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  1. Thank you guys! Looks like the manual cache clearing did the trick. It cleared up some other problems I had as well. It took a while though. @__@ Y'all were a great help. Thank you so much!!!
  2. I logged on to V2 today and I came up not only ruthed, but over half my inventory items gone. It would not load more than around 4,000 items. Since I know the usual way to fix that is to clear cache and relog, I did that. I cleared visible cache, went in to preferences and cleared all cache there, too, and logged back in on to the Cyclops sim. So, I clicked the inventory tab and selected "recent". It said "Fetching 1,468 items - Since Logoff." It did not start at 0 like it should. Upon waiting about 10 minutes it stopped fetching.... The only solutions I know of are the "clear cache and relog" option and the "go on another viewer" option. Clearing cache and relogging no longer works, and frankly, I don't like the layout of other viewers. I hate the circle dropdown menu thing and I also hate the mixy local chat function thing. I dunno... that's besides the point I suppose. Is there any other solution I do not know of I can try?
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