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  1. Hello All, I have just bought a new laptop (specs below) that is worlds away from the machine I had before and with which I assumed my SL Experience would improve markedly. In some was it has, in that I am now able to have the graphics amped up to max, with shadows, occlusion, etc. and be able to move around normally, but there is one nagging problem that I am sure is due to something that I have poorly configured. Texures are loading really slow, specifically the signs in stores. So I can have practially a whole sim rezzed around me, with all manner of shadows and the like, yet themultiple signs that show what is for sale are blurred at the best and can take ages, and I mean ages to come into focus. This as you can imagine makes shopping a chore :-( Any suggestions of what I might do to fix? Wanda Viewer: Singularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.6 (6156) LapTop OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz, 2501 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date LENOVO GJET77WW (2.27 ), 20/05/2014 Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 12.0 GB Total Physical Memory 11.7 GB Available Physical Memory 6.96 GB Total Virtual Memory 23.4 GB Available Virtual Memory 18.5 GB Page File Space 11.7 GB Graphics Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M Adapter Type GeForce GT 730M, NVIDIA compatible Adapter Description NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M Adapter RAM 1.00 GB (1,073,741,824 bytes) Installed Drivers nvd3dumx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvd3dum,nvwgf2um,nvwgf2um Driver Version
  2. You can check the sun position via script and based on that make decisions to set the lights, this assumes of course that your light scripts have the differenct levels and can be called from a script in some way. I'm not inworld at the moment, but hit me up and I'll come by to take a look, should be fairly simple to do. I have something similar, though just on/off, for my home.
  3. Thanks Vania .. actually someone contacted me inworld with just that solution and it worked like a charm. Wish I had know this a few days ago when I was running around a house I was selling to update the scripts and textures in prim inventories to allow the buyer copy/mod rights.
  4. Tari, Had already seen that, problem is that I still have to go one by one clicking the checkboxes ... and with a couple hundred textures I am afraid my fingers will fall off :-)
  5. Good Day All, I have a situation where I need to set the 'next owner' permissions for a very large number of items (textures in this case). For the life of me I cannot find a way to do this other than one at a time. Since I am talking about a couple hundred textures I obviously do not want to do it this way and so was hoping some one out there knew of a way I could do this in bulk. Thanks in advance for any help! Wanda Soulstar
  6. And as mentioned Estelle .. you can have the HUD advise the script when it is done processing, since you are the one creating the scripts the integration between them is in your control..
  7. Not knowing if the script in the sender needs to do anything else in this period you really have tow options 1) llSleep(num_seconds); 2) Send the Script into another state that allows you to do or respond, just ignoring the touch that you mention. on state_entry set a timer that when it pops in the timer event handler you can go back to your original state.
  8. Innula .. you found my answer! I actually do not want to rely on the link of the prim, nor on the name, but I can be certain that when it is dropped into the repository, the scenario where I do not want it to do anything, that a certain other script will be there and I can check for that by name. Thanks!!!!!
  9. The situation that I need to cover is the user dropping the script onto a HUD, where edit linked parts is not a realistic option, nor would it be a normal way the user would expect to use the HUD. In the other drop scenario, they would be dropping it onto a 'stand-alone' prim .. so in both cases would be going onto the root prim.
  10. Sorry Dora, should not have used the word state, just meant that the script is set to not running. I was wondering about the 'CTRL' drop option and would have checked but the wifi here on the train cannot handle a connection to SL :-) @Innula - Regarding your suggestions, woill not work as any script dropped on a link-set is always dropped into the root prim. As to the comments on design, there is a very real and core design principler as to why this is as it is, actually it is the very reason for the HUD and system I am designing.
  11. Hello All, As I debug my current project, I have come across a situation and was hoping someone had a simple solution for me. I am burning brain cells for how I might do it in code but as I said, hoping there is an easier way out. What I have is a script that, when a user drops it into a prim it sets the state of any other scripts in the prim to not running, which is all well and good and the way I want it to work. BUT there is a scenario where this script could be dropped onto a repository HUD prim and this is a case where I definitely do not want it to be running, having it turn off the other scripts in the prim would not be a good thing. As I said, I am looking at code ways of doing this, but was wondering if there is a simple way for the user to drop a script onto a prim in such a way that the script is added to the prim, but starts in a not running state. Thanks in advance! Wanda Soulstar
  12. Nothing you can do about putting SL water to any level above that of the Sim, would that we could as it would make pools, lakes, rivers, etc that much better. You might want to check to see if the fish work with one of the prim-water providers (names escape me at the moment).
