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  1. And just realised that my problem is not as easily solved as combining the two of my scripts together. This prim-set is part of an overall build, and there are 10 of them. The problem is that I want to put them into a rez-fauz package. To do that I need to add in the rez-fauz script, which will then delete itself after the build has been rezzed in place .. but leaving all 10 of the prim-sets at 2 Li each instead of 1 Li each ?
  2. Thanks Chin. Tried taking it into inven and re-rezzing and still staying at 2 Li, both in the object edit window as well as in the Land About - Objects tab Have done a number of tests and it definitely is some overall 'glitch' that can easily be reproduced: Create two simple prims, setting to Convex-Hull and then linking them LI shown as 1 In the object edit add one default script Li remains 1 Add a second default script Li remains 1 Add a third default script Li now is 2 Remove one script Li remains 2 remove a second script Li now one Go back to step 5 Have had to take the two down to one, using States, which I use regularly ?, was not an option for a number of reasons, but have the two condensed successfully to one.
  3. Appreciate the response Chin, but the problem (which I likely did not explain properly) is that the Li goes up to 2Li when the third script is added, but does not go back down to 1Li until both the third and second are removed.
  4. Not quite certain which forum this should go in .. here or Building.. but figured I'd drop it there, and cross link to this forum .. if that is incorrect please let me know and I'll clean up Post in Building & Texturing Forum
  5. Not quite certain which forum this should go in .. here or Scripts .. bu figured I'd drop it here, and cross link to the Scripting forum .. if that is incorrect please let me know and I'll clean up. Post in Scripting Forum Hi all! Am getting, what I am sure is 'correct' behavior and was hoping someone could point me to an easy work around. The situation is as follows: Have a pair of prims (convex hull) linked ... so 1 Li Add one script, still 1 Li, add a second script, still 1 Li, add a third, now 2 Li Remove one script, (so two total in object), still 2 Li Have to remove a second (so leaving only one) to get to 1 Li and now back to the top, add second and still only 1 Li Note: The scripts being added and removed are very very light, and have tried with different combos of script sizes and still the same. So I need to know if there is anyway to get the object back to it's 1 Li weight that does not involve deleting the second script. As my current system is set up, the object rezzes, third script does some stuff .. then enables the other two and kills itself. If not I'll have to change my system. Thanks! Wanda
  6. Strided Lists sound right ... though there is the warning in the wiki: The easiest option that came to mind for me was simply having two lists, one that holds the names and the other that holds the values. //global vars list gNameList = []; list gNumList = []; add_item(string name) { //find it in the name list, returns -1 if not there integer posit = llListFindList(gNameList, [name]); if (posit == -1) { //not there so simply add gNameList = gNameList + [name]; gNumList = gNumList + [1]; } else { //we found it so just need to increment the count //get current count and incr integer curCount = llList2Integer(gNumList, posit); curCount++; //now save it gNumList = llListReplaceList(gNumList, [curCount], posit, posit); } }
  7. Thanks Myrmidion .. that was precisely the piece that was missing .. now works like a charm! And thanks as always to Rolig and Innula for guidance .. wish I had seen your post on the Rezzer beforehand Innula .. would have likely saved me some earlier headaches.
  8. Hi All, I am trying set up a mini-rezzer and am obviously too dense to understand how relative positions etc work. Basically I have a prim, that has two prims in its inventory. I want it to rez them in their correct positions and rotations relative to this base. So .. what have I done: First with the two 'child prims' I positioned them where I wanted them .. linked them to the base, and then got their relative positions/rotations with the following code: default { touch_end(integer total_number) { vector pos = llGetLocalPos(); rotation rot = llGetLocalRot(); llSetObjectDesc((string)pos + "^" + (string)rot); } } Then in these prims I put a positioning script, which will be activated when they are rezzed (code to follow) and then put them into the inventory of the base prim. When called upon this base prim will rez the child prims with the following code: //NEW_REZ is a constant that I use so the child prim knows when it has been rezzed by the base llRezAtRoot(itemName, llGetPos(), <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, llGetRot(), NEW_REZ); Up to here all good ... then things start to get a bit lopsided. the code in the child prim that is activated once it is rezzed includes this snippet //get my relative position and rotation list data = llParseString2List(llGetObjectDesc(), [DATA_SEP], [EMPTY_STR]); vector relPos = (vector)llList2String(data, 0); rotation relRot = (rotation)llList2String(data, 1); //get my current position and rotation rotation myRot = llGetRot() * relRot; vector myPos =llGetPos() + relPos * relRot; //first set the rotation llSetRot(myRot); //then the position llSetPos(myPos); This works for the Child prim that was at the same (0 degree) rotation as the base when we took the relative values, but the child prim that had a rotation of 180 degrees (or 90 or 270) never gets to the right position. Quite obviously I am doing something wrong here but this all goes a bit beyond my ability to figure out. I hope someone can explain to me what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance! Wanda
  9. Nevermind .. .stopped failing .. must have been a weird internet glitch
  10. Hi All, Not sure what I am doiong wrong .. and hopefully there is an easy fix ... I have a string value that I have read from a notecard. in the notecard it is 4.7, I then assign it to a defined float variable: floatVar = (float)stringValue; .. and then floatVar is 4.0000 .. what am I doing wrong??? Thanks in advance! Wanda
  11. I do all my builds in prims .. but then use Mesh-Studio to tuen some of the more prim-intensive parts (Stairs, detailed window frames, doors, etc) into mesh pieces. The combination works great and keeps the LI down ?
