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  1. Apparently I got bitten by not having a clean install but re-installing the latest after taking the other one out worked! Thank you! (Now I'm faced with the issue that I ordered a new gaming rig, thinking that this one was about to go belly up--but not a bad problem to have! )
  2. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing/reporting this kind of thing. Whenever I even open the SL official viewer (not launching or logging in, mind you--just opening it), my screen goes all kinds of sideways--everything is suddenly green with red and yellow pixelation (typical of what I've seen in the past with a graphics card beginning to go). The odd thing is, however, that I can multibox Firestorm with at least 2 windows on ultra setting with no issue. I didn't notice this problem before the latest bug-ridden patch forced through from Windows 10. Has anyone else seen Win 10 not agreeing with the SL viewer of late? Or could there be another explanation? If the card(s) were going bad, wouldn't it also show up on FS? I'm running an Omen gaming system with Intel Core i7 with Intel HD Graphics 630 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Thanks for any insights. For the time being, I'm uninstalled the main SL viewer so I don't accidentally open it. But I generally like to have it to work with when I need to use the official viewer for estate management stuff.
  3. In my case, it just happened to be someone I knew who was shopping and saw my dot on the minimap, but when they went to find me, I wasn't actually there. You may try backtracking to the locations you visited before the issue came up. Of course, no guarantees that it'll fix the problem--I just know that it fixed it the last time it happened to me. If it doesn't help, you might file a bug report/case and see if LL can get you fixed up.
  4. Just read through the thread--totally awesome bit of investigative work! (Now I know who to poke at when I'm digging around to replace something I lost from ages ago!) :-D
  5. As Marigold said, this issue happens rarely anymore. But the last time it happened to me, I had someone report that they saw my dot on their minimap at a location on the mainland (which my avatar, at the time, was not). I teleported to that area and, in doing so, it forced the system to bump the old ghost of me. I'm not sure if your situation is similar but it might be something to try.
  6. Marigold's correct--do your homework. Learn the platform before asking your students to. Also, there is an age limit for SL--so if you're planning on bringing in a class of students who are not adults, that's something to consider. There are other platforms that would be more appropriate for kids (JokaydiaGrid comes to mind). From the Second Life Terms of Service... To get ideas of what other educators have done in SL and other grids, the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference starts tomorrow (March 29th) https://vwbpe.org/ It's free to attend and not only covers Second Life but also they're doing tours and experiences to other grids and games that have value for education. It's a great place to network and pick peoples' brains about what works and what doesn't. I have a short write-up of the research I did on best educational practices in SL that was published as part of my dissertation (if you're just really bored and want to look through it)--https://stasiaweston.com/about/portfolio/ . Sections C and D are really most about the stuff that has been done that works. Hope this helps get the gears turning...
  7. Elementary school aged kids would not be allowed into SL due to the age limit anyway (as several others have mentioned)--so that's the non-starter before even considering funding. You might try one of the OpenSim-based grids out there that have been specifically designed for education. JokaydiaGrid comes to mind. Cost of setup and maintenence is teensy compared to SL. Plus, the organizers are educators themselves with a K-12 background, so they understand more about classroom management than the general "grid jockeys" would. Now, there won't be nearly as many sims to visit, but young students wouldn't be able to tour SL anyway, again as many on this list have already mentioned--the kids would be locked down onto a single sim. If you really are interested in getting virtual...a couple of things to try. Check the OS grid list to see if anything jumps out. http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Grid_List It might also be worth your while to shoot an email to the editors of HyperGrid Business http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/about/contacts/ explaining your needs to see if anything may have popped up on their radar that would fit. Good luck!
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