience in building and SIM development (owned 2 full SIMs myself at one point). Not concerned about compensation, just looking for a fun project to work on :-) I won't be inworld until Friday but will try and look you up then, drop me a line. Wanda (Wandering) Soulstar
  3. Innula - The code worked great! Thanks! LepreKhaun - Thanks for the explination :-)
  4. Innula - Thanks for the suggestion on coding, I'll give it a shot tonight LepreKhaun - Question, does doing your suggestion increase the LI?
  5. Thanks for the answers .. guess I should have checked in code first. Sadly though this means that the functionality that I had before in the code, before I turned the door to Mesh will not longer work. Before, depending on the side if the door you touched it would swing one way or the other. Now though since the the Mesh was made with Mesh Studio, and the textures are the same, the face is the same as well <sigh>.
  6. Hi All, I have been writing LSL for a few years now and feel that I am pretty comforatble in it, but recently have come across an area that I am a bit lost in. I know how to deal with normal prims in LSL but have recently begun using mesh and there are a few things I would like to understand how to to in LSL. Specifically I'd like to: 1) Understand what face of a Mesh was touched by an Avatar .. to be able to know what side of a door was touched. 2) Change the textures on the different mesh faces Thanks in advance!
  7. Amethyst .. thanks for the clarification on the meaning of Baked, was pertty sure I was not using the right terminolgy. I am using Planar settings as that makes it much simpler to align repeats of textures across multiple prims, these are the outside walls i am talking about by the way,
  8. Hi All! I am pretty novice in creating textures but have a rudimentary knowledge of GIMP and how to create textures (plain colour) that look shadowed ('Baked'?) at the edges. the problem I have is with other texture patterns, that are on multiple faces and being able to do the same (darker at the edges with a faded blur). For example the exterior walls of my house. I have aligned them all the way around with Planar settings, but what I would like to do is take the base texture to GIMP, and for each wall prim, based on the Planar settings, create an individual texture with the baked shading ... but I have no idea where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated either here or via a personal class inworld <grins> Thanks in advance! Wanda
  9. Hiya Eve .. if you have not found anyone drop me an IM inworld .. am looking for a new project and my rates a rock bottom cheap.
  10. Builder with extensive experience building quality homes looking for a project. I have been building homes for many years now and am looking for a project (or projects) to keep building. No charge at all as this is something I do for fun :-) Contact me in-world for pictures of recents homes built and to discuss what your perfect home would be. Wanda (Wandering) Soulstar
  11. Thanks Rolig! It exactly was the omission of the no_sensor event that was the problem, I had forgotten that sensor only triggered if it actually sensed someone, and therefore my problem. All fixed!!!! Thanks to all for reading and suggesting!
  12. I set up the following code to determine if the 'owners' were at home, if not a message would go out so that doors left open could close, lights get turned off, etc. But it seems not to be working, at least today. Anyone see anything wrong with it? default { state_entry() { //Start Sensor llSensorRepeat("", NULL_KEY, AGENT, 90, PI, 300.0); }//End state_entry sensor(integer total_number) { integer i = 0; integer found = FALSE; gOwnerStatus = ABSENT; while (found == FALSE && i < total_number) { string name = llDetectedName(i); if (name == RES_1 || name == RES_2) { found = TRUE; gOwnerStatus = AT_HOME; } i++; } llShout(USER_SENSOR_CH, gOwnerStatus); } }//End Default
  13. There is no such thing as 'skyland', and anyone that tells you different is trying to sell you snakeoil. All land extends from the ground, way, way up (4096m), and you can place objects at any altitude from ground level on up, with the prims available being what the parcel supports. That said, there are plenty of places that rent prebuilt 'skyhomes' i.e. builds placed at altitude away from the ground for privacy, others that rent land with restrictions that may only allow builds in the sky. If you have any questions Theo you can IM me inworld and I can walk you through it .. but again do not fall for anyone that is 'selling' skyland ... land is land.
  14. Have tried with Alts, three viewers, full cache clears, and same issue. Its as if the levels of my land changed in a number of different places ... areas that I haven't made any changes nearby in weeks ...