  12. Thanks for the responses! Tuns out the problem was that I was using global positions instead or positions relative to the root.
  13. Hi All, I'm having a 'problem' which I expect is just me being a bit dense, but hopefully someone can point out the errors of my ways. I have a set of sliding doors (each with their own script) that 'should' open when directed by the script in the root prim, but the child prim is not moving at all. The code used in the child prim is: llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS, [PRIM_POSITION, pos]), where pos is the new position it should have (world coordinates). but nothing happens at all .... I have tried as well with the actual link number .. and calling the same from the root prim .. and nothing. Each door is a single mesh piece ... What am I doing wrong???? Thanks in advance, Wanda. P.D. The position I am passing is the actual coordinates I want it at ... should I be passing coords relative to the root?
  14. Nope did not work .. cannot seem to get the effect I want .. guess it was a nice idea but will have to use LSL
  15. Appreciate the reply Fionalein, but do not quite understand. My idea was that the sleeve is what connected the elevator to the pole and thus would keep it on a straight track down .. for which it would need to be physical to fall .. otherwise I'd have to move it with code and so negating the use of Physical. Something you said though gave me an idea that I am gong to try as soon as RL lets me get back in-world.
  16. Hi All, Have never used Physical Prims so far, other than playing with the property to drop prims on friends :-) ... but I am doing a build and had an idea that I thought I could use physical prims but just not working and want to ask if anyone knew whether what I wanted to do was even possible, and if so, what I was doing wrong. In short I am building an elevator. What I'd like is for there to be a fast descent option and thought to do this with physics rather than code. There will bill a tall metal cylinder which the elevator would travel up and down using electromagnetism .. so the elevator is connected to another cylinder (hollowed) which rides up and down the main one. To see if this would work I created the main pipe (with a base) as will as the hollowed one (sleeve) that goes around it .. but from there things just did not work. First tried with the base, pipe, and sleeve set to Physical .. but the sleeve went set did not fall straight down along the pipe, but rather out as well. Imagine that is because the 'hollow' is not trully hollow in the physics engine.The only way I can get the sleeve to fall straight is if I make it phantom as well as physical .. problem there is that it just keeps falling until it hits the ground .. as well having the elevator phantom would make it a bit hard for anyone to use it ... So .. is there something I can do (without code) or do I just need to give up on the idea? Thanks in advance!!
  17. Thanks Rolig .. yes .. not sure where Singularity stores the value as there is no file of that name for that viewer install ... in any case need to trim down my code as I am over memory as well <sigh>
  18. and the answer is ... yes: Maximum script source code size - 65536 single byte characters (that's a viewer limit and can be changed in the config file 'panel_script_ed.xml'). And I have passed the number of characters .. seems it does include comments in the count ... now if I could only find where (if) Singularity has this setting.
  19. Is there a limit to the size of a notecard/script .. i.e. amount of text?
  20. Rolig .. Am using Singularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.6 (6156) .. same one today as yesterday so I do not see this being a viewer issue.
  21. Hi All, Is anyone having any problems at the moment pasting text(code) into SL?? I had been working all day on an update to a module offline in my code editor, and then came inworld to do some testing. But when I tried to paste the code into a script it would not paste everything. Sometimes it was stopping half way through a line, sometimes not, but consistently not able to paste everything. Tried in a notecard and same problem. The code being pasted is under 2k lines (whitespace & comments included) and actually fewer lines than code that I brought inworld yesterday. Never come across this before .... Wanda
  22. Does anyone know at which height prims in the sky stop casting shadows on the ground?
  23. Hi All! Need to know what specific time of day your monthly tier usage is calculated to bill. My situation is that my next bill date (teir date) is 27 September. As well there is a property up for Auction which closes at midnight on the 27th and I want to be certain that I am not going to be billed for this land (should I win the auction) until next bill date.
  24. Two posters now have reference the same thing, that I really do not understand. The new policy of LL to not collect VAT from European Residents is NOT subsidising them in any way. Up to this moment European Residents paid up to 20% more for tier than the rest, now they will pay the same dollar amount as everyone else. All this does is bring the playing field a bit more into balance from a business perspective, completely levels it in respect to residents from Non-European/Non-US countries, and nearly levels in respect to US residents (still have exchange rate fluctuation).
  25. Another question .. how do I get the code-complete, function suggestions, to come up. So far the only way I have be able to get it up is to type a ( first, and then the selection list comes up, but have type the function in the proper case or the list goes away and the only way to get it back is to type another (. So if I am looking for llOwnerSay and type llo .. out of luck.
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