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  1. Wouldn't wanna miss it for the world! Count me in! )) GG
  2. I made my way through.. What a place this is! *dusts off her clothes* Typical! This is exactly the kind of place M would choose. I'd prefer the concrete and glass of TOS HQ anytime over this. I hope G picks me up an bring me to his secure place real soon, or he's gonna get it! I swear, if that smug twit messes up again this time, I'll retire him personally! *taps her foot*.... c'mon G!! I hate to be out in the open like this!
  3. I made my way back to the Forgotten City. As always, it just seems deserted. I know better. I can almost feel the tension rising. Soon.. It will be very soon now. I found a secure place off the coast which will do just fine for whatever Big O has planned. She said she would arrive shortly after I confirmed to have found a good hideout. As ordered, I await her arrival. No use getting my head blown off before the end stage.
  4. I have made my way back to the new TOS HQ.. Although it's a high tech place beyond belief, I always get a feeling of cold running down my back when I pass the secured gates. I'm NOT going to enjoy the meeting I'm about to have... I try to calm myself when I step into Big O's office. Automatically notified of my arrival, she is awaiting me... Her eyes are piercing me. This woman can make a field hardened man shrink on the spot. Well? Report, Agent G! I went to the coordinates you have provided by the fix you got from calling Lillie. They never showed. WHAT!? And you have wasted tw
  5. I make my way to the coordinates that Big O provided by calling Lill and getting a fix on her. I can't help but smile thinking she must have immediately deactivated it so as not to allow us to trace her any longer. While roaming the area of the fix, I think back on my meeting with Big O. I still have a hard time thinking of Big O as a she. But it's Big O alright. Although she is a beautiful woman, the offensive contemptuous and patronizing way she spoke is typical. The fact that she felt it necessary to take the initiative will not look good on my service record. I had better get back to her
  6. For the past day, I have been roaming the Islands in search of any clues as to the whereabouts of the renegades. Nothing. It's like searching for a needle in a haystack. I have not heard anything from the MISL insider either. I am sure its just silence before the storm... [incoming secure TOS transmission] G, meet me at the following coordinates. Now. Big O 4651198454154 [secure channel closed] I quickly decrypt the given code into coordinates... What!? He's here?? When Big O himself is getting involved, something is coming down. I'm actually nervous meerting him, because we never had fa
  7. I have been able to find the lost city, La Citta’ Perduta, and it didn’t take me long to track down the Station’s Chief. Luckily, that intel provided by our MISL insider was correct. However, she must keep a low profile she said to me because the entire MISL is buzzing with plans for a counter attack and everyone is being carefully watched. I was not able to extract much information from the Station Chief before I had to “retire” that measly. The only thing I learned was that Dillon and Lillie boarded a ship that soon thereafter returned here because it was attacked by pirates. I dispose o
  8. These past few days I have been roaming the streets of the Forgotten City in stealth.. Nothing.. I am absolutely positive that atop in that tower things are buzzing with activity though.. But so far I have been unable to gather any significant intel on the whereabouts of my two former agents.. I have only heard some rumours about a placec called the Lost City.. or something in that nature.. I have yet to find that place.. It's a long shot, but that's all I have to go on. I will see if I can extract any information there tonight. Here, I am outnumbered and outgunned. There is nothing I can d
  9. [secured TOS channel outbound] Sir, I am sorry to inform you that Operation Decapitate has completely failed. A series of events which happened yesterday has compromised my security at this time. As a result of said events, I had to abort the mission. Since the advantage has now turned completely to the MISL, I have no choice but to terminate, when discovered, both Dillon and Lillie. Here is a summary of the events whcih led to this disasterous failure. As Chief Strike Ops I had summoned both Dillon and Lillie to meet me at a secure location, known as the "Bubble" in the Forgotten City. Th
  10. [incoming TOS secured channel communication].... OK, Lill.. I have authorisation to give you some intel. Mind you, it's limited and on a need-to-know basis only. Even I do not know the full picture.. Since you left the organization, much has happened. Our succesfull strike on the MISL base on the Islands did not go unnoticed. You left, I got promoted to Chief Strike Team. Dillon has taken my place as Strike Agent on site, and for this operation we absolutely needed your.. erhm.. deadly talents. You, my friend, are now standing in the middle of MISL's HQ site! Yes ma'am! TOS Intelligence has
  11. Intriguing.. I will have to be more careful sending my reports.. It has been brought to my attention that the renowned Q might have intercepted my last transmission. The game of who gets which intel first has always been a silent and hidden one between MISL and TOS.. *leans back in his office chair and starts to ponder*.. Those were the days. Me and Lillie were a great team.. heck, we were the best team of The Overlord Syndicate. Damn Measlies don't even have the courtesy to use their opposing organization with it's true name. Big O, as we call our leader, is passionately dedicated trying to
  12. Finally, after having spent months of time and countless resources The Other Side has found the Measlies HQ! Dillon, our top TOS agent, took great risk upon herself to go in first, but was wise enough to befriend Q first. Unknowingly, Q has helped us to infiltrate into MISL and now we can start to slowly weaken them from the inside out. M will be watching Dillon closely, so we have decided to send in some gun power. Lillie, posing as an innocent talented live singer, is our best sniper. No doubt she will draw the attention away from Dillon and at the same time allow Dillon to gain trust in the
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