  15. Not sure if this is the right forum but thought I'd try here first. My home region seems to have experienced some Land drift, logged on today and started noticing places where the land level was a bit off. I first saw it in relation to some ground covering sculpties that I had, that were above ground on the edges. I thought they had been right before, but figured I had just messed up a bit. But as I started wandering (he he) across my land I found more spots, where either the land was higher or lower that it should be. Has anyone had this happen before? And if so how to get things back the way they were before.? This has affected a number of areas in the 1/2 Sim that I have and I really would prefer not to have to run around tweaking the land again to fix them :-). (This is mainland btw, NOT a private estate)
  16. Penny .. have looked in the market place and in world and have not found one that automatically fits to the ground levels like Linden grass does.
  17. Another question ... Is there any way to deal with the 'issue' alpha channel conflicts (at least I think that is the problem). Basically I have a prim that I use for a lake .. and another prim that has a texture that contains some sort of alpha/transparency seems to mess up the view (i.e. the wtaer prim shows through the plants in this case .. any fixes for this?
  18. Still trying to figure out where to post some things in these new fora. Does anyone know how the basic Linden grass works, and if anyone makes better versions? What I mean is that the grass that comes in the basic inventory is pretty amazing if you look at what it does. Somehow, with one prim, it drops a bunch of seperate pieces of grass over an area, conforming to the land height. So far I have not been able to track down anyone that makes anything similar. Why not use the linden grass you ask .. well apart for looking for something a bit more real, as well I want something that does not have full bright set :-) Thanks in advance!
  19. Not sure if this is the right place, but figured I'd start here. I am having a strange issue on my land (Mainland). As I walk around I am at times standing on the ground, at other times with my feet under the ground, and at others walking in air. I have recently done some major terraforming and it seems almost like in some places it is like the ground is not recognizing it's new heights (not in all areas though). I have had a couple of friends come by and the same happens to them. Does anyone have any ideas? Should I simply ask for a server reset? Thanks in advance!
  20. Great, with Darkie's help got this working perfectly ... and to give back a bit to the forum, the following is the resulting code that allows for a window blind to move up and down: // ////// *******************************************************************// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or// modify as you wish. Just don't try and sell it to someone ...// that would not be nice or fair.//// While I do not offer support for this script if you have questions// feel free to contact me inworld.//// Writen by Wandering Soulstar// *******************************************************************//######//Constants//Set per blindfloat MAX_HEIGHT = 4.4;float MAX_TEXT_V = 2.0;//Specific percentage for a fully opened blindfloat FULL_OPEN = 0.04;//Step change as it movesfloat ADJ_PERC = 0.02;//Flag if we have a linked priminteger CHILD_PRIM = TRUE;//Flag if we listen to a global controllerinteger GLOBAL_CONTROLLER = TRUE;//Flag if we limit to only the ownerinteger OWNER_ONLY = TRUE;//Channelsinteger COMMS_CH = -501000;integer DIAG_CH = -600000;//Texture Keys .. if only one, set to the same valuestring OPEN_TEXT = "";string CLOSED_TEXT = "";//These constants should nt be changed//Actionsstring OPEN = "OPEN";string CLOSED = "CLOSED";string LOCAL = "LOCAL";//End Constants//......//######//Variables//Used to build results from Menusstring gBlindState = "";//User who has touched for a menukey gUserKey = NULL_KEY;//End Variables//......//######//Functions//Principal workoing functionset_blind(string params, integer isGlobal){ list dataVals = llParseString2List(params, ["^"], [""]); string action = llList2String(dataVals, 0); string subAction; string text; float adj; //What have we benn asked to do? //LOCAL,CLOSED,OPEN,%;Texture if (action == OPEN) { //Texture is closed text = CLOSED_TEXT; adj = FULL_OPEN; } else if (action == LOCAL) { //Read the values from my desc string desc = llGetObjectDesc(); dataVals = llParseString2List(desc, ["^"], [""]); //First is texture, second if % text = llList2String(dataVals, 0); adj = llList2Float(dataVals, 1); } else { if (action == CLOSED) { adj = 1.0; } else { adj = (float)action/100; } //Now read in the second value, tells us which texture subAction = llList2String(dataVals, 