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  1. ahh thanks sassy, it really should have thought about that. :-)
  2. Well I have to say, i love DD. But i am one of the people who has no problems with it. And support for the marketplace is much much more better than support for anything else in SL Regards, Nelli
  3. Hi to you all, i have a maybe really stupid question, but one thing has me woundering. I am reading the forums for a while now and sometimes in a thread (mostly majurity issues) someone says something like: oh you have this or that word as a keyword, maybe that is the problem. And every time i am woundering. How do you know the keywords for a listing if it is not yours? Is there any trick i do not know? Any information i can not see? Or do you really enter a keyword in search and see if you can find this special listing? So please enlighten me. How do you know the keywords??? Regards, Nell
  4. I always thought the land option means you need to have your own land where you have landrights to use the object. So i would put orbs and for example radios in this category, nothing else. Our funiture is marked as "use it now" since it is not in a box, it is unpacked, and you directly start to use it, no own land required if you go to a friend for example.
  5. I have one questions, does the transaction appear in your transaction historie on the second life webside? I understood it is in the order summary, but not in the transactions on the marketplace, but i am interessted in the data of the SL webside.
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