  13. Thanks Dora .. I missread your initial response .. to fast on the keyboard on my end. And Nova .. not trying to throw away the 'fraction' part .. retaher trying to keep only the first four digits of the decimal, any more that comes in is extra and actually screws up my later calculations/comparisons.
  14. In any case .. thanks to Dora's comments I understand what I need to do, though it does seem counter intutive to me. If I make any of the following changes to the line of code, it works as expected: float test = ((float)llFloor(pos.x * 10000))/10000; float test = (llFloor(pos.x * 10000.0))/10000; float test = (llFloor(pos.x * 10000))/10000.0; Basically .. need to include a float somewhere in the equyation and the result will be a float, otherwise it will come out as an integer.
  15. Dora, The point is the llFloor does not return a value less than 1: pos.x = 0.044634 (llFloor(pos.x * 10000)) = 446 So thus why does float test = (llFloor(pos.x * 10000))/10000 not result in test = 0.0446 since I declare test as a float and then divide one integer by another? It should be the same as the code that works, just doing it on the same line as opposed to two.
  16. I was debugging my current project and had a spot that was not working, basically a comparison that should have been resulting in a TRUE, was not. When I dug into the code here is what I found: This following line was supposed to get the x-axis value of a PRIM_POS_LOCAL call and strip off what for me were the insignificant digits, for a comparison agains a constant I have in my code: float test = (llFloor(pos.x * 10000))/10000; Imagine my surprise when I examined the value of test after the above operation: 0.00000 If instead of doint the math operation all on one line as above, I instead have the following code, then test will end up with the value I expected: float test = llFloor(pos.x * 10000); test = test/10000; Any explinations for this strange behaviour?
  17. One thing Pamela .. if what you want to do is avoid having a vendor Box, and want your customers to be able to just click on the painting to buy it, you can include a script like the one Rolig linked, and just put a copy (with no script) of th epainting inside your vendor version of th epainting's inventory along with the sales script. And so the customer pay's the painting itself, if that makes sense.
  18. Ok .. thanks for the response Darkie. So just to be clear, each call to echo just adds the text onto the return that SL will receive .. thus: echo("This");echo("return started");echo("as 3 lines"); would give SL an body value in the return of "Thisreturn startedas 3 lines". And so I need to add my own end-of-line sperator if I want to get the individual lines in the return. Still not clear if there is a way to push a response back from PHP to SL, causubg the http_response() event handler to fire, withou actually ended my code in PHP: //Code that does some stuff in PHP, say read from a file //Code that returns the results to SL //Some other code that runs doing other things
  19. Thanks Obvious .. that clears things up .. even if it was not the answer I was hoping for. Guess I need to delve deeper into setting up streams <sigh>
  20. Thanks Bernard, but I have read that and it just describes how to set things up, nothing related to the questions I have asked though, i.e. nothing about how it works in the background.
  21. Hi All, Not certain if this is the correct Forum for this question, but if not I am sure a friendly Mod will move it for me :-) I am trying to understand how a certain setup for parcel music would work, as I will explain below. First off I'll lay out my understanding of how music streaming and SL works: A stream exists out the in the wilds of the internet and is continually 'playing', one song following another. Whoever listens to the stream at any one moment will be hearing the same song as someone else listening at that same instant.In SL I can assign a stream to a parcel's audio.When someone enters the parcel and has audio set to play in their viewer, a connection is made to the streaming server. At that point the resident begins to hear the stream from whatever point it is at that instant (see point 1)Only when the resident enters the parcel the stream begins to download, and use download bandwidth on the streaming server. If no one was on the parcel, nothing is being downloaded and the bandwidth on the server is not being used.Each resident on the parcel that is listening has their own connection, and therefore each resident increments the download bandwidth being used ------- Ok with that as a premise for my understanding, my question lies in how certain points work when instead of pointing the parcel to a stream, I point it to an mp3 file on a web server. I do know from trial that when set to the parcel audio stream, the song begins to play, and once it is done there is no further transmission of data or music. So … Scenario: Resident A is on the parcel and I set the audio to the mp3 file and the music starts If another resident (B) enters the parcel after the above, will they hear the song at the point that resident A is hearing or will the song start at the beginning for them?If instead resident A leaves the parcel, will the download stop, i.e. no more download bandwidth being used?If the mp3 is set to the parcel audio via script, with no one on the parcel, and say the song lasts 3 minutes, will there be any actual download from the server? And if a resident enters the parcel 4 minutes later, will they actually hear anything? Thanks in Advance, Wanda Soulstar
  22. Qie, Could be you have hit it on the nose. I Had not completely understood the definition of AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN and it does indicate that the user has done a tap-tap-hold, which should indicate they are running. though if that is the case, why would the previous example of checking AGENT_FLYING || AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN not work?
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