1); if (subAction == OPEN) { text = OPEN_TEXT; } else { text = CLOSED_TEXT; } } //Now do the work //Set Texture llSetTexture(text, ALL_SIDES); //Get current values vector sizeBlind = llGetScale(); vector posBlind = llGetPos(); vector texScale = llGetTextureScale(ALL_SIDES); //Get new Size float newSize = MAX_HEIGHT * adj; integer dirMod; //Check what direction if (newSize < sizeBlind.z) { dirMod = -1; } else if (newSize > sizeBlind.z) { dirMod = 1; } float incrS = (MAX_HEIGHT * ADJ_PERC) * dirMod; float incrH = (MAX_HEIGHT * ADJ_PERC)/(-2 * dirMod); float incrT = (MAX_TEXT_V * ADJ_PERC) * dirMod; while (sizeBlind.z != newSize) { //Calculate values sizeBlind.z = sizeBlind.z + incrS; posBlind.z = posBlind.z + incrH; texScale.y = texScale.y + incrT; //Check if we have gone past the target size if ((sizeBlind.z > newSize && incrS > 0) || (sizeBlind.z < newSize && incrS < 0)) { sizeBlind.z = newSize; } vector posRelation; //This is if we have a linked child prim to the blind to adjust its position if (CHILD_PRIM == TRUE) { posRelation = llList2Vector(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(2, [PRIM_POSITION]), 0) - posBlind; posRelation.z = posRelation.z - incrS; } //Do the change llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_ROOT, [PRIM_SIZE, sizeBlind, PRIM_POSITION, posBlind]); if (CHILD_PRIM == TRUE) { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2, [PRIM_POSITION, posRelation]); } llScaleTexture(texScale.x, texScale.y, ALL_SIDES); } //Set values to my Desc if this was not a global call if (isGlobal == FALSE) { llSetObjectDesc(text + "^" + (string)adj); }}//End Functions//......//Bodydefault{ state_entry() { if (GLOBAL_CONTROLLER == TRUE) { //Listen from a call from the controler llListen(COMMS_CH, "", NULL_KEY, ""); } }//End state_entry listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { //Call from the global controller //Messages in the same format as menus, just has another option 'Local' //this option tells th eblind to go back to th elast value that was set //by a user clicking on it set_blind(llToUpper(message), TRUE); }//End listen touch_end(integer total_number) { //Show the Menu gUserKey = llDetectedKey(0); //Check if owner flag set ... if((OWNER_ONLY == TRUE && gUserKey == llGetOwner()) || OWNER_ONLY == FALSE) { state menu_start; } }//End_touch}//End defaultstate menu_start{ state_entry() { //send the first Menu llListen(DIAG_CH, "", gUserKey, ""); llDialog(gUserKey, "Select the % height of the blinds", [ "50", "70", "80", "10", "20", "30","Open", "Closed"], DIAG_CH); llSetTimerEvent(30.0); }//End state_entry listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { message = llToUpper(message); gBlindState = message; if (message == OPEN) { set_blind(message, FALSE); state default; } else { state menu_angle; } }//End listen timer() { state default; }//End timer state_exit() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); }//End state_exit}//End menu_startstate menu_angle{ state_entry() { //send the angle (texture) Menu llListen(DIAG_CH, "", gUserKey, ""); llDialog(gUserKey, "Do you want the blind angle Open or Closed?", ["Open", "Closed"], DIAG_CH); llSetTimerEvent(30.0); }//End state_entry listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { set_blind(gBlindState + "^" + llToUpper(message), FALSE); state default; }//End listen timer() { state default; }//End timer state_exit() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); }//End state_exit}//End menu_angle//
  21. Thanks Darkie .. I'll give it a try .. and that is precidely what I need it for .. window blinds with a bottom flush prim :matte-motes-big-grin:
  22. If what you are worried about being intercepted is you typing the message in chat for the script to pick-up and transmit to your friend via llInstantMessage ... then I am afraid there is not much you can do, other than change the way you communicate with the script (via notecardas suggested above), and was well whispering will help reduce the number of scripts that could possibly hear what you say. If on the other hand you are worried about the transmission of the message to your friend from the script, the llInstantMessage function is as secure as it gets, with no one being able to script a listen on that.
  23. Hi All, Have what I hope is an easy question, though I have tried a number of different methods and not been able to find an answer. I have two prims, linked. When I click on the parent prim it runs through a routine the gradually reduces its Z scale, adjusting its height so that the top of the prim remains fixed (to simulate the opening of window blinds). when these are done moving I want the child prim to be back flush to the bottom of the prim, and this is the part that I cannot get. Any suggestions? Wadering Soulstar
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