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  1. I wouldn't call you nice at all. More like a **bleep**ing **bleep**. Way to kick someone when they are down.
  2. I have a RL facebook but use it for friends and family because I live in another country and it's nice to keep in touch. I also use it for networking since I volunteer in animal rescue and have found many organizations in my area this way. Your best bet would be to do a search on FB for Second Life and join the groups and fan pages and add SL friends that way.
  3. I have played DND & AD&D when I was younger and my husband gets together with his childhood friends about once a year to play. He has all his dice and books from like 25 years ago..lol I have played the mmorpg Dungeons & Dragons online, it's free but never thought of playing it in SL. It might be kind of fun though
  4. Younger, older, I don't care as long as they are not fans of Grey's Anatomy! I am not down with populating the world with God's children, so I guess that's where the younger more fertile wife comes in! Oh and she must be a gamer and enjoy watching hockey! haha
  5. My in laws are not that bad but it would be nice to send another wife over from time to time! If only my husband would agree to something like this! haha
  6. Don't forget another wife can also spend time with the in-laws! I would add another wife in RL just for that reason..lol
  7. Those are great boots and so is the texture on those chairs! Cute!
  8. Hi Rhonda, love all your boots! This is not a very good pic of them but I just got these Provence Riding Boots from Mon Tissu and I love them! I went back and got them in every color, I loved them so much! I don't have a pic but G Feilds also has some great looking boots!
  9. I'm not much of a kisser or cuddler in SL or RL. I guess I am pretty much a weirdo. Romance for me is when my husband makes me a sammich! lol
  10. How do you take a screen shot of chat? Thanks
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