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  1. Maybe because you're actually not around the community who actually does complain about the pointless changes that they are making? I talk to people all the time IN WORLD that can't stand the changes and go back to a pre-bento based viewer, and they too complain of increased lag, decreased performance, teleport issues/disconnects, and guess what? even the littleist change that the lab does has a massive impact on their decade+ old servers/hardware, especially when they have 30,000+ avatars logged in at any one time.
  2. Of course I'm upset, and you know what? I'm not the only one who's aggravated at what the lab is doing. Creating a new grid where land is cheaper yet buying L$ is more expensive? Making it "mesh only"? I bet you didn't even know that there's only a really small group of people that actually "maintain" the current grid and they sure as hell aren't doing a very good job at it, and as someone of many who pays their salary through buying L$, they should be listening to us, the on-again/off-again paying end-users. As for network issues, I have long raised a ticket about that only to get my documentation ignored about their ISP (XO Communications) having high latency (ping times), and "assured" that it's something on my end, when I know it's not (ignoring a network administrator? way to go!). And for the sake that things look the same whether "bento" or mesh? Why bother wasting the time? Oh wait, said soon-to-die new grid that's going to be doomed to fail shortly after it goes live.
  3. This craptastic Bento update has more flaws than a hillbillys teeth. Program disconnects nearly immediately while in teleport. Avatars still look the same before this useless update. Seriously lab, fix the things that actually matter and stop improving stuff for this soon-to-die new grid system that you're all so busy working mindlessly on. Kill that project and get back to the things that matter, like the community that pays your salary.
  4. in phoenix and firestorm, you can disable the logout screen, try that. if that fails, try reinstalling your graphics drivers. otherwise it could be that your computer is freeing up so much data at the end that the video card, cpu, memory, or even the motherboard cant handle the unloading properly. thats just a guesstimate though. hopefully someone comes along with the same problem and can help you resolve this.
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