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  1. The same with me. I have several tickets because you cannot post any events in German anymore because the event form tells you it is adult content even though we for example just create landscapes with water colors in an SL class ... Another issue is that as a school I cannot post any classes that are held weekly anymore because the event form tells me it is a duplicate which is not allowed. I guess LL wants us for example to teach a foreign language in one single event to avoid posting a class meeting a week later - even though new participants can join anytime. Or how can I understand that... Again I filed a ticket No ticket has been looked at since the beginning of Octobre. And i am a Sim wowner and can use the Live Chat which is hopeless too. They just tell you: File a ticket. By the way. That used to be a lot better 2 years ago and I hope they get back to that some day in the future.
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